Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Gokaiger Episode 27 Making Of

This week Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Making Of, taken from Toei’s Gokaiger Official site.

Due to a certain event I’m unable to get away from, I wasn’t able to watch this week Gokaiger. =__=;; So whatever jokes this has, I don’t get any of it. I’ll have to wait until I watch the episode first.

The episode seems like it’s not as well receive from the international fans as I thought it would be. ^^;; The Japanese fans… Of course, without saying, enjoyed it.

Next week is a Jetman tribute.


1. Hakase and Luka's exciting change

2. There are a  lot to look forward to

3. Ah! That's really Hakase, it's the same face

4. Today, they also strain their body

5. Is this a manga? Making her jump that high

6. For no reason, this side are also doing their best

7. The turnips falls down beautifully

8. After!!

9. Even though it's already known, Shimizu-kun is an ikemen (pretty boy)



1. While the drama is packed

2. Making sure of their actions, they changed back their role

3. Practicing Luka's signature pose many times

4. Shimizu "Like this?"

5. Ichimichi "No no, more like this!"

6. Shimizu "I see, like this!"
Ichimichi "That hurts (laughs)"

7. Hoo~
They were able to do it~

8. Not making a mistake in their posture
The leg is like this, right

9. That's right, let's not dishonor the leg. Care, care



1. Ah, though it's a late introduction, the guests are Takechi Kenji (left) and Yokoyama Kazutoshi (right)

2. In any case, run!
Nothing but, run!

3. They are still running, hurriedly running!

4. Iya~ We did a lot of exercise (laughs)

5. But it was pretty fun
Thank you very much (^^)

6. As expected, these two were perfect!!
Look forward to next week!


Saturday, August 27, 2011

Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子): Asahi 07.09.2011

Text from mayukofukuda.seesaa.net.

Images from the Japanese fans from Mayuko’s BBS.


Asahi September 9, 2011

Second year high school student. Starting her career as a child role, it has already been more than 10 years. Her thin and sharp eyebrow is the embodiment of her power. In the drama "Soredemo, Ikiteyuku" that started in September, she played as the little sister of the heroine, played by Mitsushima Hikari. The theme of the drama is heavy. The story about despairs of the families of the victim and the assailant and their lives after that the crime. This time, the hardest part for her is "Acting as a normal girl." She is the youngest girl borne of the assailant's family after the crime. Despites that, she's is a bit different from her family, and it prevents her from showing her own sadness.

She has an abundant of experiences from movies to drama, and even CM. But, she's a high school girl who "normally talk a lot". "I pretty much learn things from acting together with other actors."

What kind of actress do you want to be in the future?

"A normal person. While watching a movie once, for those two hours, you don't think the performance is anything amazing. But at the end, you'll ended up saying ‘I was so moved.’ I want to be an actress in that type of film." Her target is quite high. However, with her eyes facing straight forward, you can't help but think she'll be able to become such a person.



- I’m not sure if I’m happy with her future goal as an actress. Wouldn’t that just mean she’s depending on a good script rather than good acting from her? (´_`。) Well, I don’t know, I’m probably interpreting her words differently than her true meanings.

- I know I said “Soredemo, Ikiteyuku” is a “family” drama so far, but episode 7 really made me change my mind about the contents. It’s a heavy theme and has constantly been getting even darker with each episode. Episode 7, especially, is seriously chilling. So I have to retract my words. If you can’t take the darker side of human, perhaps this drama isn’t for you.

- “Soredemo, Ikiteyuku” is an amazing drama with an amazing cast nevertheless. Recommended!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Kamiki Ryunosuke: Kamen Rider Agito

Just an announcement/heads up.

Pictures from Baidu.



As Kamiki’s fan have know, he appeared in Kamen Rider Agito when he was younger as the mysterious/overlord of darkness or whatnot.

TV-Nihon, who has graced us/me with many many many subbed tokusatsu shows, is now distributing Kamen Rider Agito.

So if you want to see young Kamiki being evil, please be sure to visit their site.

And remember to seed after you finish downloading (ALWAYS SEED)!

Oh, you can also see a young Kaname Jun as one of the main characters.

I’ve been watching up to episode 4, and it’s really different from the recent ones that I’ve see (W, OOO, Den-O, Decade). Kamiki haven’t appear yet, but it seems he will appear in episode 5.


