Tuesday, July 26, 2011

JUNON June 2011: Ikematsu Sosuke (池松壮亮) Moshidora Interview

Scans taken from Jmagazinescans on livejournal.

In JUNON June 2011 issue, Ikematsu Sosuke make an appearance along with his “Moshidora” teammates for the promotion of “Moshidora”.

The Drucker person the title referred to is actually a real person. Peter Drucker is a popular author who wrote about the organization and order of government, business, etc… in our society. Seeing as business and government are not one of my favorite subject, so I’m sad to say I’ve never read his book before, much less heard about him until this movie. ^^;;




JUNON, June 2011

Seto Koji, Ikematsu Sosuke

Nishii Yukito, Suzuki Hiroki, Yano Masato, Irie Jingi, Matsushima Shota, Nomura Shouhei



Ikematsu Sosuke

First, in order for the 18 people to become a baseball team, I consulted with Suzuki-san, the oldest.

Other than about youth, there's also a love triangle revolving around Minami.

Because I love baseball, I did softball during my elementary, junior, and high school. During high school, I was the vice-captain. At the national competition, we were the top favorite for the championship, but after the first game with another school, we lost. I never forget that bitterness. For this movie, as a person who's familiar with baseball, I want to properly face this work with seriousness. First, for 18 people to truly become a baseball team, I consulted with Suzuki-san, who's the oldest. Then, one by one, as I begin to learn more, we got out to eat together, and every night at the club room, we'll gather and talk. Finally, when we learn of our positions, "Wah" and we were happy for one another, I think it's great.

Because Kashiwagi Jiro is the catcher, he's a person that while hiding his own passion, he watches over everyone from the back. Even though he's a childhood friend of Minami, who played by Maeda Atsuko-san, no doubt, there's a feeling of love from Jiro. However, though he want to confess, he can't, as there's something that held him back. I found that subtle feeling to be interesting. On the other hand, Keiichiro also has something for Minami. Truthfully, love triangle is also an element, so I think people who watch it for something other than youth story, it's also good.

This film is where baseball and Drucker joined together to make an original work, moreover, starring us young actors, and AKB48, who are becoming more popular in the nation, it contains various elements making a fresh youth movie. The results of everyone's hard works is shown in theater in June, please watch it.



- Yes, he’s is really a baseball freak. Which is perhaps, one of the reason of his strong bond with best friend, Hayashi Kento (who’s incidentally also a baseball lover). ♥ They entered the same grass-lot baseball team.

- In high school, his position was pitcher and center.

- Speaking of Ikematsu Sosuke, he has a new drama this summer (currently airing) along with Miura Haruma called “Hi wa Mata Noboru”.

- Which reminded me, he finally has his own dramawiki now. >__>;; Though there are still a lot of things need to be added, but that’s still a step up. :)



  1. waahhhh thank youu for thiiisss
    i've just watch moshidora last week and im became curious about him. and after that i found out that he starred in a movie sand chronicle, which it an adoption from manga.
    and im falling in love with him in that movie <3