Monday, November 28, 2011

Notice: Kamiki Ryunosuke Translations

As you may have guess from my recent lack of translations… Erm, to say it truthfully, my lack of time and money prevents me from doing proper translation like I have wanted.

However, good news to those who are looking forward to Kamiki translations, because you don’t have to wait any longer!!!

I don’t know how I receive this blessing from above, but a Chinese translator, Miji-san, is willing to take the helm at Kamiki’s translation! YAY!! She is more of an expert than I am, especially in Chinese, so you guys are in good hand! She’s extremely quick and able too!! ♥

If you have livejournal, you MUST befriend her at mplusmismm! She already have 2 articles translated! So DO IT NOW!

As for me, I’ll focus on Kamiki’s untranslated Japanese stuffs (when I have time), until I receive another blessing and a Japanese translator is willing to help out with more Kamiki translation! Yes, I’m still waiting for you! Sign up if you haven’t already!

Now, I’m going to give you some instruction for when you finished reading this short notice, so please pay attention.

1. Befriend/favorite mplusmismm!

2. Learn Japanese and become Kamiki’s translator #2 for his Japanese stuffs!


On another note, “11 Nin mom Iru!” is hilarious!


Thank you for your time. ( ̄ー ̄)



  1. Thanks for the plug! :Db
    Actually all people need to do is to watch Kamiki's LJ comm, since I'll post anything over there too.

    I know what you mean, work takes up all my brain cells and energy during weekdays, I try to translate a few articles over weekends... of course it'll be great if more people want to translate ♥

  2. Actually, since there are a few Kamiki communities out there, I thought it might be confusing (and annoying) if I tell them to watch all of them, so I think reading it from the source may be better (at least for me it is).