Monday, August 22, 2011

Gokaiger Episode 26 Making Of

This week Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Making Of, taken from Toei’s Gokaiger Official site.

This week is part 2 of the two parts tribute for Hurricanger.

Keyhole is as usual, wanky, so I wasn’t really interested in this week episode as I should have.

But next week!!! Next week is the soul change between Hakase and Luka.  ♥ Which means we’ll may be able to see “domestic” Luka and “manly” Hakase. (>w<♥)


1. Extremely gorgeous Gokai & Hurricane special collaboration!

2. Were you satisfied with the VS series' appeal?

3. Hurricanger's long awaited revival!

4. The filming atmosphere is the best

5. Teaching Gokai Change to Shioya-san

6. For us it's totally different... and they are extremely interested

7. Merge Attack, Shinobi Change together with Fukuzawa-san!

8. And, a storm of memorial photographs at the filming site

9. Ikeda-kun who love sentai are happy from beginning to end



1. Looking through the finder...

2. And suddenly taking pictures

3. Navi isn't being in the way...
Ok, pose!

4. Gokai & Hurricane girls' three shot

5. Or so we thought, but +1 person

6. Now +2 people

7. As usual, Mao-chan's favorite chestnut

8. Not letting it go even when fixing her make up!

9. "I want to take this home!"
... I think it's alright (laughs)



1. This actually by happened by chance (laughs) (Luka with the bucket)

2. Continue from the low table, the director's umbrella teaching

3. Konkon♡
Or rather, Yui-chan, that's a rabbit's noise... (not a cat)

4. Surprise Chou Ninpou

5. Could it be, Akarakura (a play on word with Akared and Satakura)

6. Suprised!! (Another play on word with the human chestnut and surprise)

7. As a tradition, our successor, Gokaiger, please do your best from now on!

8. Yes! Leave it to us! Next week also, yoroshiku!


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Liar Game Episode Zero

I want to save this until I have nothing else to write about… I guess you can say, this is my backup post.

This week, I pretty much don’t have anything to write about, so I decided to post this. lol



Liar Game Episode Zero – Nao

Translation: Cutiegigi

Subtitles: naokokinomura



Liar Game Episode Zero – Akiyama

Translation: Cutiegigi



Liar Game Episode Zero – Yokoya (no Eng sub at the moment)



Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Yomiuri Online 07.16.2010: Kamiki Ryunosuke (神木隆之介) Interview

Old interview for “Karigurashi no Arrietty” on Yomiuri Online.


Kamiki Ryunosuke, if I’m a little person, I want to be at the train station and take pictures of trains…. His 5th “major” work with Ghibli.

If it's possible, I want to work with Ghibli forever.Kamiki Ryunosuke (17), who voice acted for Studio Ghibli’s newest animated movie, “Karigurashi no Arrietty” (directed by Yonebayashi Hiromasa), has accepted an interview with sports news. While his work with Ghibli has already reached 5 numbers, when looking back to his experiences from when he was 2 years old, “I really hated to be call a prodigy.” Unexpectedly revealing that he’s a torietsu (撮り鉄= train fans who like take pictures of trains) , you can see the normal expression of a 2nd year high school student.

Kamiki has been performed in 5 Ghibli’s works, such as “Spirited Away” (2001), “Howl’s Moving Castle” (2004), and others. “I received a New Year card from Suzuki-san (Toshio, producer) and Director Miyazaki Hayao saying ‘We’ll looking forward to the Summer movie’. I thought, could it be, I’ll be participating in that move?” and showing his shocked expression.

For this work, the character Sho is created using Kamiki’s image. A 12 years old with a health condition, in order to recuperate, he come back to the old house that his mother used to live in, there, he meets with Arrietty, the borrower. “It’s actually really hard. For ‘Howl’s’, Markl’s face and movement are pretty much comical, but this time, there’s none of that. Because he’s a calm and flat human, deciding how he should be for the drama is really difficult.”

As for “The Borrower”, they are little people who borrowed necessities from human in order to live. When asked if he become a small “borrower”, Kamiki quickly replied “the station!”. “Because I love trains. I want to be there, forever. I want to always have my camera ready and take pictures of it. I also went to the Fuji-Hayabusha retirement (discontinued in March). Ah, I also have the ICOCA (a rechargeable contactless smart card to use on JR West rail network)” he revealed excitedly.

