Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Gokaiger Episode 46 Making Of

Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Making Of, taken from Toei’s Gokaiger Official site.


1. This week is also Ninjaman!

2. There's action

3. There's a lot of action.

4. On the other hand, Hakase and Gai became delinquents

5. Good kids shouldn't imitate them (laughs)

6. Aah!
What were we about to do to princess Ahim!!

7. Mou, unforgivable!

8. Gai "Ku, kurae~i!" (?)

9. Gai "Na, nanu!!" (?)



1. Karano~ (?)

2. Toooooryaaaa~!!

3. Good heavens~

4. Similarly, Hakase-san...

5. Instant kill (laughs)

6. Ahim... became strong
Uncle is very happy! ←Who? (laughs)

7. But, they really are good friends

8. It's nearing the climax next week

9. Let's be showy!!


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