Friday, April 20, 2012

Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子): Mirai Nikki ~ANOTHER:WORLD~

For the spring season of drama, Fukuda Mayuko will appear in the live action of “Mirai Nikki -Another:World-”.

This live action is based on the manga, Mirai Nikki by Esuno Sakae. The manga is about a boy, out of loneliness, started writing a diary about what happened to him through out the day. One day, his “imaginary friend” turned that diary into a Future diary, which show what happen 10 minutes from the present. Of course, not only him, but 11 others has the power of the future diary, and they ended up fighting each other to find who will survive this “Diary game”.

Similar to the manga, the story will involve future diary and be able to survive through to the end. However, as the name suggested, the story will take place in an entirely different setting from the manga. While the manga features middle school students, the live actions will portray the protagonists as university students and entirely different characters altogether.


Synopsis from Jdrama Weblog:

Mirai Nikki ~ Another World
Date: From 11.10 p.m., Saturdays, 21 April 2012
Station: Fuji TV
Cast: Okada Masaki, Goriki Ayame, Hongo Kanata, Fukuda Mayuko, Kikuchi Fuma, Nakamura Yuri, Tominaga Saori, Hiraga Masaomi, Hiraoka Yuta, Nikaido Fumi, Okada Yoshinori, Miyazaki Yoshiko, Mitsuishi Ken, Sano Shiro
Synopsis: Hoshino Arata (Okada Masaki) is a apathetic university student who feels that hard work alone is useless and that the future cannot be changed. But one day, he obtains a mobile phone journal in which the future is written. In order to change his own terrible future which is found inside, he gets caught up in a game of survival with people who have this same journal of the future including Furusaki Yuno (Goriki Ayame) who has a crush on Arata and always turns up wherever he goes. At first, he simply runs away, but grows up through encounters and separations from friends. He realises the “true identity” of the journal and tries to win to stay in the game. He decides to live according to his own will, and gets the message that there is hope and there is a tomorrow.


Characters and Relationship Chart


Okada Masaki – Hoshino Arata (21)

Third year university student who feels that hard work alone is useless and that the future cannot be changed.

But one day, he obtains a mirai nikki in which the future is written, and was dragged into a survival game.




Gouriki Ayame – Furusaki Yuno (19)

The mysterious heroine. A mirai nikki owner.

She is blindly in love with Arata that she always appear wherever Arata go, to the point of being a stalker.




Hongo Kanata – Moriguchi Rui (21)

Third year university student and Arata’s best friend.

He’s currently job hunting.

He’s unusually very worried about Arata’s life.




Fukuda Mayuko – Okie Haruna (19)

Rui’s little sister.

A first year university student.

She became missing due to an incident, which dragged Arata and Yuno into a cruel fate.



Kikuchi Fuma – Kousaka Ouji (19)

A first year university student.

A junior of Arata and Rui.

He respected Arata so much that he entered the same university.

Though easily carried away, he is very cheerful.




With the news of Mayuko being in Mirai Nikki, I decided to check the manga out, to see what the story is about. But after around 25 chapters, I decided that the manga was not for me. At the same time, I realized that I’m not really into yandere character like Asai Yuno. All of the characters are not recurring characters. As in, if they are killed off, they died. That’s why I don’t really know how they are going to make this into a drama without killing off each character each episode. The same reason, I didn’t know how Mayuko going to last the entire drama if she’s going to be a diary owner. That’s why I was skeptical about this role.

At the same time, I’m super excited that she’s going to be acting together with Hongo Kanata. This is probably the second reason why I’m excited about the drama. Truthfully, I’m not a die hard fan of Hongo Kanata, perhaps just a casual like, but I do like his atmosphere. He and Mayuko are somewhat similar character type. That’s why I’m interested in seeing them acting together. They will be an interesting combination.

While I was wondering what type of interaction will they have in the show, or if they are going to be like Ikematsu Sosuke and Mayuko in Q10, where they have absolutely no scene together at all, the news that Kanata and Mayuko are brother and sister came. That just increased my interests in this show by a thousand times. I don’t know why, but I like siblings (my own sibling is a different story). So, not only are they in the same show, they are going to be siblings, which mean they will have (hopefully) lots of scenes together. O(≧▽≦)O I can’t wait!!



Start: Saturday, April 21

And every Saturday, from 11:10 to 11:50pm

Don’t miss it!!


Also, April 23 is the second episode of “Kagi no Kakatta Heya”, with Mayuko as guest. Be sure to check it out as well!


Lastly, I’m going to leave you with the trailer for Mirai Nikki’s first episode.

60 minutes PR


  1. Mamayu and Kanata has a recent interview right here: =D Correct me if I'm wrong, but he calls her "Mayuko-chan?" >///<

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