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Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子): Otona ni Naru Mae ni… 43

Fukuda Mayuko’s blog from FLaMme mobile.


We introduce you to Fukuda Mayuko’s strange thoughts and the things she’s interested in at the moment! Everyone, please enjoy!

December 18, 2012

43th Entry

“After School’s Temperature”


Even though I don’t usually look at the sky, as red, pink, and blue of the evening blended together and the electric line stretch above me, I love that sky. Whenever I see that color and pattern, I wondered if I will remember the after school me that exist for a short while. These are the thoughts I have while falling asleep a little bit longer everyday.


Sorry for not writing for a while.

While wearing my uniform, chatting with friends, studying, and becoming colder as my feelings become warmer, the ordinary days passed by.

Even so, why is my heart stinging?

It must means that I have many people and things that I love.

As my heart beats faster everyday, it’s becoming painful.

But, that’s also happiness.


As my school reach the third semester, graduation approaches, and the school days gradually lessen, the time of me attending school will also decrease.

I want to spend the remaining time with great care.

It’s best if I can make many fun memories.


With the memories from this uniform, after school today, I feel like I will be able to do anything and comfortably go anywhere from now on.



- Sorry for all the mistakes. As usual, her writing is really pretty, but my skill is not up to par.  Her last sentence (especially) really make an impact, but of course, the meaning is lost in my translation. m(。−_−。)m スイマセーン

- After 3 months, Mayuko finally updated her blog. Since went android, I wasn’t sure if I’ll be able to see her entry anymore, because they become even stringent over their members’ posts. So it feels like a miracle for me to be able to see this entry. I wondered why they didn’t lock it? I wondered if they forgot to.

- Mayuko is having fun in school. I’m glad she’s talking more about her private life. Of course she’ll graduate soon (next year), so I also hope she’ll have even more fun as her school life come to an end. Though we’ll still be able to see her in uniform right after her graduation though… Through her new movie that is. ( ´∀`)

- I hope we have to wait too long for her next entry.


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fukuda Mayuko’s (福田麻由子) New Movie

I just found this out on my twitter! Quick translation of the more important parts!

News from Nikkan Sports and Oricon Style.


Fukuda Mayuko will be a movie with fellow FLaMme Hirosue Ryoko.

They leads are Hirosue Ryoko and Inagaki Gorou. They will be playing as husband and wife.

The movie is titled “Sakura, Futatabi no Kanako” (‘Sakura, the second Kanako’, my crude translation). It’s directed by Kurimura Minoru.

“Sakura, Fatatabi no Kanako” is based on a novel by Niitsu Kiyomi, who wrote the “Triangle” novel that became a drama starring Hirosue Ryoko and Eguchi Yosuke.

The movie was filmed in April of this year, and is currently in its editing stage. The movie will be screen on April 6 of next year.

It’s a sad, painful, and human story that give the viewers the will to live on.

Other casts include Fukuda Mayuko, Takada Sho, and Enami Kyoko. Fukuda Mayuko plays the pregnant high school girl. Takada Sho plays the high school boy that Masami likes. Enami Kyoko plays the shop keeper.

Synopsis: Yoko (Hirosue) lost her young daughter, Kanako, in an accident. Blaming herself, she continues to cook for and talk to the no longer existing Kanako. Though her husband, Nobuki (Inagaki), wants to support her, he is also becoming more frustrated. One day, she meet a pregnant high school girl name Masami (Fukuda). Seeing Masami, Yoko instinctively believed that Kanako will be reborn again.



- So Mayuko will be playing a pretty important character, since she’s the third name on the list. I hope it will be interesting.

- It was filmed in April… Wow, they are pretty quiet about it. But I think I like it better, since I don’t have to wait a year to watch the movie. :P

- The synopsis confused me… Is Yoko thinking of getting another baby, adopting Masami’s baby, or see Kanako in Masami? Well… I doubt it’s the last choice.

