Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Gokaiger Episode 27 Making Of

This week Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Making Of, taken from Toei’s Gokaiger Official site.

Due to a certain event I’m unable to get away from, I wasn’t able to watch this week Gokaiger. =__=;; So whatever jokes this has, I don’t get any of it. I’ll have to wait until I watch the episode first.

The episode seems like it’s not as well receive from the international fans as I thought it would be. ^^;; The Japanese fans… Of course, without saying, enjoyed it.

Next week is a Jetman tribute.


1. Hakase and Luka's exciting change

2. There are a  lot to look forward to

3. Ah! That's really Hakase, it's the same face

4. Today, they also strain their body

5. Is this a manga? Making her jump that high

6. For no reason, this side are also doing their best

7. The turnips falls down beautifully

8. After!!

9. Even though it's already known, Shimizu-kun is an ikemen (pretty boy)



1. While the drama is packed

2. Making sure of their actions, they changed back their role

3. Practicing Luka's signature pose many times

4. Shimizu "Like this?"

5. Ichimichi "No no, more like this!"

6. Shimizu "I see, like this!"
Ichimichi "That hurts (laughs)"

7. Hoo~
They were able to do it~

8. Not making a mistake in their posture
The leg is like this, right

9. That's right, let's not dishonor the leg. Care, care



1. Ah, though it's a late introduction, the guests are Takechi Kenji (left) and Yokoyama Kazutoshi (right)

2. In any case, run!
Nothing but, run!

3. They are still running, hurriedly running!

4. Iya~ We did a lot of exercise (laughs)

5. But it was pretty fun
Thank you very much (^^)

6. As expected, these two were perfect!!
Look forward to next week!


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