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+act Issue 13th 2007: Kamiki Ryunosuke (神木隆之介) & Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子)

Article from

Kamiki’s images from baidu during his recent trip to Korea.

Mayuko’s images from various Japanese BBS during her Q10 days (from her cellphone gallery).


+act Issue 13th 2007

Page 96-97


- Please tell us about your first impression with each other.

Kamiki: She's really adult. Whenever I made a mistake, she quickly tell me and fixed it. It helped me a lot.

Fukuda: He's a person that I never know what he's thinking (laughs). Sometimes he hazily do nothing, and suddenly his tension would be really high. Also, when I talk to him, he don't answer back. There are a lot of things like that.


- Even though you're acting as a year older, Mayuko-chan is actually a year younger, right.

Kamiki: That's right. But I always received help on studying from her that it seems like the opposite (that she is older). I don't really talk to girls, so at first, I didn't know what to say and was really nervous. That's why I can't return her talk. During the filming, we became more and more familiar with each other, so I finally was able to talk normally.

Fukuda: I really like boys who are shy, that's why even though Kamiki-kun is older, I thought he's really cute.


- That's just like how Tamaki is.

Fukuda: There're really a lot of common features. Tamaki probably thought Tarou is cute. Even though when I first read the script, there're parts where she seems like an innocent girl, but for me, I don't think she's just an innocent girl (laughs). Feeling that the cute and shy Tarou is holding back his feeling, I tried to perform with that in mind.

Kamiki: For me, I was nervous. I just pretty much be shy, awkward and embarrassed. But because of that I was able to realistically act as Tarou. Because I was really nervous! Just a little bit of dokidoki (sound of heart beat) from Tarou, I slowly become him. It wasn’t really acting anymore (laughs).


- What are your thoughts when reading the script?

Kamiki: At first, I was moved by the story. Just reading it, you can feel the importance of life and conveying your feelings. Able to receive such a memorable character, before the filming, I was looking forward to it.

Fukuda: I thought the script is really interesting, but since I haven't experience love before, I was really worried about portraying Tamaki's feeling. So at school, I went around and asked people "What's love like?". Though at that time, I was in 6th grade, I asked the first and second grade students as well as the cafeteria lady. After asking a lot of people, I also have a lot of different answers back that it's fun. "Like when the teacher is angry at you" or "thinking about a person through the whole day" or "you get irritated when a boy you like talk to another girl". When we talked about love stories, everyone really has such cute facial expression!


- As for Kamiki-kun, what did you have to research for this film?

Kamiki: I discussed about Tarou's hospitalization. I asked my older sister "What's it's like to be hospitalized?" and we talked about it. Since the setting of the movie is in the 70s, I asked my mother "What's something nostalgic?"

- Tarou is a boy who loves the radio, but for the two of you, do you listen to the radio?

Kamiki: Because my grandfather usually listens to baseball game broadcast, I always listen together with him. That's why me and Tarou are alike in that we both like baseball.

Fukuda: Since I love Porno Graffitti, (Okano) Akihito-san, who's in charge of vocal, has the radio program All Night Nippon, so I always listen to it every week. I haven't send in a postcard yet, but I really understand the feeling of looking forward to a radio broadcast.


- What are the good points of the radio?

Kamiki: Perhaps about one's thoughts and imagination. Comparing to manga or novel, it's a different feeling. For TV or manga, you can see it, but for a novel and radio, what kind of baseball ground and who is hitting and in what way, you have to personally imagine it yourself.

Fukuda: When talking about radio, I like the live broadcast. Even if it's not a broadcast, stage play is like that too. At the same time, conveying one's thought to that person and be able to reach them. When I listen to the radio I would think, "Right now, Akihito-san is talking!", or when I see a music show "Right now, they are singing!". I think the high point is they can occur simultaneously.


- Well then, how was acting as the DJ who’s trying to convey feelings to others?

Kamiki: Since Tarou is a DJ, being able to bring hope and happiness to other really touched me. It's like being an actor, it's great if I can bring happiness and hope to many different people. That's why I was able to empathized with Tarou, and portraying him was really easy.


- Were you able to become your role?