- This reminded me that a fan on 2ch talked about seeing Mayuko with Hirosue Ryoko and Inagaki Gorou a while back and wondered if it’s a movie. Back then, most people just said she was visiting, but it actually turned out to be a real movie role. Wow… I can’t believe I remember that.

Friday, September 14, 2012

10th Issue 2012 Da Vinci: Fukuda Mayuko’s (福田麻由子) Murakami Haruki Discussion

Text from the ever reliable

Scan from Mayuko’s Baidu.

Fukuda Mayuko “After the dream, after the battle”

“Reading Murakami’s works is the same as dreaming. It’s as if the story and my memories become one. Even though I have no such experience and connection to the situation and thus unable to see it, but it’s as if it came from a memory and from my own experiences. It’s somehow a mysterious sensation.

My first experience is when I was 14 years old. I was suddenly hospitalized for 2 weeks and had a lot of free time. Since I love to read, my dad bought me many books. In those books is a book by Murakami. A few days before I was hospitalized, I saw a book cover with a cat and stone that left a great impression on me at the bookstore. Even though I didn’t know what the contents was about, I suddenly wanted to try reading it.

In that dim hospital room, forgetting to sleep, I read it all in one night. It’s really as if I’m dreaming. I have always thought that it was a miracle for the 14 years old me to encountered “Kafka On The Shore”. As if waking up from a dream, there exists a whole new world. The world spread out many times wider, by no mean so much that the arms can’t reach, but also very near. Even though the arm can’t grow longer, you can still hear its voice. After that, though I started to read other Murakami’s works, “Kafka On The Shore” is still my number one favorite. Other works have a unique but different stinging world, though I can’t describe how much I love this book, it’s just more. I also really like “The Elephant Vanishes” and “Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman”. Perhaps these two works is the closest to the expression of to be able to see your dream. While they are just an inorganic matter, they are packed with Murakami’s charming words that can resonate the heart. In that dream, I’m always alone. Inside me is a small battle. I wondered what kind of dream will I be shown next.”



- I’m sure there are mistranslations, please tell me.

- I don’t know what she’s talking about for the battle. It may be just a misunderstanding of the text on my part…

- I think the most shocking part of this interview was that she was hospitalized for 2 weeks when she was 14. I didn’t know about this until now. I wonder when that happened, and why… This part is as shocking as when I learned that she had thoughts of quitting acting. Σ(っ゚Д゚;)っ

- I seriously didn’t know “The Elephant Vanishes” was a collection of short stories. I still have it on my tablet, but no time to read it… And I still haven’t finish the 2nd Hunger Game book yet. Need to start reading it again.


Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子): Otona ni Naru Mae ni… 42

Fukuda Mayuko’s blog from FLaMme mobile.


We introduce you to Fukuda Mayuko’s strange thoughts and the things she’s interested in at the moment! Everyone, please enjoy!

September 7, 2012

42th Entry

“When Talking About Summer”


For the last summer break as a high school student, I had a barbecue with my classmates from last year. I was with 18 members that I’m always close with. Somehow, it has an “Amazing Youth!” feel.

With the river as the backdrop, we played rock-paper-scissor to form into teams for baseball and breaking watermelon. As it become dark, we also played with fireworks. Even though all of us are facing the period to prepare for our college entrance exam and didn’t have time to play, but someone suggested “Let’s do a lot of summer-like things today!” and all of us gathered for one day to have fun.

That evening, next to the river, we talked continuously. If only these times won’t end, was part of our conversation. During the period as a high school student, I always want these times to continue. Isn’t it wonderful like this everyday?

Even though I got a suntan from it, when meeting with the people at the office during this time, I didn’t talk about it. So I’m letting it out all at once.



- An unusual and somehow easy to understand entry. I was really surprised when I read it for the first time. Also unusual was the fact that I was able to access this entry. I don’t know what happen but it’s quite lucky.

