Wednesday, July 20, 2011

TV Life 05.28.2011: Kamiki Ryunosuke (神木隆之介) Interview

Scan taken from the awesome Chinese fans at Baidu.

Since I finally finished my stock web interviews of Kamiki, time to move on to magazine interviews… TT_____TT;;

If you don’t know already, I usually always hate doing Kamiki magazine interview because I can’t see anything most of the time. Wish my Chinese could be better so I can just translate from the Chinese text instead… >__>;; But… uh, bad translation, sorry.



TV Life May 28, 2011

Kamiki Ryunosuke
Sakamoto Yosuke

It's due to the influence of manly Matsu-nii!

Even with his strong child actor image, right now, he's showing a fearless face of a high school student. With "Matsu-nii"'s influence, you can feel that he'll becoming more and more manly!


At the open restaurant of "Koukousei Restaurant", Kamiki acted as Sakamoto Yosuke, the third year member of Aikawa High cooking club. A character who has a dream of becoming a chef, in the club, he's the most straight forward and intense when talking about cooking.

"Because there are times when his friends relied on Yosuke, even for this drama, it's my first time having to prepare myself while creating the character. My skill in cooking is only up to the degree of helping my mom out in the kitchen, so the thing I could cook are something like Chinese fried rice and omelet rice (laughs). That's why, this time it's my first time being a person who hold the knife, other than that, Ise ben (dialect) is difficult. It's different from Osaka ben, and it's hard to emotionally match the rhythm of your partner."

Currently 18 years old with a 15 years long of experiences, it is his first time acting with Matsuoka Masahiro who played Muraki, the club's advisor. At the filming place, it seems like he's adoringly called "Matsu-nii".

"He has a strong image of wearing sunglasses and seems scary, but he's really nice and funny. He'll calm us down when we're nervous, make the filming place lively, and has a lot of spirits. Such manliness of Matsu-nii is easily influenced. Even though I'm actually also a 3rd year high school student, but the people there are different than my classmates at school, so it's like having fresh classmates. I personally want to be in a school drama that’s school drama-like.”

Having already achieved it, what are the directions of the restaurant from now on, and also how will Yosuke continue forward?

"No matter what first step the restaurant take, there are going to be various difficulties it needs to go over. Also, though this is my expectation, but Yosuke will encounter a wall in his road. How will he climb over and fight it? Even with Yosuke's wall and my own wall, I want both of us will be able to cross it and grow together."




- You know, there was a time that Baidu refused to load its pictures, so for a long time, I was blank on what things happened to Kamiki. At least… it is back now.

- Kamiki fandom! Please thrive and raise yourself! ^^;; Please forever be united! Please always promote Kamiki!

- My selfish wish. ^^;;

- Oh and also, any fans who can read Chinese/Japanese, please consider to help out the fandom and translate his interviews! I have no doubt that you’ll do a much better job.



  1. 18 years old with a 15 years long of experiences
    - wow he literally grew up in front of the camera and i'm pretty sure he'll grow old in front of it too ;)

    i was all excited about this kamiki/kawashima drama but i ended up not able to watch it *i'm having issues with megaupload boo*

    THANKS for translating kamiki related stuff and sharing them with us ;)

  2. Do you not download with Bittorent at D-Addicts? Just wondering. ^^;; If megaupload not work for you, how about fileserve (though it's slower than megaupload for me, at least it's something)... ^^;;

    Actually, I haven't watch it pass episode 2... It's just boring for me. ^^;; The same could be said about Akahana no Sensei, which is a shame, because I quite like a lot of the casts.

    Ah, no, you shouldn't be thanking me... :/ I'm just a bit disappointed at Kamiki's fandom.