Kamiki: Yes, with all my might, I was able to become Tarou.

Fukuda: Though it's like this for any work, but at home I don't think about it. At the filming site with other actors, in this case watching Kamiki-kun acting, I was able to response to his feelings. Since I was able to feel my partner's emotions from the lines, I was able to feel the honest feelings and able to be Tamaki. That's why, it doesn't seem like I did anything to the character. Though the director did explained "for this, this is how it should be."


- What kind of person is Director Nagata Kotoe?

Kamiki: The director is really energetic and young with high tension, making the filming place became more cheerful. Because of that, I also became even more high tension (laughs). She's a person that helps me become more energetic. It was fun.

Fukuda: She's really cheerful that she make the whole place cheerful... The filming site is really bright. Since it feels like everyone came together to have fun while making this film, I think the director's presence is the most important.


- Is there an advice from the director that you still remember strongly?

Kamiki: Perhaps for the scene with the radio cassette player. I remember director told me "Let's use the radio-cassette player to convey your thoughts (to Tamaki)".

Fukuda: Before acting, director told me "The Tamaki in my mind is normal, but when talking to Mayuko-chan about it, I think we should make her be blunt". Because I feel that there are parts that I am similar to Tamaki, that's why to hear director told me that it's alright to make the character a little different, it really made me feel relief.


- Is there something that you found difficult when acting for this film?

Kamiki: The most difficult are the facial expressions and feelings when you're sick. For me, when I was a baby, I was hospitalized, but since I can't remember it, it can't be helped that I can’t remember it. That's the most troubles for me.

Fukuda: Though I don't have a lot of difficult scenes, but from all of them, the scene where I struggles is when Tarou-kun confessed. Perhaps, Tamaki's love is like this? was my guessed, but when I asked my friends about love, it was different from person to person. That's why half was from my imagination, and half from research (laughs).


- Tarou and Tamaki slipped out of the hospital and went to the movie. For you, do you have an ideal first date?

Kamiki: I want to first go to an amusement park. You can really enjoy yourself there. I want to go on the rollercoaster. It's really fun. In any case, I want to go to a place where anyone can enjoy oneself.

Fukuda: I think for a date, the aquarium would be good. At first, normally looking around and going to the sea lion show. And after that, drinking juice from the same glass, and when you return, buying matching key chains.


- That's so detailed (laughs).

Fukuda: Since it's a date, it's alright to not hold hand, but just at the end, you can feel today was a fun day (laughs).

Kamiki: You're just like a director (laughs). Did you produced a script too?

Fukuda: At the end, two of them take a photo for memory. Not until the two return home that they part.

Kamiki: You thought of a lot. For me, just enjoying myself is enough. Approximately about that much. (To Fukuda-san) Then, if you become lost, would it be okay for him to call you using the broadcast system?

Fukuda: Because the second date is at the amusement park. So at the end, they must go on the Ferris wheel. At first, facing each other in the Ferris wheel, then later sitting next to each other.

Kamiki: You're still directing, even to that point?

Fukuda: Because it's an ideal date. The third date will be at the zoo.

Kamiki: I also want to go to the planetarium.

Fukuda: Ahh, that sound good. Let's add that.


- (laughs) Then, if Tarou and Tamaki able to exist longer, then they would have a lot of things they want to do.

Kamiki: Since they are hospitalized, they would probably want to do broadcasts together. It's also good to see Tamaki working with Oo-sensei as a DJ while Tarou helping out.

Fukuda: But I think they definitely must go to the aquarium, amusement park and the zoo. Occasionally they go to watch movie, and their hand touch for a moment. In drama and manga, whenever couple watch a movie, they would always touch their hand right. Isn't that kind of nice? And then, I think it's good if you have matching items.


- Leaving your dream date aside (laughs), lastly, what are the highlights of the story?

Kamiki: It's a movie that after watching, your heart become quiet as you feel a person's kindness. I was really moved. Really. I want people to feel the importance of portraying your feelings to someone else.

