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Wink Up Dec 2007: Kamiki Ryunosuke (神木隆之介) x Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子)

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Wink Up December 2007

page 194



Kamiki Ryunosuke x Fukuda Mayuko

Kamiki: Fukuda-san is always say the right thing that when I say something wrong, you'll be sure to correct it. I'm really jealous of that smart, adult-like of yours.

Fukuda: Kamiki-kun is really a mysterious person. I still haven't figure out how you are yet.

Kamiki: You still haven't!?

Fukuda: I pretty much able to understand you, but there's still a little bit of a puzzle... (laughs)

Kamiki: How so?

Fukuda: You have times where your tension goes high and low right? I know the differences between your high and low states, but I don't know what cause the switch.

Kamiki: I see (laughs)

Fukuda: For me, my tension is always high. That's why, whenever Kamiki-kun goes through your rotation, it felt like it's just me talking to myself.

Kamiki: But, when I goes through my rotation, it's thanks to your conversation that I'm able to recover. It really helps me during the filming.

Fukuda: Really.

Kamiki: Even while acting, you also helped me. When I say something, you'll be able to return the conversation, that type of acting... That's why I'm really feel at ease. By the way, do you remember when we film at Hakodate? For me, when the night sky at Hakodate mountain that we saw was really beautiful, I feel like I'm part of it.

Fukuda: Un. It was beautiful. That and I still remember was that the squid was delicious (laughs). Jingisukan was also delicious!!

Kamiki: Even though they are not specialty of the area, they were really tasty.... Ah, is it alright if I change the topic? I think Tarou and I are pretty similar, what do you think?

Fukuda: I think Tarou-kun and Kamiki-kun are really different (laughs).

Kamiki: Arere (Huh, wait a second) (laughs)!? I think Tamaki and Fukuda-san are similar in that both of you speak smartly.

Fukuda: That's true (laughs). Perhaps there are parts that we think and feel the same.

Kamiki: Also, you're able to pull people along.

Fukuda: Me, pulling people along? I didn't really plan on it. I'm sorry (laughs).

Kamiki: No no (laughs). For the scene when Tamaki enters Tarou's bed to listen to the radio together, it really left a deep impression. I was really nervous there.

Fukuda: Is that so (laughs).

Kamiki: I pretty much don't know what I should do. I ended up have the same feelings as Tarou. That's Tarou and my link, for that time.

Fukuda: I didn't notice! I wasn't really that nervous (laughs). The scene where Tarou confessed to Tamaki really left a deep impression for me. Even though the words are the same, but when the real part, my heart was racing.

Kamiki: Though I didn't plan on the test and the real shoot to be different, but that part really raised my blood pressure. During the test, I somehow managed to pull though, but for the real shoot, it's 4 times the nervousness. Perhaps the degree of nervousness are different when it's shown.

Fukuda: After watching the completed movie, the part that left a deep impression for me is when Tarou-kun did the DJ for "Somebody to Love". I really like that scene.

Kamiki: For me, I cried when Tarou-kun's father read Tarou's letter. In this film, I was able to think about how precious life is, even when you're crushed, you still need to go forward with all your might. I think the viewers will be able to feel this.

Fukuda: Un. Also, even though it's obvious, but to love someone is something really wonderful. Like, to be able to be with someone you love is really a miracle. It's obvious, but it's great if everyone feel how important it is.



- Love the two scenes mentioned. I also especially love the “Somebody to love” scene. It’s really a turning point for the movie, in my opinion.

Queen – Somebody to Love

- Mayuko’s Baidu gallery is actually sorted, by years!! O(≧∇≦)O Yes, I’m quite happy… I’m a semi-neat freak. Semi, because, I’m actually sloppy in real life. lol



- School started, works started, so I’m busy all the time. As you’ve probably already noticed, I won’t have translation time anymore. I know I know… I said the same thing before, but it’s definitely worst this time. I’ve been spending all my time either at school or at work. I really need to find myself one full time job that pay really well instead of a bunch of part time that are minimum wages. :/

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