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2010 - 2011: The 16 Years Old Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子)

This is a continuation to 2010’s two parts about Fukuda Mayuko.

Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) Part 1: Life and Personality

Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) Part 2: Work.


Another year passed in a blink of an eye. I became older. You became older. And of course, so does Fukuda Mayuko, so…


Happy 17th Birthday Fukuda Mayuko.

ヾ(´・∀・)ノ << Happy Birthday♪


On August 4th this year, Fukuda Mayuko turned 17 years old. As of April, she stepped up to the be a second year high school student (11th grades).

A lot of things happened this past year.

Mayuko restarted her acting career as an full pledge actress, acquiring more roles. Though all of them are side characters, they all give a different perspective toward the storyline as a whole. Mayuko also showed her capabilities of tackling antagonist roles. Because of this, many people are starting to see her, not as a child actress anymore, but a real actress. However, it is still difficult to remove her child actress image as her work in “Byakuyako” was so strong that whenever Mayuko was mentioned, “Byakuyako” was soon to follow. Whether this is a bad or good thing, it depends on you.

Having appearing in dramas means more magazine interviews. We were able to her thoughts processes throughout the time of her hiatus as well as her current self. We discovered that she grew 161cm. We get to know more about her book obsession. We learned that her favorite color is red. We found out (very) suddenly that she thought about ending her career during her hiatus among many other things.




Miporin no Ekubo

In the summer of 2010, after her 16 August birthday, the annual 24h TV special drama was shown. This time, it’s starring Hirosue Kyoko and Nagase Tomoya as the parents to a young dying girl, Miporin, played by Kimura Manatsu. Mayuko played as the jealous older sister, Minami, fighting with the monster in her mind for her mother’s affection. This was based on a true story. The day after was a short special documentary for the drama. Mayuko got a chance to help narrate the story. Though the story is mostly focus on Miporin and her mom, Mayuko’s jealousy rage struck a strong chord to many of the viewers (the negative kind).

- What I like about this drama is that she really show her growth just within a year. The images of Mayuko in her high school uniform is extremely stunning. Other than that, it was a decent drama. 24 hr TV drama tends to not be as interesting than normal drama, imho.





For the Fall drama season, there were rumors of Mayuko being in her first full pledge drama since summer 2007 with “Enka no Joou”. Her name was never mentioned at the temporary website like the rest of the casts, so every fans were holding their breath (me included). It wasn’t until one of the TV magazine came out with the information of the new drama season that Mayuko’s participation was finally confirmed. Fans rejoiced… except for me.

I was really hesitant about this news, not because I don’t want to see her be in a drama or because I think her acting became worst. No, nothing like that. I was happy to hear that she returns to drama work again. But the drama starred both Sato Takeru and Maeda Atsuko, both of whom I still don’t think have a good enough acting chop to lead a “serious” drama series yet. Though both of them are very popular and have a huge fan base, and I actually like Sato Takeru… but I was still skeptical.

However, though I’m not familiar with the rest of the minor casts (except for a selected few), they really impressed me with their performances. The story is decent, and at time, very boring, but the message was very clear and resonated strongly. This is kind of a hit or miss with people, but I enjoyed it. Mayuko’s storyline was the most interesting to me, because surprisingly it’s the most unrealistic. It answered a lot of questions. I probably won’t re-watch it the second time though.

- Mayuko got to play a mysterious girl from the future, Fujino Tsukiko/Manager R31. I don’t think she ever play science fiction type of character before. This is also her first school drama, even if for her storyline, it’s not really a “school drama”. ^^;; Her appearance only began at the end of episode 2 onward. She has few scenes at first, then her scenes gradually increase as the drama nearing its end.

- Being a big fan of “Sexy Voice and Robo”, starring Ohgo Suzuka and Matsuken, Mayuko was ecstatic to be in the same drama with the writer/producer team for “Sexy Voice and Robo”. Her fangirl is blatant in many of the magazine interviews for Q10.

- Mayuko also quick to become a fan of her costar in the drama, Ikematsu Sosuke, who played the sickly Kubo Takehiko. Both have a few things in common, as both are isolated from the rest of the casts due to their role. They never have a scene together in this drama though. Here’s hoping they will be able to act together again.


FLaMme Mobile: “Otona ni naru mae ni…” and “Shiritai desu ka?”

There was a short period where FLaMme managers put up a web blog that talked a bit about their artists. It was on for a few days/weeks (I’m not sure). However, the blog was later shut down. While the fans were wondering what was that about, come the beginning of 2011, FLaMme put up a notice about their mobile service. It has private special contents including blog, gallery, information about its actresses. It’s performed based on a membership service, where you have to pay a monthly phone service for 315yen. Mayuko also has her own blog named “Otona ni Naru Mae ni…” while her manager’s blog is “Shiritai Desu Ka?”. At the beginning, only her manager’s blog was screened, while the newest entry of Mayuko’s blog can be view via cellphone. However, recently (within the last weeks), that privilege of viewing blog contents for free was also removed. I wondered if the found me. =___=;;

- Favorite mangas: Bokura ga Ita and Kodocha

- Favorite mangaka: Obana Miho

- Mayuko’s actually a very sloppy person. She plans to move out after graduating from high school, “where the the cockroach can’t reach, a room near the sky”.