- I’m not sure how many students are usually in a typical Japanese class, but if it’s around 30 students, isn’t 18 people already more than half of the class? Also, you would wonder if they are girls only or a mix of boys and girls. I’m really amazed at her ability to make friend. Though we don’t have that type of 1 class system where I live (we have multiple classes, typical of the US), I don’t think I am ever good friend with 18 people at once. The most is probably 10.

- Mayuko is going to college. I am proud of her. I hope she’ll get into whichever school she choose. (*^^*)


Thursday, August 9, 2012

Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子): Otona ni Naru Mae ni… 41

Fukuda Mayuko’s blog from FLaMme mobile.


We introduce you to Fukuda Mayuko’s strange thoughts and the things she’s interested in at the moment! Everyone, please enjoy!

August 8, 2012

41th Entry

“On the Opposite Side of the Sea”


I wondered why the Earth is round.

The Olympics is currently happening on the other side of the world, so I can’t simply lie down and sleep. In the death of the night, I mustn’t shout angrily.

The fascination of sport, that fascination that caused me to watch it to the bitter end, I’ve been familiar with it for about 3 years. It was during the time of the World Cup.

The battles between the world’s athletes that decided whether they win or lose is very cool.

I think that my own battle, a word that’s starting to wear out, is similar. I have things right now that I need to stand up and challenge. When thinking about it like that, the feelings of wanting to do one’s best is overflowing, and as I becoming more cheerful I’m unable to sleep.

My heart can’t helped but be charmed by gymnastics' Uchimura Kohei-senshu and soccer’s Yoshida Maya-senshu.

At this hour is yesterday’s victory against Morocco in soccer, and tonight is the gymnastic final.

For this moment was me, the person who has been excited like a idiot for these past days.

In my dream, I’m becoming one with the soccer ball.



- I apologized for my mistakes. Please tell me if anything is wrong.

- For some strange reason, I was able to access her newest entry today (posted yesterday I think). On the other hand, I wasn’t able to look at the other entries. I guess they must have forgot to restrict this one. So yeah, this is probably another one time thing.

- From 1-10, I think this has a difficulties of lvl 2. Not too difficult, but at the same time, took me ~5 hours… Though I did spent half of that time sleeping because my head hurt.

- Mayuko got the Olympics fever. ( ´∀`)


Saturday, August 4, 2012

2011-2012: Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) After 18 Years of Life

Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) Part 1: Life and Personality

Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) Part 2: Work.

2010 - 2011: The 16 Years Old Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子)


It’s that time of the year again. That time where I have to go back and look at all the things that she has accomplished the past year. It’s a pretty tedious job, especially when I rather just sleep and watch dramas. But I will do it! Because she is Fukuda Mayuko… (*≧▽≦)

Happy 18th Birthday Fukuda Mayuko!!



If you haven’t already know, August 4th is Mayuko’s birthday.

The 17 years old Fukuda Mayuko had a fruitful year. She appeared in dramas, had another guest appearance, participated in commercials, and returned to variety after a long time. Because of many different projects that she has been involved in this year, it’s not surprising that she also garnered many new fans. Of course, it is also not surprising that she also gained anti-fans as well.

April 2013 will mark her graduation from high school, I hope she will continues to create many more memories of her high school life, and I hope she’ll get more jobs before then. I really can’t believe she’s already a third year in high school. Because of this, many fan speculate that she will be focusing on her university entrance exams rather than continue working. By the way, there were sightings of Mayuko going to a college campus open house. So yes, she is seriously thinking continue onto college. Though I’m not exactly sure which school she’s aiming for, but time will tell.




Pandora 3

A few days after her 17th birthday, news were out that she’s casted in a WOWOW drama, as a homeless girl, Yuuki Kae. For this drama, she played a girl that went against society due to the lack of love from her mother. Most of her scenes are with Izumiya Shigeru-san, who praised her acting. Though, in the end, her role was rather insignificant to the overall storyline, viewers still get to see a different side of her acting.