Debuting when he was 2 years old and brilliantly continues his activities. Though everyone around him praised him as a “prodigy”, for Kamiki, it’s a complicated feeling. “For me, I think I’m not particularly a prodigy (laughs). It’s embarrassing… and I don’t really like it. It’s not a good feeling.” He added, “I don’t really have a special ability, I’m just a normal human. Even now, I still like what I do, and if there’s something about myself that I want to change, it’s still the same as when I was a child.”

Not taking into consideration of his own special talent while modestly continues pushing forward, perhaps, that’s what supporting his growth. With a high school student-like hobby for “torietsu”, Kamiki is not showing his boyish innocence anymore. Instead, he has an impressive atmosphere of nearing adulthood.


July 16, 2010



- Problem with translation? Please tell me. It’s not 100% correct.

- I find it funny that Kamiki’s train obsession is too confusing for the normal reader that the writer need to put an explanation between the brackets. (´w`*)

- I’m trying to make a system for my titles. Still not sure if I should do:

  • Kamiki Ryunosuke: [source] [date]
  • [source] [date] : Kamiki Ryunosuke
  • [date] [source] : Kamiki Ryunosuke

- What do you think? ( ̄~ ̄;)ウーン・・・

- For this particular post, I used the second option, if you haven’t notice.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Gokaiger Episode 25 & Movie Making Of

This week Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Making Of, taken from Toei’s Gokaiger Official site.

This week is part 1 of the two parts tribute for Hurricanger. The enemy is much stronger, causing our strong trio (red, blue, yellow) to be in such a bind many times in the course of the episode. Even Gai’s suggestion seems to be no avail. And then with the appearance of Hurricanger (red, blue, yellow), they demand their power key back. The gist of the episode.

Not much to say really, since I haven’t seen Hurricanger. ^^;;

This episode of ninja vs pirate theme reminded me of a discussion with one of my classmates about ninja vs pirate, particularly Naruto vs One Piece. While I was suggesting him to try reading One Piece (which is so much better than Naruto you wouldn’t believe), he denied, saying that pirates theme just doesn’t interest him as much as ninja. (_ _lll) In the end, I just shrugs and told him, “You’re missing out.”


1. Hurricanger appears!! (The puns!!)

2. Welcome! *bows*

3. He's still working at the gasoline stand

4. I'm not here, not here...

5. Baa~!!

6. It has been a long time since we're jumping over the camera



1. Practicing action scenes while reminiscence of those day

2. At that moment... Luka is charmed

3. Always carrying it as if something important (laughs)

4. On the other hand... Ahim only has her eyes on ice cream

5. The director showed how to throw a low table
Why you...

6. Like this! Make sure to tune in next week!



Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger THE MOVIE: The Flying Ghost Ship

☆Making Of ☆


1. Please make the movie to be a hit

2. After making that wish, the movie become a big hit!!

3. Ya~y!! Thank yo~u! I'm seriously happy!!

4. That's great, right Navi ♡

5. Ahim discovered something

6. ... Have, have a snack!?

7. At that time, Gai still has to do his scenes

8. With stuntman, Satou-san

9. While discussing with the director



1. Creating the henshin pose

2. Fu... It'd been decided

3. The 3D camera is huge

4. Even Insarn was surprised at how huge it was!

5. Spending time on the set

6. Also, Hakase is absorbed

7. Nostalgic sentai, even the opponents appear

8. The successive enemy are very colorful (laughs)

9. That's Abrella (Dekaranger)
Spellbounded even with just listening to his voice...



1. Gunpowder is used frequently for filming

2. Staff-san do their best while straining their body

3. The actors also performed with all their might for the drama

4. Discussing with their fellow actors,

5. Also discussing with the director...

6. The director also respond
Directing fierce acting

7. Before one's eyes...

8. Joe. Your hair gotten longer (laughs)

9. The movie is just starting to play
Well then, everyone to the theater GO!


Saturday, August 13, 2011

Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子): Soredemo, Ikiteyuku Interview

Interview at “Soredemo, Ikiteyuku” website on August 9, 2011.