Fukuda: I think it's good if you're able feel the love for another when watching this movie. It's not only just Tarou and Tamaki, but Tarou's mother and father also love Tarou, and he also love them... For the patients, they also have someone they love, it's a really good movie. Having someone to love. Loving someone together. Though it's obvious subjects, but it's not really like that. That's why, I hope you can feel that importance in this movie.



- Excuse my translation.

- It’s another old one for Little DJ… I’m really just too lazy for the newer interviews, especially since they keep coming so fast… D:

- One thing I really like about this interview is that for once, Kamiki actually tried to tease Mayuko… Only she’s too oblivious in her fantasy mode that she kind of ignore him. lol Mayuko wins once again.

- This drama season is the battle between Kamiki (11 Nin mo Iru) and Mayuko (Pandora 3)…Except it’s not really a battle since Mayuko’s drama is on a satellite… It’s still great to see them in more drama. (゚∀゚)

- But I’m starting to see them more as a rival now. Of course, this season, I will be rooting for the underdog. Not sure drama is the underdog yet… But as an actor/actress, it should be obvious.


(≧ω≦)人(>ω・) 仲良し

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Gokaiger Episode 31 Making Of

This week Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Making Of, taken from Toei’s Gokaiger Official site.

This week is Ohranger tribute. Excuse my lack of comment, as I’m currently busy with exams. x___x;;


1. Ohranger, Uwahh~!

2. Director looks like he had fun meeting with the OB-OG (old boy/old girl)

3. I'll give you some fun clothes ♪

4. And then, the entire staffs celebrate the director's birthday!

5. It happened unexpectedly during a filming period

6. It was a bustling birthday
Happy Birthday!

7. Able to meet the Ohranger...

8. I'm really happy! Waaoh!

9. A requested two shot! YaY!



1. The dream 3 shot of 3 beautiful ladies! Wai!

2. You, you really did it this time...

3. Oh well, please get better Gokaiger-san

4. Damn... It's only this time...

5. So, with that said, we need to frantically train!

6. But until then, let's have a memorial photograph,
Please root for us again next week!


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Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子): docomo Xi CM Narration

So a few weeks ago, a youtube link was posted to Fukuda Mayuko’s facebook page. The description was asking if it’s Mayuko’s voice or not. To my surprise, a lot of the comments was persistent in saying that it’s not her voice. Σ(*゚Д`;)

The first time I saw it posted on 2chan, thought it might be just someone fan who mistaken her voice, as I haven’t seen any news on her FLaMme’s page about this new CM. However, after watching the clip, I instantly recognized it as Mayuko’s voice.

My reason is simple: the narration she did for NHK Human Documentary in August. It’s the same light and distinct voice.

That was then I went back and looks through many of her earlier voice works. It really change through out the years. Looking back, her was really thick and slightly grave, but now it is much lighter. Though her normal speaking voice is still the same, I feel that her narration really changed through the years. You can tell that she’s slowly improving.


As if proving my claim, Japanese fans sent letters to docomo, asking about the person who did the narration. And the reply back confirmed that Mayuko was in charge for the CM of Xi (crossi) “Romeo and Juliet” version and “Coffee cup” version (which you can check at docomo’s Xi site).


From what I’d gathered, Xi is a new internet services that allows users to have faster browsing/downloading, better streams, and less lag when playing MMORPG. This internet service will be available in Japan in April of 2012. Along with the internet service, docomo is bringing out some other products that will go along with it, such as Tablets, wifi router, mobile broadband internet.

So yeah… Check it out! O(≧∇≦)O


Lol, I know it doesn’t really matter to us, who live outside of Japan and thus unable to use their service, but looking through the information made me wish I live in Japan. Though my internet is pretty good as it is, sharing it among 4 others sometime doesn’t let us do what we want as much as we want. So faster internet is more than welcome in my book….. as long as it’s affordable.

And oh yea, I’m so disappointed at you guys… Just kidding. ⊂(● ̄(エ) ̄●)⊃



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Gokaiger Episode 30 Making Of

This week Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Making Of, taken from Toei’s Gokaiger Official site.

Liveman tribute. Yellow Lion’s fight in the boxing scene was cool. On the other hand, Joe’s emo episode.