- The drama starred Eguchi Yosuke and Uchino Masaaki. In particular, Eguchi Yosuke has worked with Mayuko for a few things, such as Goemon and Kyumei Byoto 24 Ji 3. This is the third time they work together.

- Mayuko always has an image of being a proper ojou-sama. However, in this drama, she is anything proper, as you see her finding spare coins under soda machine, shoplifting, covered in dirt, sitting on the road side, or being with the garbage.

- Many fans are amused at the fact that Mayuko has several scenes of her eating in this drama. And seeing as her role is someone who is homeless, her eating is actually more like “stuffing her face”.

- She once again got another chance to shoot a gun in here.



DoCoMo Xi CM Narration

Around September, members of 2chan and twitter announced of Mayuko’s voice being used in a new commercial about DoCoMo Xi. Weeks later,  the commercial was posted on Youtube. Added to that, fans who emailed the company received a confirmation letter about her new work.

This is another one of her voice work, and at the same time, it’s another commercial from Mayuko after a long time. 2011 was really the year that Mayuko displayed the growth in her voice. Many fans, and of course myself, were captivated by what she got to show in this video. It’s definitely very different from her usual voice.





3 Maime no Bodyguard DVD Release

At the end of 2011, the DVD for “3 Maime no Bodyguard” was released. And later on, the video was uploaded to the internet. If you didn’t get a chance to watch it, please click on the link to download the files in MF.

After saying so much about this, I’m seriously don’t know what else to say. Erm, even though there are quite a few inconsistencies and plot holes, I enjoyed it quite a lot.

- I think what stood out and amused me was that it’s the second time (?) we see her sing. This time she’s singing AKB48’s “Aitakatta” and failed while singing it. It was rather awkward, but funny nonetheless.




Mirai Nikki ~ Another: World~

April of 2012 started her newest drama, Mirai Nikki, which starred Okada Masaki and Gouriki Ayame. It’s based on a popular manga, Mirai Nikki, where the owners of the future diary need to kill each other in order to become god.

Mayuko played Okie Haruna, the person who happened to started the whole game for the majority of the characters. However, it turned out that everything ended up to be one big lie.

- 2012 is the year where Mayuko became a little sister, because in this drama, she is the little sister of Hongo Kanata’s character, Moriguchi Rui. Instead of calling her by her character’s name, Haruna, Japanese fans of the show called her “Imouto” (or little sister).

- I actually really like her character. Haruna is a calculative person. Even though she is a mirai nikki owner, it wasn’t know until the middle of the show. Her reasoning for hiding it was that she want to wait until all of the players battled each others out and when one of them is left, she can beat him in order to win. Even if it’s a cowardly way to win, but I like such a manipulative character. If I’m in the same situation, I would do the same thing tbqh. ( ̄∇ ̄)ニヤッ

- It’s her first time working with Hongo Kanata, and their sibling bond was very well received. As both of them tends to play similar character types and story, the Japanese fans were very happy with the castings. On the other hand, the international fans are impressed with their chemistry on and off screen. Thus, a creation of the Mayuko x Kanata was established. In particular, the hug scene between the two brought a lot of stir to the fans, even though it’s only the last 5 minutes of the first episode.

- Mayuko also bond quite well with the rest of her costars. Fans that went to be an extra for Mirai Nikki, noted that Mayuko and Gouriki Ayame would always hang out with each others. They even go to the restroom together, and waiting for each other to finish before leaving. On the other hand, Okada Masaki also talk about the closeness between the casts. In an interview, he said he and Hongo Kanata usually go out and have a drink together, but because the female casts (Mayuko and Ayame) are underage, they weren’t able to come along.

- Unlike Pandora 3, where we see a lot of her eating scenes, Mirai Nikki showed her sleeping scenes. lol

- Since Mayuko played a first year university student, she got to wear a fashionable clothes. Unlike Yuno, who got to wear a lot of feminine and frilly dresses, Haruna’s outfits are mostly shorts and high socks. Whenever she’s on screen I always thought “Oshare!!”.