- She’s “lazy” if she doesn’t have work or school.

- Favorite kanji:

- Favorite hiragana: ゆ (yu)、み (mi)、り (ri)

- Favorite katakana: ネ (ne)、メ (me)、レ (re)

- Favorite number: 2, 4, 7, 9

- Favorite time: 9 o’clock




A Message for the victims of the Tohoku Earthquake.

March 11, 2011 is now a day that’s strongly imprinted to many Japanese because of the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake. Many died and lost their home due to the triple strikes (earthquake, tsunami, radiation), a result of mother nature. During these times of disasters, many agencies rally their resources and do their best to support the victims. FLaMme isn’t any different. Beside from donating to Red Cross Japan, in April, FLaMme gathered together all its artists for handwritten messages to the victims. Other than that, the artists also showcase their item to be auction off for donation. Mayuko in particular donated her blouse and short from her “3 Maime Bodyguard” wardrobe. I’m not sure what’s the total amount they received from her items, but according to 2ch, it totaled to 82,000yen (~820USD).

- We got a sample of Mayuko’s oji-san serious handwriting. ^^;;




3 Maime Bodyguard ~Boku ga Kimi dake wo Mamorinuku~

On June 1st, Mayuko’s keitai drama with Exile’s Matsu started. It’s a comedy about Nobu (Matsu), a man down in his luck, takes on a job to protect a spoiled rich girl, Natsumi (Mayuko). This is Mayuko’s first’s keitai drama since the “Liar Game Episode 0” at the end of 2009. Watching the first episode, I actually enjoyed it lots. But since you need to be in Japan and pay a fee to view, I don’t know what’s going on for the remaining episodes.

- Of course, it’s her first time (that I know of) trying a light comedy. “Enka no Joou” was also a comedy, but it’s dark comedy. It’s her first time being the rough tomboy character.

- I need to repeat because everything about this is just epic. Mayuko dressed up as a maid to hide from the person who pursued her. Being a maid, one of her line and pose included “Natsumi da nyan~♥” (cute version of “I’m Natsumi”). XD;;

- Behind the scenes, Mayuko and Matsu goes kya~kya~ over nama donuts.

- For this drama, The ROOTLESS sang the theme song “Elephant”. Images behind the scenes of “3 Maime Bodyguard” was used for the music video. This will be her second music video appearance. Though, I cannot find the music video anywhere.

- The day after her birthday (Friday), the drama will shown episode 12. Next week will be the last episode, episode 13. Hopefully, we’ll see it in DVD format soon.




Soredemo, Ikite Yuku

Also during this time, Mayuko appears in the Summer 2011 dramas, “Soredemo, Ikite Yuku”. The drama stars Eita and Mitsushima Hikari, about the trials of star cross lovers between the victim’s family and the assailant’s family. Mayuko played Hikari’s younger sister, Akari, part of the assailant’s family. Perhaps due to its depressing subject matter, the ratings wasn’t spectacular so far. But the drama is absolutely amazing, as it’s my favorite drama of the season, even without all my bias. The only thing I’m disappointed about is her lack of scenes in the drama so far. But, even that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying this great show.

- As of episode 4, there’s a big revelation about Akari and her siblings. Episode 5 is broadcasted today (Thursday).

- Akari was born after the murder case, so she lives mostly not knowing about the details of the case. So she’s supposed to be the most normal compare to the rest of the casts. Perhaps, her first time playing a normal character since “Little DJ”/“10 Promises to My Dog”.




NHK Human Documentary: “A Young Girl’s Choice~ 18 Years Old’s ‘Life’ Mail”

July 22nd, Mayuko worked for NHK on a documentary show. She narrated the letters of a young girl, about her choice of not receiving help to live. The documentary made me cried.

From the comments that I’ve read, many were impressed and moved by Mayuko’s narration. I actually found Mayuko’s voice to be really nice and light here. It’s  different from her normal drama voice. ^^;; Truthfully, whenever Mayuko has “voice acting” work, I’m always worried. Because I feel there are still improvements needed for her voice. Though she always prove herself, but I still get nervous for some reason. Perhaps all these practices may help her with her future voice acting jobs.



Putting it all down on paper took me a while… x__x;; But I hope from now on, she’ll continues to have more and more meaningful works that can showcase her true talents.

- Hoping Mayuko and Ohgo Suzuka will have a drama together.

- Hoping Mayuko and Ikematsu Sosuke will have a drama together.

- Hoping Mayuko, Shida Mirai, and Kamiki Ryunosuke will have a drama together.


Speaking of Ohgo Suzuka…. August 5th is her birthday, so Happy (early) Birthday! XD;; Probably not going to make a separate post for her this year. ^^;;


It’s a bit of a sexist song and the guy’s an idiot, but it’s still good song. And it’s a perfect song for the occasion. :P

Sixteen Going on Seventeen from The Sound of Music.


☆彡 ★彡 ☆彡 ★彡


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