Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子): docomo Xi CM Narration

So a few weeks ago, a youtube link was posted to Fukuda Mayuko’s facebook page. The description was asking if it’s Mayuko’s voice or not. To my surprise, a lot of the comments was persistent in saying that it’s not her voice. Σ(*゚Д`;)

The first time I saw it posted on 2chan, thought it might be just someone fan who mistaken her voice, as I haven’t seen any news on her FLaMme’s page about this new CM. However, after watching the clip, I instantly recognized it as Mayuko’s voice.

My reason is simple: the narration she did for NHK Human Documentary in August. It’s the same light and distinct voice.

That was then I went back and looks through many of her earlier voice works. It really change through out the years. Looking back, her was really thick and slightly grave, but now it is much lighter. Though her normal speaking voice is still the same, I feel that her narration really changed through the years. You can tell that she’s slowly improving.


As if proving my claim, Japanese fans sent letters to docomo, asking about the person who did the narration. And the reply back confirmed that Mayuko was in charge for the CM of Xi (crossi) “Romeo and Juliet” version and “Coffee cup” version (which you can check at docomo’s Xi site).


From what I’d gathered, Xi is a new internet services that allows users to have faster browsing/downloading, better streams, and less lag when playing MMORPG. This internet service will be available in Japan in April of 2012. Along with the internet service, docomo is bringing out some other products that will go along with it, such as Tablets, wifi router, mobile broadband internet.

So yeah… Check it out! O(≧∇≦)O


Lol, I know it doesn’t really matter to us, who live outside of Japan and thus unable to use their service, but looking through the information made me wish I live in Japan. Though my internet is pretty good as it is, sharing it among 4 others sometime doesn’t let us do what we want as much as we want. So faster internet is more than welcome in my book….. as long as it’s affordable.

And oh yea, I’m so disappointed at you guys… Just kidding. ⊂(● ̄(エ) ̄●)⊃



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