Monday, April 16, 2012

Announcement Again…

Dear readers,

March comes in like a lion, and goes out like a lamb. It is now already the middle of April, and in just 2 weeks, it’s going to be May.

For the past months, I have been MIA. The year started off horrible for me, and since the cause is rather personal, I won’t be disclosing it here.

I’ve also got a few messages wondering where I am, and why am I not posting. I’m really grateful for that, because I didn’t really think anyone really read my random/horrible translations. lol So thank you for your kind words. It really made me feel your kindness. ♥

As you have probably seen, this past week, I’ve been uploading the translations for Gokaiger’s Making Of. Thank goodness, I’ve managed to finished. Gokaiger is rather fun, but I think my excitements for it died down later on in the series. Not because it’s bad or anything like that…. I just ended up side-track to other things.

Anyways, I’m not very good at saying things eloquently, so I’ll just cut to the chase and tell you the bad news.


Tokumei Sentai GoBuster

Gobuster is the 2012 sentai series. It has been 8 episodes so far, and I really enjoyed it. For some reason, I always feel some sort of impending danger when I watch this compared to the rest of the sentai series I have watched as of far. I think that’s an improvement. I love all the characters and their weaknesses. Of course, I also really enjoy reading the short doujinshis on pixiv.

However, after much contemplating, I’ve decided not to do the making of for Gobuster.

The reason is:

Personal life and commitments prevented me to take on too much things at the moment.

The reason I created this blog is to subtly push introduce those underrated people/shows that I love to the world. Super Sentai is definitely one of those show. Most people (my brother included) believed it to be a show for kids, and readily dismissed it without trying. That’s why I wanted to exposed it and give it some interests. These days, I noticed that Super Sentai, and Tokusatsu (in general), are getting more and more new fans. That made me really happy. Though my brother still think it’s a kid show, but many others around the world already tuned in to it, enjoying the casts, eye candies, chemistry, and stories. I definitely don’t think it was because of me that started this, the causes are due to all those guys that helped sub and put them out to the world (tv-nihon top my list). So now, my responsibilities for Super Sentai are done. ^^;;

So yeah, keep going guys. No matter what the reason that make you start watching the show, I’m sure you won’t regret it. Because I didn’t.

Hmm, maybe I’ll use the extra time and draw some Gobuster fanarts. ( ̄-  ̄ ) ンー



Kamiki Ryunosuke

This is perhaps my most dreaded announcement. Dreaded, not because I know most of my readers only came for Kamiki’s translation (lol), but dreaded because I’ve actually been thinking of this since his last birthday, and this decision has been eating my insides for nearly a year. I have wanted to wait until his next birthday (in less than 1 month away) to announced this decision, but I think now would be a good time.

With the guys at mplusmismm doing such an amazing amazing AMAZING job at translating Kamiki’s interviews, with his increasing fan base, with his increasing and increasing and increasing works, and with my own increasing workloads, I’ve decided to stop translating Kamiki interviews. Technically, I haven’t been doing his stuffs frequently in the first place, so there’s really not much changes.

Like I’ve mentioned, my reason for starting Kamiki translation is because not a lot of people know a lot about him. Even if they do, they don’t have enough things to discuss about him. That’s why I wanted others, as well as myself, to get to know more about him as a person. I think that worked for the most part because now, he has several communities just for him, and many of the fans are very active in getting words out about him. Of course none of it was due to my translations, but more because of his fans, and his own talents.

That make me really happy, and at the same time, it makes me a bit sad. It’s the sadness of a mother, watching her son grew up and finally going to a college away from home. Though I am not old enough to be his mother, but it’s the same type of feeling. I think the way things are now, he’s going to do just fine, if not better than my expectations. I don’t think I’ll doubt you guys, but Kamiki’s fans, continues to thrive and multiply in the exponents.




Okay, while I’m bracing for all my followers to unsubscribed me (jk), I’ll continue to do Fukuda Mayuko translations and news. Obviously, because she still doesn’t really have a good International fanbase as of yet. So yeah, will announce her new stuffs soon, though it’s not really any different from what it has already been said on facebook and tumblr. But please watch out for it.


Thank you very much for all those time that you guys spent on my blog, ignoring all my poor choice of words, and grammar mistakes. I hope I will somehow managed to bring your attention back with other things and translations.


~~~ヾ(○゚▽゚○) マッタネーン♪





Let’s end this note with some Gokaiger/Super Sentai.




  1. I thought I posted a comment here... but the internet was wonky I guess @_<
    You did a lot for Kamiki fans! ;__; When I first took notice of him, it was your translations that made me become interested in him, and finally gathered my courage to translate.

    I'll be looking forward to your future translations!

    1. No no no... ;_; Thank you.

      I'll be looking forward to your future translation. lol