Touyama (Misaki) Akari – Fukuda Mayuko-san


Q. How’s acting as Akari?

There are a lot of scene with the whole family for me. Unlike her parents and sister, Akari is the only one in the family who has no relation to the crime from 15 years ago. However, from the atmosphere of her family, she understands that they are the assailant family. From such subtle situation, it’s difficult to act as Akari.

Q. What’s your impression when watching the finished work?

When I first read the script, “Ah, so this is how it’s going to develop!”, and was surprised. Though I understood the story, but when everyone’s scenes are connected together in this work, the finished film was wonderful… The contents are thought provoking, I cried each time I watched it.

Q. On the other hand, before filming start…. what did you think when you first read the script?

Not only am I not a family of a victim, but also I don’t really see works that carefully depicts the family of a assailant. As for myself, I also don’t really think about what the assailant family have to go through. From the script I realized that when a crime happen, it’s not only a problem for the assailant and the victim, but also a problem for their families and the people around them.

Q. How did you want to portray Akari?

In any case, I want her to appear as a “normal girl”. Many people around Akari, particularly her family, are very conscious of the incident, in order to show that different in thoughts about the incident… it’s difficult (laughs).

Q. What’s your impression of Mitsushima Hikari-san who plays Futaba?

The scenes where Akari and her sister, Futaba, talk together are surprisingly few. Playing as Akari, I rapidly felt like Mitsushima-san that’s playing Futaba is really my One-chan (older sister)… For me, the scene where those two talk about random things on the phone has a special feeling. It’s like… Akari also really love Futaba.

Q. How is acting with Akari’s father, Shunsuke (Tokito Sabur0-san), and her mother, Takami (Fubuki Jun-san)?

Everyone are really great people. Acting together with Tokito-san, Fubuki-san, and Mitsushima-san made me really feel the family atmosphere. I’m sure everyone of the viewers also able to feel the same thing, right?

Q. How’s the break between filming like?

We talk a lot to each other. For the Touyama family, there are a lot of gloomy scenes, but Tokito-san lift the atmosphere by saying “Those are such happy times.” to the picture taken of the smiling family when Akari entered junior high (laughs). Because Fubuki-san and Mitsushima-san are also cheerful people, during the break, the heavy atmosphere of the story doesn’t drag on.

Q. Lastly, please give a message to the viewers.

Though Akari finally learned that she and her beloved Futaba and Fumiya (Kazama Shunsuke) are from different mothers… And though all of them love each other, but for episode 4 and 5, Touyama household somehow break apart. Even so, I think that because they are a family, they are connected. That’s why, it’s not just about the victim’s family or the assailant’s family, both families are being affected by the case. If it’s possible to say it, I think no matter if it’s good or bad, they both have the same human relationships. It will make me happy if everyone are able to feel that.




- Sorry, translation may not be correct.

- Her lack of scenes in “Soredemo, Ikiteyuku” made me sad… And yet I’m really thankful that’s she got a chance to act with so many great actors/actresses… Thankful yet sad. Sad yet thankful.

- I actually really like that phone call between Akari and Futaba in episode 5. In the beginning of the show, you see Akari keep chiding Futaba with remarks, but then episode 4-5 quickly pushed their strong sister-bonds. I really like that. These two’s sister-love are so cute.


- So FLaMme blocked outsider from their mobile site at such unfortunate time, seriously. Mayuko’s blog “Otona ni Naru Mae ni…” just updated earlier this week. Entry 16 talks about her school life and specifically “guy friends” (Otoko tomodachi). According to Mamayu-land BBS, Mayuko talked about how she like the easy going conversation of the guy rather than the girls. Interesting right? I would love to read that. I also agree, I’m also more at ease when I talk to guy than girls… I really don’t know how girls think so I always have to choose my words carefully. lol

- Speaking of which, for Entry 15, Mayuko talked about how she was shopping in Shibuya and happened to eavesdropped on 2 girls talking. As for what the contents of the conversation are, I have no idea.



- Third point, thanks to the heads-up from 2ch. According to a blog, Mayuko is going to be appearing in another drama, Pandora 3, with Izumiya Shigeru.

- Pandora 3 will begin broadcast on WOWOW (a cable channel) on October 2nd (every Sunday) at 10pm.

