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Topic 20: Hongo Kanata-san (本郷奏多) & Fukuda Mayuko-san (福田麻由子) Talk–First Part

Taken from Mirai Nikki’s Topic page.

Thanks to cie-san for notifying me about this. Now if only she would finish her beyond amazing “Stars of Heaven” series. (人´∀`*)お・ね・が・い☆ミ


You’re acting as brother and sister, how was your impressions of each others?

Hongo: I watched her works from when I was little, but her image is a person who’s polite and courteous.

Fukuda: Thank you very much. Hongo-san is very close to the image of Rui. He’s kind to everyone, but there are also puzzling parts. When chatting about his favorite game during the filming break, he has a really happy expression. At that time, I thought, so he also has this side to him.

Hongo: But isn’t Mayuko-chan the same (laughs). Normally, you’re quiet, but when you heard that Ito Ayumi-san will appear in episode 7, your eyes started to glitter as you keep saying “Will we meet? Will we meet?” You have that part of you too.

Fukuda: Fufu, that’s true (laughs).


Aren’t you guys really seem like brother and sister?

Hongo: Though it’ll be good if we seems like that (laughs).

Fukuda: At first, I was worried about it and “Will we be able to look like that?”, but one day, while watching the monitor, a staff said “You guys seems like siblings”. Ahh, I was glad.

Hongo: Since I am older, I felt like I must be the one to initiate the conversation, but I’m actually bad at it… At the filming location, I ended up entrusting that to Okada (Masaki)-kun (laughs). Because he’s a person who pay attention to another’s needs, I thought I should learn while watching him.

Fukuda: Hongo-san has an image of an only child.

Hongo: I heard that a lot (laughs). In reality, it’s not the case. Actually I’m a younger brother, and I have an older brother.


Please tell us something about Rui and Haruna.

Hongo: Rui is a very active person. He has dreams and things he want to do, and his sister and friends he want to protect. Right now, he’s a person who is trying his best to live, but what’s interesting will be what happen from now on. When learning the secret of his circumstances and existence, what will happen? For me, this is the most anticipated and at the same time uneasiness part.

Fukuda: Truthfully, “Since this world is so worthless, I want to destroy it” is what Haruna really thought deep inside. Like everyone else, she wants to escape reality, but for her, this thought is much bigger. Although she also has parts that’s like a normal girl, but using that, she started to get involved into various things… I think it’s terrible.


An scene that leave you with the greatest impression during filming?

Hongo: It’s definitely the running scene. It’s pretty difficult right (laughs).

Fukuda: Yes. We have to continuously run (laughs).

Hongo: For Mayuko-chan, her shoes gave her a lot of trouble.

Fukuda: I’m sorry for being a bother. Since the shoe for the outfit are pumps, I really hate running… I’m actually bad at running in the first place, so I can’t keep up with everyone (bitter smile). During the test, though the director keep saying “Haruna, do your best to keep up”, but during the actual filming, in front of me, Onii-chan’s pace slow down for me. I was really happy.

Hongo: That can’t be helped. Even though it’s the SP chase scene, but the SP people are really fast (laughs). Today, Arata has to run a lot as well.


(To be continues)



- I was waiting for this actually, but I was surprised it was after Fuma’s interview (since his name is after both of them in the cast list). However, after watching the 6th episode, I can understand a bit why… Their interview is all spoilers!!! ( ´∀`)

- I wasn’t aware that Kanata has an older brother. He does seems like an only child for me.

- I’m not sure why for this part (him having an older brother) was different from Mirai Nikki’s website and Mirai Nikki’s facebook page. So I combined both versions together.

- I didn’t know Mayuko is a fan of Ito Ayumi. Apparently, Ito Ayumi was in “All About Lily Chou-Chou” movie, which is Mayuko’s favorite movie.

- Mayuko’s inability to run topic came up again. Hongo is quite kind to slow down for her during the actual take. I’m very thankful. I can see a little bit of his kindness.

- Speaking of the running scene, Japanese fans who went to volunteer as extras said most of the time Mayuko was wearing Crocs instead of her shoe, which is rather odd to wear with a suit. Now we know why. I could understand though, running with high heels sound painful to be honest.

- Anyways, since the first part of Mirai Nikki just ended, I thought I should write a little about what I thought about it.

- Truthfully, the first episode was super boring. Added to that, Mayuko’s scene was only the last 5 minutes or so… I really thought, if this continues, I may have to drop it. Second episode got better, not because of all the leads, but because of the amazing acting of Nikaido Fumi as Fuwa Megumi. Though the second episode as a whole was rather meh, save for Nikaido Fumi, so I decided to continues. Episode 3 has Hiraoka Yuta, whom I’m rather fond of for some unknown reason. The story slowly started to pick up, but not enough. I think it’s only to the 4th and 5th episode that really caught my interests. Unsurprisingly, Mayuko scenes increased with these two. And then, episode 6 gave the most shocking death (Rui’s)… Yea, I really enjoyed this show. Though at first it’s rather boring, but now everything is getting better.

- I hate to say it, unlike what has been thought of before, so far into the show, Moriguchi Rui is nothing like Akise Aru. Their characters are nothing alike. Well, we still have the second part to Mirai Nikki left so perhaps it’s too early to say. From now on, I really hope they will make good use of Hongo Kanata, unlike what they have been doing so far.

- On an added note, watching Mirai Nikki with Twitter on is the most amusing thing ever!! You guys should try it.

- Before I leave, here’s a slideshow made by cie-san for Hongo Kanata and Fukuda Mayuko. I hope they’ll be in more drama together. They are really cute. XD


- Also Mirai Nikki Episode 1-6 Digest.


  1. Woah that was a quick trans! xD

    I agree with you, Mirai Nikki is quiet a boring series but oh well, I'm only watching it for Mamayu and Kanata anyways.

    and YES! Nikaido Fumi was amazing in her role >.< I was so sad for her when she died, betrayed yet again..

    awww I should really finish it already huh? ^^; It's been too long lol yosh! I'll do it once summer break starts =D

    1. Yes! Yes! Yes! It really has been too long for SoH. I've been waiting. XD

      Which other things has Nikaido Fumi been in? I don't think I've seen her other works before... Her acting was superb!

      I'm also only watching it for Mayuko and Hongo. Hopefully the show will pick up more.

  2. I've seen people group her with Mamayu & Mirai before, for being an underrated actress ^^;
    I checked out her wiki & it seems like she's more into movies than dramas. In fact, she's going to be in "Aku no Kyoten" =D

    After ep 6's twist, I think it will! >.<

    1. I heard the news about Aku no Kyoten. What really surprised me was that she's the same age as Mayuko. :3 Her voice is really pretty too. lol

    2. OMG YES! Sometimes, I rewind her parts in Mirai Nikki just to hear her voice ^^; she's good at delivering her lines haha