Thursday, October 27, 2011

Izumiya Shigeru Blog: Pandora’s Rebellion!

Excerpt of an old blog post from Izumiya Shigeru’s blog about Fukuda Mayuko for Pandora 3.

September 28, 2011

Pandora’s Rebellion!

[… Premises of Pandora 3…]

Our roles are
The legendary terrorists!
Planning for a coup d'etat, we link arms with many colleagues for a "revolution", but in order for a revolution to take place, a heroine is necessary? Thus on the street we picked up a homeless girl "Jeanne d'Arc" to use her "brainwashing"! Perhaps, she may be the most dangerous character in the drama.

Utilizing this chance from all the frustration of this modern era for the "rebellion", we ignite a riot!
She was tossed into the middle of this riot, she jumped onto the patrol car while displaying her violence and "stirring up" the riot even more, becoming like a rebellion goddess!

For this scene, doing something she's unable to do normally, that young actress is freely displaying her self-complacent while acting violent (laughs).


[… More information about the show…]



Sorry, I just have to. (○´艸`)

- Pandora 3 is one of those show that you need to be able to understand the content to really enjoy it. So I can’t say I really enjoy the drama at the moment as I don’t understand most of what they are saying.

- Needless to say, I’m enjoying Mayuko’s scenes. She’s always eating/drinking something, and her lines are quite interesting. Someone need to gif those! :3

- Oh, speaking of eating, I didn’t realized that Mayuko was so skinny. Skinny as in unhealthy skinny. Her arms are like stick. D: I’m glad that they are making her pig out in the drama.

- Mayuko’s character’s name is Yuuki Kae.

- I’m impatiently waiting for episode 3 to be upload. Really hope the uploader aren’t thinking of dropping it. :/

- Izumiya Shigeru-san use “oira” to talk about himself. The meaning is “we”, so I keep it as “we” instead of “I”. His writing is really interesting, but it’s a bit difficult for me, as I have absolutely no interest in politics, which is what the show mostly about.


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