- This drama also marked Mayuko first time wearing a suit.




Kagi no Kakatta Heya episode 2

Her “imouto” appeal further increase as Mayuko guest starred in Ohno Satoshi’s drama, “Kagi no Kakatta Heya. Once again, she played the little sister, Takazawa Miki, of Wada Soutarou’s character, Hiroki. Hiroki died in a locked room by carbon dioxide poisoning, but their uncle, played by Nakamura Shido, felt that there was actually more going on.

- Since the drama was a lock and key type, Mayuko’s character literally become the key to “unlock” the room.

- It was Mayuko’s first time to work alongside with fellow FLaMme’s actress, Toda Erika. This made me remember one of the relay question from, where Toda Erika asked Mayuko a question about her goal. Erika started out the question with “Each time I see you, you’ve became more grown up” and then calling her by Mayuko-chan.

- This is also her first time working with Ohno Satoshi. And this drama also marked Mayuko and Shida Mirai working in the same drama together, albeit as guest stars in different episodes with Mayuko in episode 2, while Shida Mirai in episode 8.

- Even though she played Wada Soutarou’s little sister here, but as I looked up him, she’s actually 2 years older than him. Σ(っ゚Д゚;)っ

- Since Mayuko played a student in this drama, she got to wear a school uniform, specifically a seifuku. After being in Q10 and wearing blazers, I think a seifuku really suited her better. On a second note, I think navy blue uniform suited her a lot (I just remembered her uniform in “Zettai Reido”). Just a random note.




Zenryoku Ouen! London CM

Are you guys watching the Olympics? It’s currently airing now as I type this. The 2012 London Olympics is a special since we can only wait 4 years to watch it. Mayuko got a chance to appear in a commercial on NHK for the Olympics. This time, she’s playing a studious student. The CM only has her in 2 scenes, where she looks up from her studies toward the camera as she displayed a curious expression.

- This is a first time appearing in a CM in person after many years. I don’t even remember the last time she, physically, appeared in one anymore to be honest. It was when she was less than 10 years old. Sure, she has appeared in CMs before recently, but most of them only included her voice, not herself. So this CM is really a big step forward for Mayuko, even if her scenes are a second or less. Hopefully, she will appear in more CMs in the future.




Mirai Nikki on VS Arashi (June 28)

After her return to the CM world, another news came out. Mirai Nikki team is to film for VS Arashi. VS Arashi is a game show, where the guests get a chance to compete with Arashi members while promoting their show. Luckily, both Mirai Nikki and VS Arashi are on the same channel, thus Mirai Nikki team get a chance to visit.

- This marked Mayuko return to variety shows after a long time. Though it is not as long as her appearance in CM, it still has been a while. The last time she was on a variety show was when she has to promote for “Heaven’s Door” with Nagase Tomoya.

- The sibling bonds that was created in Mirai Nikki is shown here as viewers and fans alike got a chance to taste it first hand. Hongo Kanata and Fukuda Mayuko really have a lot of chemistry together, and the friendly bonds between them is really apparent. Every chances she get, Mayuko will talk about Kanata. Even calling him by Kanata-kun, while in an earlier interview, she was more formal and called him by Hongo-san. Not only the things that she said, but their interactions is also oozing with chemistry. This made shippers (me included) quite ecstatic.

- Her appearance in VS Arashi really outshine most of the casts as she became the most searched name on Google search for that day and the preceding day. Whereas, Hongo Kanata is the second most searched. There also seems to be an increase of fans after this show. However, at the same time, anti-fan for Mayuko also increased. Many found her to be annoying and was unhappy at the many times that she mentioned Hongo Kanata. Even saying that she seemed to be in love with Kanata, which could be true or it could not. As for me, I think it’s because she’s the only child, she seems very happy to have a big brother (even if it’s for a drama). If you’re happy about something, you would want tell it to the world.