- On the blog, it’s said that Mayuko’s wearing very plain clothes. With her rough images, she blended right in with the make-up artists, so the writer didn’t notice that it was her until after the filming. lol

- As for what the content is about… I really have no idea. I haven’t seen Pandora nor Pandora 2, so I really don’t know. Wait… I think I watch the first episode of Pandora… and then kind of stop for some reason. lol

Pandora synopsis:

Suzuki is an eccentric at university hospital who has been conducting a research to come up with a miracle drug for cancer on his own. One day, Suzuki finally succeeds in developing a new type of anticancer drug that completely hinders the self-renewal of all cancer stem cells. However, his colleagues do not seem to share his excitement, and he is not even allowed to carry out clinical trial on humans. Suzuki is disheartened and completely at a loss by this but then he comes across a girl, Manami, who is suffering from terminal cancer. With help from her, he successfully carries out clinical trial. Yet, things take an unexpected turn. What will become of Suzuki, Manami and all the others around them? What is the fate of this new drug? Pandora’s box released all the evils as soon as it was opened. What is it that is ultimately left inside?

@Drama wiki

Pandora 2 synopsis:

Amid a world faced with an unprecedented global food crisis, brought on by an increase in grain prices as a result of its conversion to biofuel, and crop failure because of climate change accompanied by global warming, an agricultural scientist called Suzuki Mamoru, develops genetically engineered maize ‘God Corn’ which can grow four times faster than usual after seven years of research. Sato Koichi plays the protagonist, Suzuki, who finds himself engulfed in a world swirling with desire and intrigue as the Japanese government and fund companies set their sights on the rights and huge profits of this new invention.


- Not sure if Mayuko will be part of the main cast or just a guest, but I’ll look forward to it. And you know the casts are going to be really strong and amazing.

- New drama~ ♥! (゚∀゚)


Monday, August 8, 2011

Gokaiger Episode 24 Making Of

This week Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Making Of, taken from Toei’s Gokaiger Official site.

Ever since episode 23, I’m starting to find Ozawa Ryota quite attractive. ^^;; I think red on black really suit him.

Keyhole was acting up for me, so I can’t say I really enjoy it as much as I should have.


1. ...!? I think I saw this guy before!?

2. Yes, I'm the oversize garbage, Jeloushitto

3. And I became a pet to the takoyaki shop owner

4. Their activity. Shake hand! and Stay!... is he a dog!

5. It's here! Kousuke Jinnai's (Carranger) "I love you ♡"

6. Such passionate embrace... You can feel the love

7. For these two, they pretty much changed their base in episode 24

8. Luka and Ahim first shoulder to shoulder...

9. First time watching them maintain their strange clothes...


1. First time seeing the lazy son sleeps...

2. The Zangyack encourage propagandas

3. Gai transformed for no reason

4. The director begins to eat takoyaki

5. This person is always like this
Using the concrete pipe for his fight...

6. Jeloushitto is feeling down

7. In any case, it was bizarre,

8. And it's entirely weird

9. That is episode 24, were you able to enjoy it?



- I really can’t wait for “The Flying Ghost Ship” movie… Because there’s going to be G3 Princess (Go-Onger), which mean Aizawa Rina will once again appear (she’s also made an appearance for “Gokaiger Goseiger Super Sentai 199 Hero Great Battle” movie).

- When talking about G3 Princess, you need to talk about Go-Onger. I’m probably the minority that really love the show. To put it simply, it’s totally crack (but not to Carranger standard according to people). It was the first sentai I discovered one day while looking through Keyhole channel. It was actually the Christmas episode… After that… everything is history.

- One of my favorite episode is definitely the G3 Princess debut. It’s one of those that the enemy and the hero actually come together to help defeat the MOTW. Well, it’s really just silly. But that’s what I like about it.

- I actually like the songs in this episode, especially the Gaiark’s first song.

- And yes, if you didn’t know already, Hiroto (Tokuyama Hidenori) is Oscar ver. 2 in Hanakimi 2. It’s a rule in sentai that any super serious and stoic character will need to become silly.




- On the other hand, I was watching Super Sentai VS Theater with Goseiger the other day. Gosh, everyone are super cute!! (*q*) And there are a lot of Red/Yellow in here that pretty much satisfied my craving for them in the series. I swear, if only they have as much character interactions in the series like they have here, Goseiger might have been more well like. But I still love it. XD It really made sense why everyone in Goseiger are so close and silly during all those movie greetings.