Next week is Ohranger tribute. I wondered why they suddenly have so many tributes back to back now. It used to be alternation between tribute and non-tribute. Well, it’s not that I’m complaining… Just curious I guess.


1. Jou and Joe dream tag!

2. Kya, it's Nishimura-san ♡

3. I wasn't able to meet him this time as well...

4. His beautiful form is excellent!

5. How did his leg reach that high (laughs)

6. Ishigaki action director is rapidly heat up!

7. Splendidly locking the Gormin's head to the chair!

8. Completely like Jacky Chan!

9. Watanabe Kazuhisa-san, the professional fighter



1. Well then, Joe-san, come!

2. Joe Gibken, audio department debut

3. Hey, since when did you switch from sword to mike

4. When the baby came to the filming site...

5. She became everyone's idol (laughs)

6. Matsumura-san, the cameraman, is also deeply in love (laughs)



1. It's was a magnificent story.
Also, the birth of a famous actress!

2. This scene is really great

3. The director also fussed over it

4. Yamada-kun was able to learn a lot that he seems really happy

5. Be sure to tune in next week!


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Happy Birthday Aichan

Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! TT___TT



I’m not sure I’m ready for her graduation… I’m probably going to cry watching her grad concert… But congratulation!




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Gokaiger Episode 29 Making Of

This week Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Making Of, taken from Toei’s Gokaiger Official site.

This week is Abaranger tribute. Other than that, I really… don’t like Pink.

Next week, blue focus, Joe and Ahim, and Liveman tribute.


1. How is Ahim's 7 costumes change?

2. From a high school girl

3. To a police woman

4. To a nurse... to jersey (laughs)

5. The handmade Abare Pink full of memories.

Though it's a bit unfashionable...

6. But because it's Yui-chan, everything looks good on her (laughs)

7. And also, wedding dress!

8. Director was also charmed (laughs)

9. Everyone, it's the forever saved version!



1. Lifting up the bride

2. Carrying his Highness. And the hasty Damaras

3. Is it a cold, or is he a drunkard...

4. Iya~, Ahim is cute!

5. Iyan~ It's awkward...

6. Unexpectedly, it's also the cockpit's first time



1. Also, raging (pun on Abare) splendidly Yukito-san and Emipon!

2. Uhyah~
Abare Blue-san and...

3. Someone we don't know!
(That's rude Buhi!) (joke on Abare Pig)

4. During this heat, it's hard in these costumes!
... It really does looks hot (laughs)

5. Hikasa P (producer) and script writer Arakawa-san also quickly came

6. Let's also loudly rage on next week!! (more Abare pun)


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Wink Up Dec 2007: Kamiki Ryunosuke (神木隆之介) x Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子)

Text from

Scan from Baidu.


Wink Up December 2007

page 194



Kamiki Ryunosuke x Fukuda Mayuko

Kamiki: Fukuda-san is always say the right thing that when I say something wrong, you'll be sure to correct it. I'm really jealous of that smart, adult-like of yours.

Fukuda: Kamiki-kun is really a mysterious person. I still haven't figure out how you are yet.

Kamiki: You still haven't!?

Fukuda: I pretty much able to understand you, but there's still a little bit of a puzzle... (laughs)

Kamiki: How so?

Fukuda: You have times where your tension goes high and low right? I know the differences between your high and low states, but I don't know what cause the switch.

Kamiki: I see (laughs)

Fukuda: For me, my tension is always high. That's why, whenever Kamiki-kun goes through your rotation, it felt like it's just me talking to myself.

Kamiki: But, when I goes through my rotation, it's thanks to your conversation that I'm able to recover. It really helps me during the filming.

Fukuda: Really.

Kamiki: Even while acting, you also helped me. When I say something, you'll be able to return the conversation, that type of acting... That's why I'm really feel at ease. By the way, do you remember when we film at Hakodate? For me, when the night sky at Hakodate mountain that we saw was really beautiful, I feel like I'm part of it.

Fukuda: Un. It was beautiful. That and I still remember was that the squid was delicious (laughs). Jingisukan was also delicious!!

