Monday, September 5, 2011

Gokaiger Episode 28 Making Of

This week Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Making Of, taken from Toei’s Gokaiger Official site.

Seeing as I was preoccupied on typing up my homework while watching… I have to say, I haven’t really watch this week’s episode properly. OTL

It’s a Jetman tribute.

Next week. Ahim cosplays and Ahim and Gai focus. Not my favorite characters so…


1. Director...
The Jetman tribute was impressive

2. The legendary man, Yuuki Gai gallantly reappeared

3. Even while practicing the sax, he looks like he's from a picture

4. Together with Black Condor's suit actor, Oto-san

5. The original Black Condor
(Played by Oto-san)

6. This is Takeuchi-san's version, Hakase Condor!
... It differs greatly (laughs)

7. Showing his beautiful form!

8. Please allow us to become apprentices!

9. And so, drop kick training!



1. I want to fly too~!

2. Luka VS Gai  the result is...

3. Na~!! Luka complete victory!

4. Everyone is energetic...
(Note: Just woke up)

5. When hear that it’s lunch time, these two run off
"We're famish~"

6. The two-shot of dream
What kind of person is the recent red!?

7. I'm hungry~ Gabu (sfx: bite)

8. Ah~, the coffee taste good
(Note: He just woke up)

9. Erm, the script, I need the script
(Note: Just woke up)



1. I'm now wide awake!! (laughs)

2. Gai~ Good morning~!

3. That type of attack, do you think I'll get hit by it!
(After that, he got hit)

4. Gokai fan!!
Unexpectedly it's very cool

5. The guest appearing together with us, thank you very much!

6. Super Sentai is immortal!!


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