Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Liar Game Episode Zero

I want to save this until I have nothing else to write about… I guess you can say, this is my backup post.

This week, I pretty much don’t have anything to write about, so I decided to post this. lol



Liar Game Episode Zero – Nao

Translation: Cutiegigi

Subtitles: naokokinomura



Liar Game Episode Zero – Akiyama

Translation: Cutiegigi



Liar Game Episode Zero – Yokoya (no Eng sub at the moment)




  1. Hi there. I grad was on the search for Liar Game Episode Zero on the internet. And have seen that you have asked this episode with you online. I'm in a Sub_Gruppe. We translate English Subtitles in German and a team member translated degree all of Liar Game, just missing him something of this brilliant series. And I thought, I write to you, and wanted to ask you, where did you get the subs? Maybe you could help us.

    Thanks in advance

    Could you write me back here?

    Thank you

    1. Translation was done by Cutiegigi. I posted the link on the entry. You can click the link to get to her(?) youtube page.

  2. Thanks for this! It was really hard to find these online