Thursday, June 7, 2012

Da Vinci Web Interview: That Person and Book Discussion ~ Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子)

Takken from Da Vinci website.

In order to have a dream, one must immerse oneself to one’s emotions. Reading is that precious moment of enjoyment.

Each month a celebrity is chosen from three to be introduce in Da Vinci magazine’s popular serialization “That Person and Book Discussion”. For this issue is Fukuda Mayuko-san, who is currently performing in the drama “Mirai Nikki – ANOTHER: WORLD-“. A girl who love literature, she will be talking about her reading obsession.

“As I thought, reading on paper is the best.”

She happily said as she begins flipping through Murakami Ryu’sCoin Locker Babies” that she brought with her.

“I like chasing after the vertical sentences written on white paper. Also, even though it’s just my own problem, whichever book I first bought, I want to continue reading it for a long time. For example, just a while ago, this book has a renewed edition, but for me, I’m not satisfied if I don’t understand the previous edition. Beside from the thickness and size of the book, the new edition is a completely different book for me (laughs). That’s why, even if my own book become tattered and falls apart, I absolutely won’t buy the new edition. Ah, but the new version of “Coin Locker~” contains Kanehara Hitomi-san’s commentary, it’s really great. That’s why I’m thinking of buying an additional book (laughs).”

Many of the book Fukuda-san read are pure literature. When asked about her favorite author, other names she mentioned beside from Murakami Ryu are Kawakami Mieko, Machida Kou, and Murakami Haruki.

“It’s not that I’m obsess with authors, but when I look at the binding and the first sentences, I thought it seems interesting and instantly decided to purchase it. Recently…. That’s right, Moomins! The story of the Moomins are really wonderful. I especially recommend “Tales from Moominvalley”!”

The reason why she love literature is, “It feels like you can see your dream.”

“Seeing your dream when you’re not asleep, I think it’s the best way to escape from reality. Reading novel is something I can feel the closest to. While living as I usually do everyday, my own feeling is being restraint and I’m unable to do things skillfully. But just enjoying myself as my emotions stirred by simple novels and dreams is good enough. For me, that time is very precious.”

Interviewer: Kurada Motoki

Photographer: Okie Maki

To read more about Fukuda Mayuko-san’s full episode, please check July edition of Da Vinci magazine in “That Person and Book Discussion” column!



- Lame translation. An interview that doesn’t have anything to do with Mirai Nikki, just her hobbies… Books, as usual.

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