- Testing week… Probably won’t update anything until the end of this week… or even next week.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

2010 - 2011: The 16 Years Old Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子)

This is a continuation to 2010’s two parts about Fukuda Mayuko.

Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) Part 1: Life and Personality

Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) Part 2: Work.


Another year passed in a blink of an eye. I became older. You became older. And of course, so does Fukuda Mayuko, so…


Happy 17th Birthday Fukuda Mayuko.

ヾ(´・∀・)ノ << Happy Birthday♪


On August 4th this year, Fukuda Mayuko turned 17 years old. As of April, she stepped up to the be a second year high school student (11th grades).

A lot of things happened this past year.

Mayuko restarted her acting career as an full pledge actress, acquiring more roles. Though all of them are side characters, they all give a different perspective toward the storyline as a whole. Mayuko also showed her capabilities of tackling antagonist roles. Because of this, many people are starting to see her, not as a child actress anymore, but a real actress. However, it is still difficult to remove her child actress image as her work in “Byakuyako” was so strong that whenever Mayuko was mentioned, “Byakuyako” was soon to follow. Whether this is a bad or good thing, it depends on you.

Having appearing in dramas means more magazine interviews. We were able to her thoughts processes throughout the time of her hiatus as well as her current self. We discovered that she grew 161cm. We get to know more about her book obsession. We learned that her favorite color is red. We found out (very) suddenly that she thought about ending her career during her hiatus among many other things.




Miporin no Ekubo

In the summer of 2010, after her 16 August birthday, the annual 24h TV special drama was shown. This time, it’s starring Hirosue Kyoko and Nagase Tomoya as the parents to a young dying girl, Miporin, played by Kimura Manatsu. Mayuko played as the jealous older sister, Minami, fighting with the monster in her mind for her mother’s affection. This was based on a true story. The day after was a short special documentary for the drama. Mayuko got a chance to help narrate the story. Though the story is mostly focus on Miporin and her mom, Mayuko’s jealousy rage struck a strong chord to many of the viewers (the negative kind).

- What I like about this drama is that she really show her growth just within a year. The images of Mayuko in her high school uniform is extremely stunning. Other than that, it was a decent drama. 24 hr TV drama tends to not be as interesting than normal drama, imho.





For the Fall drama season, there were rumors of Mayuko being in her first full pledge drama since summer 2007 with “Enka no Joou”. Her name was never mentioned at the temporary website like the rest of the casts, so every fans were holding their breath (me included). It wasn’t until one of the TV magazine came out with the information of the new drama season that Mayuko’s participation was finally confirmed. Fans rejoiced… except for me.

I was really hesitant about this news, not because I don’t want to see her be in a drama or because I think her acting became worst. No, nothing like that. I was happy to hear that she returns to drama work again. But the drama starred both Sato Takeru and Maeda Atsuko, both of whom I still don’t think have a good enough acting chop to lead a “serious” drama series yet. Though both of them are very popular and have a huge fan base, and I actually like Sato Takeru… but I was still skeptical.

However, though I’m not familiar with the rest of the minor casts (except for a selected few), they really impressed me with their performances. The story is decent, and at time, very boring, but the message was very clear and resonated strongly. This is kind of a hit or miss with people, but I enjoyed it. Mayuko’s storyline was the most interesting to me, because surprisingly it’s the most unrealistic. It answered a lot of questions. I probably won’t re-watch it the second time though.

- Mayuko got to play a mysterious girl from the future, Fujino Tsukiko/Manager R31. I don’t think she ever play science fiction type of character before. This is also her first school drama, even if for her storyline, it’s not really a “school drama”. ^^;; Her appearance only began at the end of episode 2 onward. She has few scenes at first, then her scenes gradually increase as the drama nearing its end.

- Being a big fan of “Sexy Voice and Robo”, starring Ohgo Suzuka and Matsuken, Mayuko was ecstatic to be in the same drama with the writer/producer team for “Sexy Voice and Robo”. Her fangirl is blatant in many of the magazine interviews for Q10.

- Mayuko also quick to become a fan of her costar in the drama, Ikematsu Sosuke, who played the sickly Kubo Takehiko. Both have a few things in common, as both are isolated from the rest of the casts due to their role. They never have a scene together in this drama though. Here’s hoping they will be able to act together again.