Kamiki: Even though they are not specialty of the area, they were really tasty.... Ah, is it alright if I change the topic? I think Tarou and I are pretty similar, what do you think?

Fukuda: I think Tarou-kun and Kamiki-kun are really different (laughs).

Kamiki: Arere (Huh, wait a second) (laughs)!? I think Tamaki and Fukuda-san are similar in that both of you speak smartly.

Fukuda: That's true (laughs). Perhaps there are parts that we think and feel the same.

Kamiki: Also, you're able to pull people along.

Fukuda: Me, pulling people along? I didn't really plan on it. I'm sorry (laughs).

Kamiki: No no (laughs). For the scene when Tamaki enters Tarou's bed to listen to the radio together, it really left a deep impression. I was really nervous there.

Fukuda: Is that so (laughs).

Kamiki: I pretty much don't know what I should do. I ended up have the same feelings as Tarou. That's Tarou and my link, for that time.

Fukuda: I didn't notice! I wasn't really that nervous (laughs). The scene where Tarou confessed to Tamaki really left a deep impression for me. Even though the words are the same, but when the real part, my heart was racing.

Kamiki: Though I didn't plan on the test and the real shoot to be different, but that part really raised my blood pressure. During the test, I somehow managed to pull though, but for the real shoot, it's 4 times the nervousness. Perhaps the degree of nervousness are different when it's shown.

Fukuda: After watching the completed movie, the part that left a deep impression for me is when Tarou-kun did the DJ for "Somebody to Love". I really like that scene.

Kamiki: For me, I cried when Tarou-kun's father read Tarou's letter. In this film, I was able to think about how precious life is, even when you're crushed, you still need to go forward with all your might. I think the viewers will be able to feel this.

Fukuda: Un. Also, even though it's obvious, but to love someone is something really wonderful. Like, to be able to be with someone you love is really a miracle. It's obvious, but it's great if everyone feel how important it is.



- Love the two scenes mentioned. I also especially love the “Somebody to love” scene. It’s really a turning point for the movie, in my opinion.

Queen – Somebody to Love

- Mayuko’s Baidu gallery is actually sorted, by years!! O(≧∇≦)O Yes, I’m quite happy… I’m a semi-neat freak. Semi, because, I’m actually sloppy in real life. lol



- School started, works started, so I’m busy all the time. As you’ve probably already noticed, I won’t have translation time anymore. I know I know… I said the same thing before, but it’s definitely worst this time. I’ve been spending all my time either at school or at work. I really need to find myself one full time job that pay really well instead of a bunch of part time that are minimum wages. :/

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Gokaiger Episode 28 Making Of

This week Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Making Of, taken from Toei’s Gokaiger Official site.

Seeing as I was preoccupied on typing up my homework while watching… I have to say, I haven’t really watch this week’s episode properly. OTL

It’s a Jetman tribute.

Next week. Ahim cosplays and Ahim and Gai focus. Not my favorite characters so…


1. Director...
The Jetman tribute was impressive

2. The legendary man, Yuuki Gai gallantly reappeared

3. Even while practicing the sax, he looks like he's from a picture

4. Together with Black Condor's suit actor, Oto-san

5. The original Black Condor
(Played by Oto-san)

6. This is Takeuchi-san's version, Hakase Condor!
... It differs greatly (laughs)

7. Showing his beautiful form!

8. Please allow us to become apprentices!

9. And so, drop kick training!



1. I want to fly too~!

2. Luka VS Gai  the result is...

3. Na~!! Luka complete victory!

4. Everyone is energetic...
(Note: Just woke up)

5. When hear that it’s lunch time, these two run off
"We're famish~"

6. The two-shot of dream
What kind of person is the recent red!?

7. I'm hungry~ Gabu (sfx: bite)

8. Ah~, the coffee taste good
(Note: He just woke up)

9. Erm, the script, I need the script
(Note: Just woke up)



1. I'm now wide awake!! (laughs)

2. Gai~ Good morning~!

3. That type of attack, do you think I'll get hit by it!
(After that, he got hit)

4. Gokai fan!!
Unexpectedly it's very cool

5. The guest appearing together with us, thank you very much!

6. Super Sentai is immortal!!