Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fukuda Mayuko’s (福田麻由子) New Movie

I just found this out on my twitter! Quick translation of the more important parts!

News from Nikkan Sports and Oricon Style.


Fukuda Mayuko will be a movie with fellow FLaMme Hirosue Ryoko.

They leads are Hirosue Ryoko and Inagaki Gorou. They will be playing as husband and wife.

The movie is titled “Sakura, Futatabi no Kanako” (‘Sakura, the second Kanako’, my crude translation). It’s directed by Kurimura Minoru.

“Sakura, Fatatabi no Kanako” is based on a novel by Niitsu Kiyomi, who wrote the “Triangle” novel that became a drama starring Hirosue Ryoko and Eguchi Yosuke.

The movie was filmed in April of this year, and is currently in its editing stage. The movie will be screen on April 6 of next year.

It’s a sad, painful, and human story that give the viewers the will to live on.

Other casts include Fukuda Mayuko, Takada Sho, and Enami Kyoko. Fukuda Mayuko plays the pregnant high school girl. Takada Sho plays the high school boy that Masami likes. Enami Kyoko plays the shop keeper.

Synopsis: Yoko (Hirosue) lost her young daughter, Kanako, in an accident. Blaming herself, she continues to cook for and talk to the no longer existing Kanako. Though her husband, Nobuki (Inagaki), wants to support her, he is also becoming more frustrated. One day, she meet a pregnant high school girl name Masami (Fukuda). Seeing Masami, Yoko instinctively believed that Kanako will be reborn again.



- So Mayuko will be playing a pretty important character, since she’s the third name on the list. I hope it will be interesting.

- It was filmed in April… Wow, they are pretty quiet about it. But I think I like it better, since I don’t have to wait a year to watch the movie. :P

- The synopsis confused me… Is Yoko thinking of getting another baby, adopting Masami’s baby, or see Kanako in Masami? Well… I doubt it’s the last choice.

- This reminded me that a fan on 2ch talked about seeing Mayuko with Hirosue Ryoko and Inagaki Gorou a while back and wondered if it’s a movie. Back then, most people just said she was visiting, but it actually turned out to be a real movie role. Wow… I can’t believe I remember that.


  1. I think Yoko believes Masami's baby is her daughter's (Kanako) reincarnation..
    The thing I'm curious about is if Yoko will go crazy on Masami (trying to take the baby as her own) O.O

    1. That's also my first guess.

      Seeing as the title has a "Sakura" in it, which is one of the most calming images, I doubt it. But if that really does happen, it would be creepy. However, my interest level would definitely increase by 10 fold. XDD

    2. YES! It would be interesting, right? haha But you're probably right about that; even Yoko's picture looks calm :3

      I wonder if they'll show Mamayu going into labor/giving birth =O

    3. I want to see that... It would be cool if Yoko is inside the delivery room with Masami. She would probably be the only person that support what Masami is doing. :P If not, then I'm guessing they just show Yoko's expressions from the outside.

      Wouldn't that mean Hirosue Ryoko and Mayuko has an affinity with hospital scenes. XDD;; Little DJ, Summer Snow, and Miporin no Ekubo are all mainly hospital scenes. Interesting.

    4. that you mentioned it O.O
      LOL I wonder why!

  2. Oh, Mayuko tiếp tục đóng với Hirosue Ryoko. Đây là bộ phim thứ mấy của họ rồi nhỉ XD .

    1. Lan nay la lan thu 5. Nhieu hon Amami Yuki roi. Minh van muon Amami va Mayuko dong lai voi nhau nua.

  3. ah, ko biết khi nào 2 ngừơi này mới hợp tác lại nữa đây. :(