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GET Core: Kamiki Ryunosuke (神木隆之介) Interview

2010 interview from GET Core.


My voice get the loudest cheering in PE.

Actor – Voice Actor: Kamiki Ryunosuke (17)


- For Studio Ghibli’s newest movie “Karigurashi no Arrietty”, he’s playing Sho, the 12 years old boy who moved Arrietty’s (the protagonist) heart.

Kamiki: I’ve worked for Ghibli-san for 3 works. Seems like I’ve encountered Ghibli again right after the period where my voice changed. “Spirited Away” when I was 8, “Howl’s Moving Castle” when I was 11, and this time I’m 17. For each of these 3 films, my voice is totally different that you can measure my growth.

- Sho has a weak health, and he moved in hope to improve his health. What kind of things are you aiming for in your character?

Kamiki: Sho is a flat boy, his facial expression doesn’t change. Even when he’s sick, he doesn’t have any hope of recuperating. It’s a difficult role. Director Yonebayashi (Hiromasa) explained that he want to show only after meeting Arrietty that Sho begins to change, and so, with each lines, I tried to delivered those words carefully.

- And the result showed, Sho’s character and Kamiki’s voice matched perfectly.

Kamiki: Thank you very much. But truthfully, I’m not very confident with my voice. Even listening to it is embarrassing. Will my voice be alright, I’m always having those insecure thoughts. More than being an actor, voice work is difficult.

- Specifically?

Kamiki: Even though it’s obvious, because the anime character isn’t myself, so I need to meet that character’s level. How complicate the character’s inner thoughts, I have to breath life into him. Of course I also want to be able to do this as an actor, not acting as the character, but performing as if I am the character himself. Even as a voice actor, this is my goal.

- Please tell us how you keep your voice.

Kamiki: I do my best to not raise my voice. Eating cough drops, I guess to that extend. But at school, whenever I get excited, I’ll always raise my voice. During PE, perhaps I’m the one that cheered the loudest. When scoring a point in volleyball, “YOSSHA~” I screamed. My throat suffered from that.

- Voicing for Arrietty is actress Shida Mirai-san. It’s her first voice challenge.

Kamiki: I worked with her before, so we have mutually good atmosphere and able to do our job. When one of us worried and said “Will I be alright”, then the other will say “If it’s you then you’ll be alright”, but when we work, surprisingly we are good together. In just one day, we managed to finished Arrietty.

- If you’re able to work for another Ghibli’s film, what kind of character do you hope to do?

Kamiki: Hmm, perhaps a villain. When I’m pass 20 years old, it’ll be interesting to implements all my experiences. All my character up until now are a “good child”. I want to steadily try a villain role.


2010/08/08 Nishi Nipon Morning Newspaper



- Because I just finished the movie the other day… It was alright. It was good, but still can’t top “My Neighbor Totoro” and Ghibli’s older works in my mind. Kamiki was good, Shida was also good. I’m impressed that she doesn’t sound like herself. On the other hand, Kamiki sound exactly like himself. lol

- My favorite part is when Sho and Arrietty discussed about nature vs human. Sho always have such a permissive view, while Arrietty’s view is full of hope. I think that was one of the best scene in the whole movie. That’s also the part where his view suddenly changed.

- Nature vs human is a consistence theme for Studio Ghibli, so I’m not surprise in seeing it again. However, I think the humanity aspect would be a good enough evil to the film, rather than the additional villain, the helper Haru. Haru was a pretty weak villain. Why did she want to capture the little people? Her reason and motive wasn’t clear. And even that part where Haru locked Sho inside, he was able to get out, but how did he able to unlock the door and go in again? Where did Sho get the key from?

- Well, perhaps it’s just my nitpick with the movie. ^^;;

- It was enjoyable, and it was pretty.


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