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Yomiuri Newspaper 12.21.2010: Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) Interview

Second part of Otaku Week!

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"2010 Best Seller & Popular Book special"

With "Moshi Koukou Yakyuu no Joshi Manager ga Trucker no 'Management' wo Yondara" breaking through 1 million copies after just half a year of release, "1Q83 (3)" by Murakami Haruki continues to be best seller, the recent winner of Honya Taishou, Ubukata Tow, for "Tenchi Meisatsu", and many others, we won't run out of popular work to talk about this year. Have you discover a favorite book? Actress Fukuda Mayuko-san will talk about her personal experience in reading, showing such an straight forward face that you cannot see her as a simple high school student.

Despites being just 16 years old, actress Fukuda Mayuko has read from Natsume Soseki to Dostoyevsky, Sartre and Kant, as well as many others. With the opportunity of getting into novel and philosophy when she was a second year in junior high (8th grades), she came across a work by Kawakami Mieko.

Fukuda: There's an interview that she said "Because words are just codes, speaking our thoughts doesn't mean we can convey it." For me, when talking to others, and even when acting out a story, there are a lot of things that I want to convey, but I'm unable to convey it skillfully. Even though it leaves a bitter taste in my heart, but when the other person was able to response, I would thought "So this person can understand my feelings."

After first reading the Akutagawa Prized "Chichi to Ran", again and again, she read and reread her favorite book at least 30 times. Even plunging herself into philosophy is because of Kawakami-shi's influences.

Fukuda: Since I was able to quickly understand the content of the book I'm reading, when I ended up agreeing with the philosophy book, it makes me like the book more. When I'm reading Natsume Soseki's "I am a Cat", going back and forth to read the footnote and text at the end of the book is a lot of work, but it's really fun.

Not only classical literature, but she also really love contemporary authors like Murakami Haruki, Murakami Ryu, Machida Kou, and others. "My backpack is packed with books that it became heavy...", she lamented.

Fukuda: I'm simultaneously advancing through novel and essays. Even so, my "Must Read List" still has some way to go, I'm really bothered by it. When I go to the bookstore, 2 and 3 hours passed in a blink of an eye.

For her to spread her horizon through reading, her father gave her an advice.

Fukuda: Even now, there are times when I let myself loose as I read my favorite book again, but my father would say "Favorite author = confidence in the author, even with time, that won't change. But you're still young to already have a favorite author." It make me want to come into contact with as many authors as possible. The novels that I don't usually read is borrowed from my father. Right now, I'm reading "Justice: What's the Right Thing to Do?".

For Fukuda-san, reading is 'part of her normal day'. From her junior high days, her way of thinking has changed.

Fukuda: When reading, instead of a virtual reality, it's a mystery that I feel the importance of real communication of the outside world. Before, I'm secluded in my own shell, but I realized that it's bad to not properly face a person, and that the world is very vast.



- Second and last part of my Otaku Week. This time featuring Mayuko talking about her favorite thing, books.

- The only book I’ve read from her list of already read books is “I am a Cat” by Soseki Natsume-sensei. It’s definitely one of my favorite Japanese novel, except I haven’t read that much Japanese novels in the first place. It’s a good book about philosophy in a sarcastic cat’s point of view. I recommend it.

- Mayuko read a lot of hard core books… I feel stupid the first time I was reading this interview. When I was in junior high, I felt that I’ve read a lot, but not like those books that she read (Kant, Dostoyevsky, Sartre, Soseki Natsume, ect…). I doubt I know who all these people are in the first place (can’t even spell their names properly).

What have I been doing with my life? (´□`川)ゝヵ゛-ン

- But really, kudos to her being smarter than the rest of the people her age.

- Pandora 3 is so interesting! Mayuko’s scenes are pretty entertaining in this serious drama. It’s not really entertaining because it’s funny, rather it’s entertaining seeing her acting as someone totally different from her usual roles.


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