Monday, August 15, 2011

Gokaiger Episode 25 & Movie Making Of

This week Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Making Of, taken from Toei’s Gokaiger Official site.

This week is part 1 of the two parts tribute for Hurricanger. The enemy is much stronger, causing our strong trio (red, blue, yellow) to be in such a bind many times in the course of the episode. Even Gai’s suggestion seems to be no avail. And then with the appearance of Hurricanger (red, blue, yellow), they demand their power key back. The gist of the episode.

Not much to say really, since I haven’t seen Hurricanger. ^^;;

This episode of ninja vs pirate theme reminded me of a discussion with one of my classmates about ninja vs pirate, particularly Naruto vs One Piece. While I was suggesting him to try reading One Piece (which is so much better than Naruto you wouldn’t believe), he denied, saying that pirates theme just doesn’t interest him as much as ninja. (_ _lll) In the end, I just shrugs and told him, “You’re missing out.”


1. Hurricanger appears!! (The puns!!)

2. Welcome! *bows*

3. He's still working at the gasoline stand

4. I'm not here, not here...

5. Baa~!!

6. It has been a long time since we're jumping over the camera



1. Practicing action scenes while reminiscence of those day

2. At that moment... Luka is charmed

3. Always carrying it as if something important (laughs)

4. On the other hand... Ahim only has her eyes on ice cream

5. The director showed how to throw a low table
Why you...

6. Like this! Make sure to tune in next week!



Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger THE MOVIE: The Flying Ghost Ship

☆Making Of ☆


1. Please make the movie to be a hit

2. After making that wish, the movie become a big hit!!

3. Ya~y!! Thank yo~u! I'm seriously happy!!

4. That's great, right Navi ♡

5. Ahim discovered something

6. ... Have, have a snack!?

7. At that time, Gai still has to do his scenes

8. With stuntman, Satou-san

9. While discussing with the director



1. Creating the henshin pose

2. Fu... It'd been decided

3. The 3D camera is huge

4. Even Insarn was surprised at how huge it was!

5. Spending time on the set

6. Also, Hakase is absorbed

7. Nostalgic sentai, even the opponents appear

8. The successive enemy are very colorful (laughs)

9. That's Abrella (Dekaranger)
Spellbounded even with just listening to his voice...



1. Gunpowder is used frequently for filming

2. Staff-san do their best while straining their body

3. The actors also performed with all their might for the drama

4. Discussing with their fellow actors,

5. Also discussing with the director...

6. The director also respond
Directing fierce acting

7. Before one's eyes...

8. Joe. Your hair gotten longer (laughs)

9. The movie is just starting to play
Well then, everyone to the theater GO!


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