Monday, October 31, 2011

Gokaiger Episode 36 Making Of

This week Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Making Of, taken from Toei’s Gokaiger Official site.

This week is the second part of the Engine Sentai Go-Onger tribute. I just realized how little screen time Buson get. Speedor, BeaRV, and Machalcon trying to fix their family problems. Lol I don’t even know what to say, but I guess I like that Machalcon felt neglected by his parents storyline. It’s just a bit silly when you look at them as car.

Going to miss Sosuke.

Next week, Joe focus, aka Joe being emo again.


1. Second half of the Go-Onger tribute!

2. The addition of a strong partner, Machalcon

3. Careless Marve-chan also relaxed (laughs)

4. Playing with the props on the set, Luka and Joe

5. Gai and Joe acting silly
And also everyone's coat (laughs)

6. There was a small rain. Marve-chan's impromptu poncho looks silly right?

7. Also, this person, Sosuke continues to play a big part from episode 35!

8. Gai-kun continuously requesting for the henshin pose

9. Without even one unpleasant face
He happily obliged again and again



1. Ahim-chan also took a picture
These two who are the old and new Red

2. Everyone, were you able to watch me?
(For some reason, Takeuchi-san break out laughing)

3. Everyone, let’s GO-ON!

4. From episode 35, filming the scene where Sosuke become Go-On Red

5. A fierce handshake with Hakase

6. Let's also be Mach, baribari (crunching/work hard) , and showy next week!


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Izumiya Shigeru Blog: Pandora’s Rebellion!

Excerpt of an old blog post from Izumiya Shigeru’s blog about Fukuda Mayuko for Pandora 3.

September 28, 2011

Pandora’s Rebellion!

[… Premises of Pandora 3…]

Our roles are
The legendary terrorists!
Planning for a coup d'etat, we link arms with many colleagues for a "revolution", but in order for a revolution to take place, a heroine is necessary? Thus on the street we picked up a homeless girl "Jeanne d'Arc" to use her "brainwashing"! Perhaps, she may be the most dangerous character in the drama.

Utilizing this chance from all the frustration of this modern era for the "rebellion", we ignite a riot!
She was tossed into the middle of this riot, she jumped onto the patrol car while displaying her violence and "stirring up" the riot even more, becoming like a rebellion goddess!

For this scene, doing something she's unable to do normally, that young actress is freely displaying her self-complacent while acting violent (laughs).


[… More information about the show…]



Sorry, I just have to. (○´艸`)

- Pandora 3 is one of those show that you need to be able to understand the content to really enjoy it. So I can’t say I really enjoy the drama at the moment as I don’t understand most of what they are saying.

- Needless to say, I’m enjoying Mayuko’s scenes. She’s always eating/drinking something, and her lines are quite interesting. Someone need to gif those! :3

- Oh, speaking of eating, I didn’t realized that Mayuko was so skinny. Skinny as in unhealthy skinny. Her arms are like stick. D: I’m glad that they are making her pig out in the drama.

- Mayuko’s character’s name is Yuuki Kae.

- I’m impatiently waiting for episode 3 to be upload. Really hope the uploader aren’t thinking of dropping it. :/

- Izumiya Shigeru-san use “oira” to talk about himself. The meaning is “we”, so I keep it as “we” instead of “I”. His writing is really interesting, but it’s a bit difficult for me, as I have absolutely no interest in politics, which is what the show mostly about.


Monday, October 24, 2011

Gokaiger Episode 35 Making Of

This week Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Making Of, taken from Toei’s Gokaiger Official site.

This week is Sosuke from Engine Sentai Go-Onger! I was giddy while watching Sosuke being his silly Go-On self in this episode. It made me missed watching Go-Onger.


1. All the good boys and girls
Was episode 35 fun!?

2. The guest is Furuhara-kun who haven't act violent in a long time!!

3. Spirit enters body and soul

4. Mach Zenkai fully loaded performance

5. With his always doing his best attitude...

6. Somehow give all of us big laughs (laughs)

7. Speedor, Buson, BeaRV also appear!

8. And of course Bomber!

9. A nostalgic meeting
They really look happy



1. There are also a lot of combine scenes
Director "We need to do this at this place..."

2. The degree of difficulty for the action scene is also high
Though it's a harsh filming place

3. The laughter never die
A fun filming place

4. Isn't that because this person is too funny (laughs)

5. Gokaiger
These two who are also in charge of comedy

6. Won't lose!

7. In order to make even steel laugh, I'll do my best

8. But, Furuhara-kun's hand reached across

9. And he got one for himself (laughs)



1. Joe accept a challenge at making strange faces

2. But in the end, he only able to do this much (laughs)

3. Do your best Joe Don't lose Joe
Everyone let's try it!

4. Our blue
He somehow managed it

5. Next week is the concluding part!

6. Let's also look forward to it!
(Switching clothes)


Monday, October 17, 2011

Gokaiger Episode 34 Making Of

This week Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Making Of, taken from Toei’s Gokaiger Official site.

