Tuesday, August 2, 2011

NHK: A Gir’s Choice ~18 Years Old “Life” Mail~


nhkヒューマンドキュメンタリー 2011年7月22日放送


This is the NHK Human Documentary with Fukuda Mayuko and Nogiwa Yoko narrates for the letters between Noguchi-sensei and Hanako-san.

Since it’s 50 minutes long, I decided to put it as a separate post instead. If you watch it, please make time.


Tears were streaming from my eyes like waterfall during this.

I hate how they keep showing the dates…. It felt like a countdown to Hanako-san’s life. >_<;;


Mayuko…. actually have a pretty nice voice. I’ll elaborate on this later.





Hanako is so cute… She has such beautiful eyes really (I seriously like that type of eyes). She reminded me so much of my little cousin. ;_;

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  1. this is really sad, Hanako... I think, why your have to get that condition, I hope all people is touched ( understand ), We are need to have strong heart like Hanako san, I hope Hanako san is in the right way now T_T