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TOKIO Night Club June 25, 2011: Kamiki Ryunosuke (神木隆之介) & Nomura Shuhei (野村周平)

File taken from Baidu. Picture from Shuhei’s blog.

Since it’s a radio show, I didn’t care about it at first, but after seeing that Mayuko was mentioned, I ended up curious. ^^;;

Just translating the first part, because I think it’s funny, and radio translation take too much from me (aka, my Japanese skill isn’t to that level yet) so I don’t feel like doing the whole thing. ^^;; I guessed a lot of parts, so the translation isn’t really accurate as it can be.



Tokio Night Club 06.25.2011

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Host: Matsuoka Masahiro

Guests: Kamiki Ryunosuke, Nomura Shuhei


Kiss scene

Matsuoka: Did you have rehearsal before hand? Have you had your kiss scene before?
Kamiki: I have.
Matsuoka: Oh, here it is, here it is!
Nomura: I also have it as well.
Kamiki/Matsuoka: Oh!! Really? *get excited*
Matsuoka: Nobody care about my kiss scene. First, let's talk about Kamiki's.


Kamiki: I have 2 kiss scenes. My first is 6th grade elementary school, where I have to hug the girl and receive the kiss from her. But at that time, I haven't really kiss a girl before. It was my first kiss in my life.
Matsuoka: Wait a second. Your first kiss is for a drama?
Kamiki: Yes, that's right.
Matsuoka: Wow, so the drama stole your first kiss.
Kamiki: Yes. During the rehearsal, the director explain "Just kiss, and it'll be over." But since it's my first kiss, I didn't really know if I'm able to do it. When the test come, and she was about to kiss, I was shock.
Matsuoka: I see, poor girl. What about your second kiss?


Kamiki: It's for the movie Little DJ, with Fukuda Mayuko.
Matsuoka: Hmm, Fukuda Mayuko-chan. Ok Ok ok!
Kamiki: Yes, it's for the last scene.
Matsuoka: So for this one, you took the initiative.
Kamiki: No, I was passive again.
Matsuoka: ………... What's wrong you? You pretty much let the girl took the initiative both times.
Kamiki: Well, but I haven't kiss before, and it only 2 times, so I don't really know if it's a lot or a little, but...
Matsuoka: But aren't you already in high school, and only this much?
Kamiki: Yes, both are passive.


Matsuoka: Then what about for Nomura?
Nomura: For the kiss scene, it was at the set, with the girl that I'm dating. Even though it's just a peck, but since it's my first, and how there were a lot of people around that I wasn't able to look at my partner's eyes. In the rehearsal, we didn't do it, but at last, for the real thing, we did it.
Matsuoka: Was it alright? For the girl?
Nomura: Yes, it was alright.


Matsuoka: Speaking frankly, what do you feel about kiss scene?
Kamiki: Frankly? It really make my heart beat nervously.
Nomura: At first, it'll raise my tension.
Matsuoka: So one of you get nervous, while the other raise his tension?
Nomura: But after the tension, for the real shoot, I'll be able to do it.
Matsuoka: But kiss scene is really difficult. I'll just leave it for the actress to lead. Even for a wedding scene, it's the actress that lead. Even now, all of us are still letting them lead us.
Kamiki/Nomura: Gambarou! Gambarimasu!



- I found it weird after listening to this, because I always thought that the kiss scene in Little DJ was fake. Is he now telling me that they really have their kiss scene there? Hmm… Strange…

- Matsuoka’s reaction to Mayuko’s name make me wondered if he suddenly remember her because she went on to TOKIO’s 5LDK to promote Heaven’s Door, or because she worked with Nagase. XD




  1. So the Aikurushii one was his first kiss :o
    *o* And omg he and Mayuko kissed! That's... shocking rofl.

    Thanks for this~

  2. Yup, his first kiss is in Aikurushii. I actually was rooting for her rather than Suzuka actually. :P Too bad she quit show business. It would be interesting to see if she continues.