Kirihiko-san! ♥(。→v←。)♥

Even the staffs are happy by his appearance as there were so many of Kamen Rider W jokes in this week making of. (。・艸・)ウフフ

I actually thought Cain going to come in and be selling out Luka and the gang to get the wanted reward and all, so I’m surprised and glad at the revelation. I guess my original thought was a bit cliché.

Next week is Sosuke from Engine Sentai Go-Onger! It’s my first official sentai. (*≧▽≦)bb めっさ楽しみやん!!


Kimisawa Yuuki is like my age.. o___o;; Actually a few days younger than me. lllorz What have I been doing with my life?


1. This time it's Luka!

2. Eheh, she has such a mischievous face (laughs)

3. It also shed some light to her past

4. Continue from episode 23 is her little sister - Ria
Played by Hamano Mari. And.. Hm? The guy on the right is...

5. Somehow, I think we've seen him before...

6. Hmm?? Such graceful looks
Could it be...!?

7. I knew it, he's taking something out from his chest!

8. Could it be, Gaia Memor.

9. Or not, it was money (laughs)



1. Hah!! But now that attaché case!!
It looks familiar...

2. Could it be! Inside are Gaia Memo...

3. No no, it's just money
Zangyack bills

4. On the other face

5. In conclusion, appearing after a long time for Super Heroes Time since
Kamen Rider W, is Kimisawa Yuuki-kun.

6. Well, to drag on this joke for 3 verse is a little (laughs)

7. Then how about the 2 yellows

8. Somehow, her movements are strange.
It left an enormous impact

9. It looks a lot like Hakase's actions



1. Sneaking in from the ceiling. Marvelous and Joe displaying a raw
action after a long time!!

2. Let's hurry and eat ~♡

3. Don't be impatient, A~h♡

4. Hakase and the director somehow have matching clothes

5. On this day, they also become plaid friends

6. As expected there are a lot concealed inside!! I hope you thought so.
Next week is Mach Gokai (exciting) !




Monday, October 10, 2011

Gokaiger Episode 33 Making Of

This week Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Making Of, taken from Toei’s Gokaiger Official site.

This week tribute is Gosei Sentai Dairanger.

I really don’t understand why Gai all shy away just because he lost his henshin device when his few debut eps, he showed that he has the heart and mind to fight even when Marvelous confiscated it.

Well next week is another Luka focus. Let me apologize for being excited over that rather than Gai’s focus this week. Why? Because it’s Kirihiko-san (Kamen Rider W)!! Enough said.


1. I really did my best for episode 33~

2. The guest is the Chinese shop ikemen (pretty boy) owner
Tenkasei Ryo played by Wada Keiichi-san

3. These two full impact action is perfect

4. Using the trampoline
Ho....... Yo......

5. Toryaaaaaaahhh!!!

6. Even after being knocked down by the Gormin,
Unable to bear Zakyura

7. Gyoza looks tasty...
But since they are props, you can't eat them...

8. Oh right... Film me more...

9. We are Shopping District Sentai!... the Manly



It was really fun at the filming place
Let's look forward to next week~!



Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Gokaiger Episode 32 Making Of

This week Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Making Of, taken from Toei’s Gokaiger Official site.

I kind of missed this episode.

But actually, the guest star for this episode is the psycho Naoki from “Kokuhaku”, played by Fujiwara Kaoru. I was thinking that he looks familiar, and then suddenly remember “Kokuhaku” lol. He definitely grew taller since “Kokuhaku”.


1. The record of Hakase's strenuous efforts

2. Without a doubt, he is this week's MVP

3. Somehow, it's a reminiscence of episode 3

4. Even doing a lot after henshin!!

5. An unusual sword play from Hakase. Putting up his hand (laughs)

6. Finally, the rumors' Galleon Buster!

It looks interesting

7. Run run run run ♪

Fan fan fan ♪

8. Nuwa-cchi!!

Even though I had a good feeling...

9. Another beautiful flying jump kick

Captain isn’t going to lose



1. It looks like an accident (laughs)

2. I'm sorry, Jun-chan (laughs)

3. It's Yui-chan who really love to play pranks

4. Ao-! He really made a lot of sounds at the back (laughs)

5. As expected, his experienced form is beautiful!

6. Fujiwara-kun is also experienced. Wouldn't such volley be dangerous

7. Take 1: Running intensely Luka and the tripping Joe

8. Take 2: Dashing Marvelous, seems like he doesn't like the packed food

9. Marve "No, that's not true"

Be sure to tune in next week!



Yamada Yuki’s Birthday

1. Receiving the cakes from 2 beautiful ladies

A long "Fu~" (blowing)

2. Sousuke (Go-Onger's Go-On Red) also came to celebrate

From the props' department, it's also Yodonawa-san's birthday

3. This cake isn't made by Joe

It's made by Yodonawa-san from the props' department!


[ミ☆ HAPPY BIRTHDAY ☆彡]⌒ヾ(・ω-。)~♪


Kokuhaku trailer

じーっ (。・.・)┣[TV]┫