Thursday, August 9, 2012

Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子): Otona ni Naru Mae ni… 41

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August 8, 2012

41th Entry

“On the Opposite Side of the Sea”


I wondered why the Earth is round.

The Olympics is currently happening on the other side of the world, so I can’t simply lie down and sleep. In the death of the night, I mustn’t shout angrily.

The fascination of sport, that fascination that caused me to watch it to the bitter end, I’ve been familiar with it for about 3 years. It was during the time of the World Cup.

The battles between the world’s athletes that decided whether they win or lose is very cool.

I think that my own battle, a word that’s starting to wear out, is similar. I have things right now that I need to stand up and challenge. When thinking about it like that, the feelings of wanting to do one’s best is overflowing, and as I becoming more cheerful I’m unable to sleep.

My heart can’t helped but be charmed by gymnastics' Uchimura Kohei-senshu and soccer’s Yoshida Maya-senshu.

At this hour is yesterday’s victory against Morocco in soccer, and tonight is the gymnastic final.

For this moment was me, the person who has been excited like a idiot for these past days.

In my dream, I’m becoming one with the soccer ball.



- I apologized for my mistakes. Please tell me if anything is wrong.

- For some strange reason, I was able to access her newest entry today (posted yesterday I think). On the other hand, I wasn’t able to look at the other entries. I guess they must have forgot to restrict this one. So yeah, this is probably another one time thing.

- From 1-10, I think this has a difficulties of lvl 2. Not too difficult, but at the same time, took me ~5 hours… Though I did spent half of that time sleeping because my head hurt.

- Mayuko got the Olympics fever. ( ´∀`)



  1. thật là may mắn khi thỉnh thỏang có thể xem được blog của Mayuko nhỉ ^^ . Thanks Trang vì đã dịch :)

    1. Minh cung nghi vay. Khong biet vi sao ho lai cho minh xem. Khong hieu duoc.