Tuesday, July 17, 2012

『我的最爱』 My Most Beloved



There’s only you in my eyes.


But that day, you left right after class without waiting for me.


I believed that you will come right back. But I was wrong, and I waited a long time. Where are you?


I can’t find you. Nothing can conceal the loss of my heart.


I didn’t cry. The tears quietly fell on their own.


But then, you appeared in front of me.


“Marry me, Mayu.”


That voice, open my sky… …


You are forever my most beloved.


No matter how hard it is to love you, you are forever my most beloved. I will never stop loving you.


By: lёmōл_伈情_

Taken from Baidu.


- I don’t ship, but it’s a cute, short, and sweet story that I felt like sharing.

- I don’t think a lot of people ship them… And to be honest, I didn’t think anyone ship them, but their shippers do exist.



  1. Hi!
    I am the author of this story: lёmōл_伈情_
    Are you Chinese? If you are, we can communicate with each other more fluently. You can PM I in Baidu.

    Glad to see that my work was supported by others.
    That's extraordinary kind of you!

    Mayuko is my favourite Japanese actress .I mean her performance is extremely contagious.

    I hope we can support her forever!

    1. Sorry, I'm not Chinese. I studied a bit, but not enough for normal conversation.

      I really love this, that's why I wanted more people to see it. :D Your graphics are always so nice and pretty. Hope you will continues to do more! :)

    2. So you are Japanese? I can speak a little Japanese.
      I really wonder where did you see this story? I put the story in Tieba,Baidu but the Tieba suddenly disappeared. :-(
      You translated my story into English,which is ideally with the original. you did a good job! :-D

      Thank you for you encouragement!XDDD

    3. I'm not Japanese either. I only studied a bit Japanese, and translation also helped with my studies. If you want to converse if Japanese, I'll be glad to do it.

      I'm glad my translation was adequate. XD;; Hope you do more. Found it on Tieba Baidu. I just realized it disappeared as well. o_o;; I guess it's because the page for Mayuko and Ryosuke disappeared.

    4. Never mind!
      Keeping in touch with each other in English is OK, which also proves my English. XDD
      What a pity that the page for Mayuko and Ryosuke disappeared!
      Actually many people put their work on that page which were worth reading.

    5. I agree. It is a disappointment. I remember there's also a Kamiki Mayuko page as well, and it also disappeared. :(