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7th Issue 2012 Da Vinci Interview: That Person and Book Discussion ~ Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子)

Taken from Da Vinci website.

Even when I’m 50, I would still not want a ‘Mirai Nikki’.

In regarding to her understanding the common society’s principle for the past 3 years, Fukuda-san said “I don’t think that’s true….” while disclosed about her anxiety and her answer to the problem of her day to day life.

“I always thought of wanting to take a break from here. But, I didn’t really know where this ‘here’ is. Is this ‘here’ the place I’m currently at, or is it my own emotions? In such time, I come across books.”

The story is about Kiku and Hashi, whom were found as newborn babies in coin lockers. From survive in the small box, they soon begin to confront society.

“Since it is so huge, no matter where we go, we can’t escape the imprisonment of society. Even though we can’t break away from there, we must continue to let our voices be heard. When I realized this truth, I felt a deep connection with the story.”

Even now, she carefully reread that one book many times. In order for her speech and conduct to not contain any lies… When she has that feeling, “In order to not be afraid, they are the stimulus to change myself more.”

Murakami-san’s works always shake my heart. Even when he wrote human with the heart of a devil, I really like his cold and inhuman literally style. In addition, this work is his best, and the writing style is really beautiful. Whenever I open this book, ‘Ah, I must read this quickly’ was my driven impulse.”

Even just for one second, she would still want to know quickly. But to know about your future is not something that will be fun. Right now, she’s currently appearing in the drama “Mirai Nikki”. The characters know their future from the diary in their smart phone, in order to survive they are risking their lives as they battled it out in a survival game.

“The story is really interesting. The drama is an addition story to the original work, so there are many differences. Just recently, the mysteries are gradually becoming clear. The people who disappear have another revival, and the tone of the story really continues to develop.”

The story is also nearing its climax. However, she hasn’t been inform of the ending. “That’s why, my feeling of waiting to know what’s going to happen next is the same as the viewers” she laughs. Becoming friends with her costars, the talks at the filming location is about “What would happen if this keitai exist…”.

“We asked this a lot. But I definitely don’t want it. I think passing difficult time while not knowing my future can give me good memories. But when I already know my future, I feel that I can’t try my best. That’s why, if I got a hold of it in my hand, even when I’m 50 years old, I won’t use it (laughs).”


■ The book Fukuda Mayuko-san selected is new version of “Coin Locker Babies”.


Interviewer: Kurada Motoki


- I don’t think I did it right. I really guessed a lot of parts. I don’t think any of it is right… I don’t even know what is going on… Why is Japanese so hard?  (_ _|||)

- I do apologize for taking a long time to translate this one… ^^;; I was trying to finish some of my classwork…. And then I got sidetracked with Korean variety shows… m(。−_−。)m スイマセーン

- I wondered why they published this interview in the magazine and then put it on the web for everyone to see… I would’ve thought they will want to make money off of their stuffs…

- Have anyone read Murakami’s works? I was just wondering if I should start… The English translated version of his books are sitting on a corner of my tablet, but I’m just too lazy. Have anyone read them?

- A few announcements this time.

- For those that are fans of the couple Hongo Kanata and Fukuda Mayuko before/after watching Mirai Nikki, now you can embrace your inner fangirl/fanboy more because they now has their own facebook page.

MayuNata | Hongo Kanata x Fukuda Mayuko

Please like it and support. The admins are really good at keeping up with the happenings about them, as well as making fan stuffs. Check them out if you haven’t already!

- Thanks to the person that brought you the MayuNata facebook page, Fukuda Mayuko now has her own livejournal group.


If you have livejournal, please be sure to join! It is really updated everyday, you now you can have at least one Mayuko a day for your pleasure and enjoyment. It really amazed me how she can be so productive while I’m… well, not. ^^;;

- Last, but not least, Mirai Nikki team will be on VS Arashi on June 28!!! O(≧▽≦)O ワーイ♪

It’s VSArashi!!! Need I say more? It’s probably the only variety show that I currently enjoyed when I have time.

If you were not aware, VS Arashi is a game show, hosted by Arashi. The guests each week will compete with Arashi (plus one/two guests) on different games. The games required you to move your body, so it’s not really a brain game. It’s really a fun show, so be sure to watch it, especially on June 28 (next week), at 7PM Japan time, on FujiTV.

- Phew, so many things happened since the last time I updated. I think that’s it from the top of my head…. Did I miss something? I feel like I did. ^^;;

- Before you go, please do enjoy another fanvid by the amazing Ciel. Oh yea, don’t miss Mirai Nikki episode 10 today!


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