Monday, June 4, 2012

Topic 22: Hongo Kanata-san (本郷奏多) & Fukuda Mayuko-san (福田麻由子) Talk–Second Part

Taken from Mirai Nikki’s topic page.

Continued from part 1.


What do you think is an appeal of “Mirai Nikki” live action?

Hongo: Before the filming even begin, you have to transfer a lot of materials over. For that, everything of the character’s personality and circumstances have to be minutely established. Furthermore, the drama need to be written up until the point where it cannot be written anymore. Because it’s packed to that extent with the creation process, the worldview is profound, and the quality is high that I think it is something worth watching. And also, in the middle, it’s really interesting that the main cast suddenly disappeared one by one, I think it’s a shocking factor for the people watching (laughs).

Fukuda: Me too, I really like the worldview of this drama. Even when just hearing about the story, there are a lot of action scenes so I thought it is similar to a game. Of course there are components like that in it, but all the characters have a heart and mind of their own. It’s really amazing to properly depicting that while making it seems like a game. Because I think only the drama can portray it as such, I really like it.


Would you like to have your own “Mirai Nikki” that can tell you your future?

Hongo: Well, I think I would want it (laughs).

Fukuda: Really!?

Hongo: Then I wouldn’t have any weakness. Though for example, if by any chance, I died from drowning, I wouldn’t be able to be carefree. Though in reality, I wouldn’t like it if I have to play a survival game, but if it’s just a function to know my future, I think it’ll be nice.

Fukuda: I don’t want it. If I know my future, it’ll be boring. Because I don’t know it, that’s why I think I can try my best.

Hongo: That’s true that if you know everything then it would be boring. But it doesn’t say everything about your future and you can go against it, so if it just indicates a little bit, I think it would be good.


Please tell us the highlights as we are going toward the end.

Hongo: The story is advancing, particularly episode 7 where the puzzles are starting to come together, and Arata’s switch is finally turned on. And then reality suddenly changed, I think it’s good. The story really crossed your expectations. For example, you’ll be able to see Yuno’s viewpoint. When you do, “Ah, so it’s like that” and you’ll realized all the hints that was laid out through the drama. Please look forward to that worldview of the drama.

Fukuda: The core of “Mirai Nikki” will appear in episode 7-8, I hope you won’t miss it. Each characters’ connections are slowly become apparent, and then you will once again see each character’s charm. I think perhaps you will like the characters even more. With that, I hope it will live up to your expectations.



- More boring than the first part, as they don’t have as much interactions as the first. Hope they’ll be in a magazine interview together. That’s always more amusing.

- Hmm… Mayuko is straight as an arrow… Too serious.( ̄〜 ̄;)

- I agreed with Hongo’s statement about how the main casts suddenly died one by one. Of course it is part of the manga storyline as well, but it is really different compared to other dramas. But at the same time, I really enjoyed it like that, because when the focus is on one character, it really focus on the character, and they can be properly developed. A lot of dramas/stories/manga/anime have a problem with too many redundant characters that doesn’t do anything to the story. Oh, I suddenly remembered a rather useless character in Mirai Nikki…. Kousaka Ouji… I’m not to sure what’s his role in here is, maybe comedy relief? Or maybe, just a comparative on how Arata and Rui would be if they didn’t have to deal with Mirai Nikki. I don’t know.

- Love Mayuko and Hongo in this drama. Hope these 4 will be in a drama together again.


  1. aww the first part was more interesting haha

    I wonder when's the next time they'll get to work together again? :3 I want them to be in a fall drama~! but that's highly unlikely..

    I have a suspicion that Kousaka Ouji might be Deus O.O or someone who knows more than he lets on..

    1. ikr.

      Why fall drama? I kind of want a summer drama. lol but that's probably too late by now. :( What kind of genre are usually in the fall dramas?

      Hmm, interesting. I can't imagine Kousaka Ouji as Deus. Maybe you're right, cuz that would really make it shocking. My guess on Deus is Rui, but yea, Ouji... Ouji... Two faces Ouji, that would be scary.

    2. Ah, It might not be too late for some of the summer dramas with unannounced cast! Like the "Higashino Keigo Mysteries." They're going to have different stories/casts every week (^^)

      I just wanna see them be on the Kanshasai Fall '12 (a live all-star Thanksgiving Special where the actors/tresses on the upcoming fall dramas compete on quizzes and games) haha =P

      They keep mentioning the fact that he doesn't have friends O.o that might be the reason why he started the game? idk maybe I'm just being paranoid LOL

    3. Ooh, that's true. I totally forgot about that! Oh, what I would do for her to be on a variety show, even though she's probably really bad at variety. At least Mirai Nikki is going on VSArashi. XDD I'm super excited. lol I hope she is going, even though Mayuko is bad at sport.

      Well, the thing with Ouji is that he doesn't have any connection with the other players. So unless he's the mastermind behind their unconscious/dead state, it's hard to imagine him as Deus. Well we still have until episode 11 (4 more episodes), so a lot could happen to change that. lol I'll bet you'll ended up being right at the end, especially since putting it on Rui is way too easy at the moment. XDD;;

    4. YES! I hope she decides to challenge herself and be on VSA =) I think her clumsiness is cute tho<3 haha It'll be fun watching her team up with Kanata~!

      Wow, so Mirai Nikki's gonna have 11 episodes?! I heard they already cranked up so I thought they were only going to have 8-9 episodes.. and mte Rui can easily be Deus >.<

    5. I also thought the show will be ending soon as well, but the producer and writer's twitter said there are going to be 4 more so... How are they going to fill in the stories in 4 episodes? I don't know, unless they are going to have another beginning.

      I want her to team up with Hongo too. Not sure which game is suitable for them though. If she's going, I really hope Mayuko isn't going to be just sitting there and look pretty. :(

    6. Ah, that's good! I hope they don't drag it out, though.. Mirai Nikki is already on the boring side as it is ^^;

      I think "Falling Pipe" is the most suitable for them =) Since Mayuko doesn't have good eye-hand coordination, she'll be the one to choose the pipe numbers, while Hongo catches them xD

    7. I thought they stop playing falling pipe. I'm thinking maybe Dual Curling, or Koro Koro Viking (as partners), or Pinball Runner. X3 Now I'm starting to wish they're in a VSArashi special so that the show can be longer.

    8. I can't remember the last time I watched VSA lol! so much has changed and I've been out of the loop it seems..... orz

      me too >.< I wanna see how Mayuko interacts with her co-stars<3

  2. I don't think it has to do with anything censorship, but rather with writing and development. A 100% developed story with 100% developed characters, you can't get farther than that and it's very hard to reach that point.

    1. The manga has a lot of gore and blood, aka not something that can be easily shown on TV, that's why I thought it's about censorship. But interesting, I guess you're right.