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Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子): One Step Beyond 06.14.2011

This time, another radio show.

This is an internet radio, hosted by MATSU of EXILE called One Step Beyond.

About 1.5 minutes in, Matsu start talking about the drama, “3 Maime Bodyguard”, and specifically of Fukuda Mayuko. As usual, my translation is totally horrible and isn’t accurate. I apologize.


Maid Mamayu Maid Mamayu Maid Mamayu ♥

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MATSU One Step Beyond 06.14.2011

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1:30 - 3 Maime Bodyguard

The show begins broadcast since the start of June.

For this, today let's talk about Natsumi-chan, the heroine for 3 Maime Bodyguard, 16 years old, Fukuda Mayuko-san.

Fukuda Mayuko-chan is... Just like how she looks, very cute. She's a girl that you can't help but quickly take notice of her. When I saw her history as a performer, I was shocked.

She entered show business when she was 6 years old and this year, it has been 10 years. Right now, she's 16 years old, but since working with her, I think she's such a level headed girl.

Even though she has the atmosphere of a cute high school student, similar to that of a ojou-sama (young lady), but when the filming started, her acting switch suddenly turned on like PAH. For that part, I really feel like she's a pro actress.

But in the midst of that, normally when playing such a strong character, there are times where I get to see her lovely seriousness in acting.

Occasionally, there are times when you can see her childish side. Such times are Nama Donuts. When I wonders "What should I do? Which should I choose?", she will quickly choose the blueberry ones. Normally, she's playing such a strong willed Natsumi, a girl that doesn't care about sweet, but when I see that there's a gap with her character I suddenly can sympathize with her.

For Fukuda Mayuko-chan, her charm point is definitely her firm eyes. When you looks at her eyes, it really feels like it's able to pull you in. Up until now, I never really brag about my acting, but when together, I was able to portray a lot of things. Though the people are easy to talk to, especially about snacks, but I'm really glad that she is my partner. I think that is also a highlight of the 3 Maime Bodyguard.

3 Maime Bodyguard is about protecting someone, but in that, there's also human emotions, and possibly even love. So I hope you will be able to enjoy it.



Today, I talk a bit about Fukuda Mayuko-chan, who plays Natsumi in 3 Maime Bodyguard. I really hope you'll watch the drama. Actually, I'm really shy of people, and she's like a dai-sempai to me in acting that I was able to learn a lot of things from. With Natsumi, our relationship will become better, so I hope you'll look forward to that. Perhaps, and perhaps, there might be a love scene, like that. So please tune in and enjoy the drama.



- A few skipped parts, since I can’t understand what he said, and he keep pausing in the middle for his thoughts. x_x;;

- I want to try some of those nama donuts. Those looks so tasty, weird, but tasty.

- On the other hand, since I started rereading the Suzumiya Haruhi light novels again, I became interested in “L Change the World” light novel (it’s because of the movie, yup, the movie)! So I bought it from Amazon (~$11 including shipping) and it came on Saturday!! Read a bit of it, and Maki is so cute and upbeat! ♥


- Another update for Soredemo, Ikiteyuku. Information from 2ch.

Touyama (Misaki) Akari (15) ... Fukuda Mayuko

Misaki family's youngest daughter. She's currently 3rd year junior high student. Since she was borne right after the incident, she doesn't know anything about the circumstances, nor does she knows about her older brother's, Boy A, face. Her family kept on moving due to their secrets being leaked, but her parents never discuss the true reason with her. Though outside she's calm, she's actually dissatisfied. Having a strong sense of independent, she wants to hurry and grow up to move out. A bit cold, she doesn't know the reason why her older sister is so infatuated with Boy A. But when she learned of the secret...


- I knew it! I knew her character is going to be like this. ^^;; So Fubata is the good daughter, while Akari is the stubborn daughter. lol

- Information of other casts can be seen on Jdrama Weblog.

- The drama will begin broadcasting on July 7th, also known as Tanabata Festival in Japan. “So when you think of Tanabata, remember to think of Soredemo, Ikiteyuku.” – shameless plug from Soredemo Ikiteyuku blog. >w<;;


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