- Mayuko always mentioned how clumsy she is, but after watching it, I found her to be not as clumsy as she has said. In fact, she did pretty well in gaining some points for her team at the beginning.

- On the day of the broadcast, fellow FLaMme’s member, Nishiyama Mayuko tweeted about the show. She also shared a tidbits about them as they have the same name. In the company, Fukuda Mayuko is known as the “younger Mayuko” while Nishiyama Mayuko is known as the “not young Mayuko”. FLaMme members’ loves! ♥

- After the show, Japanese fans also pointed out that Mayuko has worked with all the members of Arashi before. The earliest was with Sakurai Sho and Matsumoto Jun (cameo) in “Yoiko no Mikata”. Mayuko also appear with Aiba Masaki in one episode of the variety show “Tensai! Shimura-ken Doubutsuen”. For the movie “Heaven’s Door”, Ninomiya Kazunari guest starred as a host for Mayuko’s character’s, Harumi, first kiss. Of course, last is her appearance in “Kagi no Kakatta Heya”, starring Ohno Satoshi. So I guess we can now say she worked with all the members of Arashi before, if counting this time, twice. ( ´∀`)



FLaMme Mobile: “Otona ni naru mae ni…

I really wish I wrote down all the information from her journal up until now, because I don’t really remember the contents of each one of them.

Of course, each time Mayuko updated her journal, the fans ended up being confused by the abstract uses of words. There is one journal post that I happened to come across this past year that I haven’t translated yet due to the large amount of abstract sentences. It is hard to understand for a beginner like me.

- Even in the heat of summer, Mayuko always sleep with the air condition off. She don’t like the cold, and preferred the heat better. She wondered why the AC in the building is always so strong, but she do like drinking hot cocoa and hot café au lait in that setting.

- In the heat of summer, whenever she can’t sleep well, she always ended up having dream about the supermarket.

- On twitter, there have been fan sighting of Mayuko and her dad going to The Pees concert. Of course not surprisingly, she talked about it during one post. She also mentioned that recently she has been listening to Linkin Park, and she like their vocalist, Chester Bennington. She said they are very cool.

- She started reading Okazaki Kyoko’s works. If you didn’t know Okazaki-sensei was the one that wrote Helter Skelter manga. The movie version starred Sawajiri Erika and is already in theater.

- When going to a shop with her friend, Mayuko discovered pollock salad udon, pollock udon with grated yam, and pollock udon with soft boiled eggs. She likes pollock. In order to prepare herself for living alone (it’s very soon by the way), Mayuko has been learning how to cook. Recently she has been mastering how to make curry udon. The next will be pollock salad udon.

- Mayuko and her friend went to Vietnam for a trip with just the two of them. There, she aimlessly visit a temple for good luck.

- Mayuko was in the committee for her school’s sport festival this year. Since it’s her last year, she wanted to make memories, that’s why she joined.

A Japanese fan noted, after going to a FLaMme event, that they are going to have a smartphone version for this fall. Though I’m not sure the exact date, I’m very excited about this because that means (praying) that all smart phone users can navigate through the mobile site. O(≧∇≦)O



Another information that doesn’t really fit anywhere. A fan asked if Ohgo Suzuka still keep in contact with Mayuko. Suzuka replied that they do hang out sometimes, but because of how busy both of them are recently, she’s unable to.

I’m glad and surprised their friendship continues. I hope that after she graduates from high school, Mayuko will start her own twitter. (人・_・)♡

This bring me to the next point. Tomorrow (August 5th) will be Ohgo Suzuka’s 19th Birthday, so happy birthday!! As usual, no post about Suzuka this year, but you can always wish her a happy birthday via twitter. She is very active!



Sources: Mainly Mamayu Land.

Pictures: Mainly Mayuko’s baidu (except for my personal stash).


Lastly, a fan created this song in 2008 for Mayuko’s birthday. Even though it has been 4 years, I thought I want to bring it back for her birthday. Very awesome. I hope you enjoyed.



Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) POP QUIZ!

What drama/movie is she in from these photos?




Thanks to Alyzachiri for this AWESOMENESS. I’m always being spoiled by her.

A compilation of few of her works as well as her magazine scans and others, from her debut up to Pandora 3 period.

You’ll get a cookie if you guessed all of them right.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

『我的最爱』 My Most Beloved



There’s only you in my eyes.


But that day, you left right after class without waiting for me.


I believed that you will come right back. But I was wrong, and I waited a long time. Where are you?


I can’t find you. Nothing can conceal the loss of my heart.


I didn’t cry. The tears quietly fell on their own.


But then, you appeared in front of me.


“Marry me, Mayu.”


That voice, open my sky… …


You are forever my most beloved.


No matter how hard it is to love you, you are forever my most beloved. I will never stop loving you.


By: lёmōл_伈情_

Taken from Baidu.


- I don’t ship, but it’s a cute, short, and sweet story that I felt like sharing.

- I don’t think a lot of people ship them… And to be honest, I didn’t think anyone ship them, but their shippers do exist.


Saturday, June 23, 2012

7th Issue 2012 Da Vinci Interview: That Person and Book Discussion ~ Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子)

Taken from Da Vinci website.

Even when I’m 50, I would still not want a ‘Mirai Nikki’.

In regarding to her understanding the common society’s principle for the past 3 years, Fukuda-san said “I don’t think that’s true….” while disclosed about her anxiety and her answer to the problem of her day to day life.

“I always thought of wanting to take a break from here. But, I didn’t really know where this ‘here’ is. Is this ‘here’ the place I’m currently at, or is it my own emotions? In such time, I come across books.”

The story is about Kiku and Hashi, whom were found as newborn babies in coin lockers. From survive in the small box, they soon begin to confront society.

“Since it is so huge, no matter where we go, we can’t escape the imprisonment of society. Even though we can’t break away from there, we must continue to let our voices be heard. When I realized this truth, I felt a deep connection with the story.”

Even now, she carefully reread that one book many times. In order for her speech and conduct to not contain any lies… When she has that feeling, “In order to not be afraid, they are the stimulus to change myself more.”

Murakami-san’s works always shake my heart. Even when he wrote human with the heart of a devil, I really like his cold and inhuman literally style. In addition, this work is his best, and the writing style is really beautiful. Whenever I open this book, ‘Ah, I must read this quickly’ was my driven impulse.”

Even just for one second, she would still want to know quickly. But to know about your future is not something that will be fun. Right now, she’s currently appearing in the drama “Mirai Nikki”. The characters know their future from the diary in their smart phone, in order to survive they are risking their lives as they battled it out in a survival game.

“The story is really interesting. The drama is an addition story to the original work, so there are many differences. Just recently, the mysteries are gradually becoming clear. The people who disappear have another revival, and the tone of the story really continues to develop.”

The story is also nearing its climax. However, she hasn’t been inform of the ending. “That’s why, my feeling of waiting to know what’s going to happen next is the same as the viewers” she laughs. Becoming friends with her costars, the talks at the filming location is about “What would happen if this keitai exist…”.

“We asked this a lot. But I definitely don’t want it. I think passing difficult time while not knowing my future can give me good memories. But when I already know my future, I feel that I can’t try my best. That’s why, if I got a hold of it in my hand, even when I’m 50 years old, I won’t use it (laughs).”


■ The book Fukuda Mayuko-san selected is new version of “Coin Locker Babies”.


Interviewer: Kurada Motoki


- I don’t think I did it right. I really guessed a lot of parts. I don’t think any of it is right… I don’t even know what is going on… Why is Japanese so hard?  (_ _|||)

- I do apologize for taking a long time to translate this one… ^^;; I was trying to finish some of my classwork…. And then I got sidetracked with Korean variety shows… m(。−_−。)m スイマセーン

- I wondered why they published this interview in the magazine and then put it on the web for everyone to see… I would’ve thought they will want to make money off of their stuffs…

- Have anyone read Murakami’s works? I was just wondering if I should start… The English translated version of his books are sitting on a corner of my tablet, but I’m just too lazy. Have anyone read them?

