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Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子): Asahi 07.09.2011

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Asahi September 9, 2011

Second year high school student. Starting her career as a child role, it has already been more than 10 years. Her thin and sharp eyebrow is the embodiment of her power. In the drama "Soredemo, Ikiteyuku" that started in September, she played as the little sister of the heroine, played by Mitsushima Hikari. The theme of the drama is heavy. The story about despairs of the families of the victim and the assailant and their lives after that the crime. This time, the hardest part for her is "Acting as a normal girl." She is the youngest girl borne of the assailant's family after the crime. Despites that, she's is a bit different from her family, and it prevents her from showing her own sadness.

She has an abundant of experiences from movies to drama, and even CM. But, she's a high school girl who "normally talk a lot". "I pretty much learn things from acting together with other actors."

What kind of actress do you want to be in the future?

"A normal person. While watching a movie once, for those two hours, you don't think the performance is anything amazing. But at the end, you'll ended up saying ‘I was so moved.’ I want to be an actress in that type of film." Her target is quite high. However, with her eyes facing straight forward, you can't help but think she'll be able to become such a person.



- I’m not sure if I’m happy with her future goal as an actress. Wouldn’t that just mean she’s depending on a good script rather than good acting from her? (´_`。) Well, I don’t know, I’m probably interpreting her words differently than her true meanings.

- I know I said “Soredemo, Ikiteyuku” is a “family” drama so far, but episode 7 really made me change my mind about the contents. It’s a heavy theme and has constantly been getting even darker with each episode. Episode 7, especially, is seriously chilling. So I have to retract my words. If you can’t take the darker side of human, perhaps this drama isn’t for you.

- “Soredemo, Ikiteyuku” is an amazing drama with an amazing cast nevertheless. Recommended!

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