FLaMme Mobile: “Otona ni naru mae ni…” and “Shiritai desu ka?”

There was a short period where FLaMme managers put up a web blog that talked a bit about their artists. It was on for a few days/weeks (I’m not sure). However, the blog was later shut down. While the fans were wondering what was that about, come the beginning of 2011, FLaMme put up a notice about their mobile service. It has private special contents including blog, gallery, information about its actresses. It’s performed based on a membership service, where you have to pay a monthly phone service for 315yen. Mayuko also has her own blog named “Otona ni Naru Mae ni…” while her manager’s blog is “Shiritai Desu Ka?”. At the beginning, only her manager’s blog was screened, while the newest entry of Mayuko’s blog can be view via cellphone. However, recently (within the last weeks), that privilege of viewing blog contents for free was also removed. I wondered if the found me. =___=;;

- Favorite mangas: Bokura ga Ita and Kodocha

- Favorite mangaka: Obana Miho

- Mayuko’s actually a very sloppy person. She plans to move out after graduating from high school, “where the the cockroach can’t reach, a room near the sky”.

- She’s “lazy” if she doesn’t have work or school.

- Favorite kanji:

- Favorite hiragana: ゆ (yu)、み (mi)、り (ri)

- Favorite katakana: ネ (ne)、メ (me)、レ (re)

- Favorite number: 2, 4, 7, 9

- Favorite time: 9 o’clock




A Message for the victims of the Tohoku Earthquake.

March 11, 2011 is now a day that’s strongly imprinted to many Japanese because of the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake. Many died and lost their home due to the triple strikes (earthquake, tsunami, radiation), a result of mother nature. During these times of disasters, many agencies rally their resources and do their best to support the victims. FLaMme isn’t any different. Beside from donating to Red Cross Japan, in April, FLaMme gathered together all its artists for handwritten messages to the victims. Other than that, the artists also showcase their item to be auction off for donation. Mayuko in particular donated her blouse and short from her “3 Maime Bodyguard” wardrobe. I’m not sure what’s the total amount they received from her items, but according to 2ch, it totaled to 82,000yen (~820USD).

- We got a sample of Mayuko’s oji-san serious handwriting. ^^;;




3 Maime Bodyguard ~Boku ga Kimi dake wo Mamorinuku~

On June 1st, Mayuko’s keitai drama with Exile’s Matsu started. It’s a comedy about Nobu (Matsu), a man down in his luck, takes on a job to protect a spoiled rich girl, Natsumi (Mayuko). This is Mayuko’s first’s keitai drama since the “Liar Game Episode 0” at the end of 2009. Watching the first episode, I actually enjoyed it lots. But since you need to be in Japan and pay a fee to view, I don’t know what’s going on for the remaining episodes.

- Of course, it’s her first time (that I know of) trying a light comedy. “Enka no Joou” was also a comedy, but it’s dark comedy. It’s her first time being the rough tomboy character.

- I need to repeat because everything about this is just epic. Mayuko dressed up as a maid to hide from the person who pursued her. Being a maid, one of her line and pose included “Natsumi da nyan~♥” (cute version of “I’m Natsumi”). XD;;

- Behind the scenes, Mayuko and Matsu goes kya~kya~ over nama donuts.

- For this drama, The ROOTLESS sang the theme song “Elephant”. Images behind the scenes of “3 Maime Bodyguard” was used for the music video. This will be her second music video appearance. Though, I cannot find the music video anywhere.

- The day after her birthday (Friday), the drama will shown episode 12. Next week will be the last episode, episode 13. Hopefully, we’ll see it in DVD format soon.




Soredemo, Ikite Yuku

Also during this time, Mayuko appears in the Summer 2011 dramas, “Soredemo, Ikite Yuku”. The drama stars Eita and Mitsushima Hikari, about the trials of star cross lovers between the victim’s family and the assailant’s family. Mayuko played Hikari’s younger sister, Akari, part of the assailant’s family. Perhaps due to its depressing subject matter, the ratings wasn’t spectacular so far. But the drama is absolutely amazing, as it’s my favorite drama of the season, even without all my bias. The only thing I’m disappointed about is her lack of scenes in the drama so far. But, even that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying this great show.

- As of episode 4, there’s a big revelation about Akari and her siblings. Episode 5 is broadcasted today (Thursday).