- A few announcements this time.

- For those that are fans of the couple Hongo Kanata and Fukuda Mayuko before/after watching Mirai Nikki, now you can embrace your inner fangirl/fanboy more because they now has their own facebook page.

MayuNata | Hongo Kanata x Fukuda Mayuko

Please like it and support. The admins are really good at keeping up with the happenings about them, as well as making fan stuffs. Check them out if you haven’t already!

- Thanks to the person that brought you the MayuNata facebook page, Fukuda Mayuko now has her own livejournal group.


If you have livejournal, please be sure to join! It is really updated everyday, you now you can have at least one Mayuko a day for your pleasure and enjoyment. It really amazed me how she can be so productive while I’m… well, not. ^^;;

- Last, but not least, Mirai Nikki team will be on VS Arashi on June 28!!! O(≧▽≦)O ワーイ♪

It’s VSArashi!!! Need I say more? It’s probably the only variety show that I currently enjoyed when I have time.

If you were not aware, VS Arashi is a game show, hosted by Arashi. The guests each week will compete with Arashi (plus one/two guests) on different games. The games required you to move your body, so it’s not really a brain game. It’s really a fun show, so be sure to watch it, especially on June 28 (next week), at 7PM Japan time, on FujiTV.

- Phew, so many things happened since the last time I updated. I think that’s it from the top of my head…. Did I miss something? I feel like I did. ^^;;

- Before you go, please do enjoy another fanvid by the amazing Ciel. Oh yea, don’t miss Mirai Nikki episode 10 today!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) NHK: Supporting With All Our Power! London

WARNING: Semi-nothing-news. (・_・;)

On June 8th, FLaMme website posted a new work for Mayuko in the other section.

2012.6.8~  NHK「全力応援!ロンドン」キャンペーンスポット

NHK “Zenryoku Ouen! London” Campaign Sport


Your eyes have not deceive you, it does say starting from June 8th. FLaMme’s usual habits of posting things until the last minute appeared once again. Not only that, putting it in the other section made a lot of fans confused on what kind of work this is going to be.

When searching for the title, as expected, a website about the London Olympic came up. Other than that, no information is given out.

Today, as I was doing my daily ritual news checkup for Mayuko, on one of her picture BBS, an image appeared dealing with the new work.

2012 London Olympic

7/27 (Fri) ~ 8/12 (Sun)

The poster wrote “Came across this by chance.”

On 2chan, another poster wrote “Seemed like the theme for her role is a ‘unfortunate girl’”.


So what does this all mean?

1. She’s acting.

2. The show, or whatever it is, is short, since it’s “by chance”.

3. Support + London Olympic.


My guesses are:

1. CM

2. A dramatize version of a documentary where Mayuko playing the role of an athlete preparing for the Olympics.


Since the date on FLaMme’s website say 2012.6.8~, it makes me think that it will be continuing on until the start of the Olympic. So because of that, many guessed that it’s a CM, and she’s going to be supporting the Olympics. So perhaps in a few days, more information/pictures will come out. Until then, I guess we will have to wait.

The thing I’m confused about is if it really is a CM then why didn’t FLaMme just categorized this in her CM section. It will be easier to understand what it’s supposed to be.

So… Mayuko’s new work(?) is a CM(?) for the London Olympic! I do hope someone will post it up soon.



- Much loves and thanks to an anonymous poster (why are you still anon? I can’t credit you properly) who graciously send me the link to the video about her next work. As expected, it’s a CM. Just a few seconds of Mayuko being a studious student with Ikimonogakari singing Kaze ga Fuiteiru in the background. Anyways, it’s easier for you to just watch it for yourself. ♥

- For some reason, I’m starting to get excited about the Olympics… Which I have never really been before. >:3