- Akari was born after the murder case, so she lives mostly not knowing about the details of the case. So she’s supposed to be the most normal compare to the rest of the casts. Perhaps, her first time playing a normal character since “Little DJ”/“10 Promises to My Dog”.




NHK Human Documentary: “A Young Girl’s Choice~ 18 Years Old’s ‘Life’ Mail”

July 22nd, Mayuko worked for NHK on a documentary show. She narrated the letters of a young girl, about her choice of not receiving help to live. The documentary made me cried.

From the comments that I’ve read, many were impressed and moved by Mayuko’s narration. I actually found Mayuko’s voice to be really nice and light here. It’s  different from her normal drama voice. ^^;; Truthfully, whenever Mayuko has “voice acting” work, I’m always worried. Because I feel there are still improvements needed for her voice. Though she always prove herself, but I still get nervous for some reason. Perhaps all these practices may help her with her future voice acting jobs.



Putting it all down on paper took me a while… x__x;; But I hope from now on, she’ll continues to have more and more meaningful works that can showcase her true talents.

- Hoping Mayuko and Ohgo Suzuka will have a drama together.

- Hoping Mayuko and Ikematsu Sosuke will have a drama together.

- Hoping Mayuko, Shida Mirai, and Kamiki Ryunosuke will have a drama together.


Speaking of Ohgo Suzuka…. August 5th is her birthday, so Happy (early) Birthday! XD;; Probably not going to make a separate post for her this year. ^^;;


It’s a bit of a sexist song and the guy’s an idiot, but it’s still good song. And it’s a perfect song for the occasion. :P

Sixteen Going on Seventeen from The Sound of Music.


☆彡 ★彡 ☆彡 ★彡

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

NHK: A Gir’s Choice ~18 Years Old “Life” Mail~


nhkヒューマンドキュメンタリー 2011年7月22日放送


This is the NHK Human Documentary with Fukuda Mayuko and Nogiwa Yoko narrates for the letters between Noguchi-sensei and Hanako-san.

Since it’s 50 minutes long, I decided to put it as a separate post instead. If you watch it, please make time.


Tears were streaming from my eyes like waterfall during this.

I hate how they keep showing the dates…. It felt like a countdown to Hanako-san’s life. >_<;;


Mayuko…. actually have a pretty nice voice. I’ll elaborate on this later.





Hanako is so cute… She has such beautiful eyes really (I seriously like that type of eyes). She reminded me so much of my little cousin. ;_;

Monday, August 1, 2011

Gokaiger Episode 23 Making Of

This week Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Making Of, taken from Toei’s Gokaiger Official site.

Episode 23 is a girl power focus, as well as the tribute episode for GogoFive. I haven’t see Gogo Five, so can’t say much about it. But lol… Joe and Hakase.

Finally an episode with Luka and Ahim development… Well, more to Luka than Ahim.

Talking a bit about the part where Joe caught Ahim while Marvelous caught Luka. While Joe and Ahim part was cute… Am I the only one that thought Marvelous and Luka part was hot? ^^;; No, I don’t ship them together (but I’m starting to)… I still preferred Green/Yellow…

I’m starting to think I tend to like dysfunctional pairings. >__<;;


1. This time's mains are Luka and Ahim

2. Seems like Luka had a little sister!!

3. Drying her younger sister's hair, how kind!

4. There's also another lead, Matsuri-san!

5. Doing an action scene after a long time

6. Uuu~, Basco is cruel

7. A memorial photo with Go Pink's suit actor, Nakagawa-san!

8. Having fun with the children even during break time

9. Also calming the baby...



1. Having so many women around, it was a fun scene!

2. That's right, there's also a beautiful person here...

3. Noooooo~~~~!

4. Why is my eyes like this... he must have thought!!

5. Joe "Does this suit me?"
Cross dresser "Un, you're becoming more and more my type"

6. Hakase "Somehow Joe looks like he's having fun"



1. And so, me too ♡
How is it? Pretty?

2. Let's leave this two alone
They are helping people and more people

3. Well then, please feast your eyes.
We'll see you next week ♡

4. Omake
(from the left)
Zubaan (Go Go Sentai Boukenger)
Kurojishi Rio (Juken Sentai Gekiranger)
Mere (Juken Sentai Gekiranger)