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Excerpts from L Change the World (Novel)

Finished the book. It was better than the movie because there are a lot of bonding moments between Maki and L. The exchanges between these two are my favorite parts really.

To me, the story played out like a fan fiction. But on the other hand, technically a spin off is a fanfic. ^^;;

There’s another part where they talk about how Maki and Misa are actually very close. Close enough that Maki was able to ask a favor from Misa during her concert. And one of the song Misa sang was Heaven’s Door. Think about Misa (Toda Erika) and Maki (Fukuda Mayuko) counter parts in the movie, I can’t help but laugh and think that this is not an accident. :3 These two are from the same agency if you didn’t know. The book was published in 2007. What a coincident that Mayuko ended up working on the “Heaven’s Door” movie.

If reading these two parts made you curious, please consider buying the book.

Amazon: L Change the World (Novel)


12- 1 Joke

Inside a shady back alley shop in Akihabara, L bought a host of mini-transmitters and various junk parts made of unknown materials. Maki compared L to the other men around them and gave a satisfied nod. “You fit right in at a place like this.”

“Something tells me that’s not a compliment,” L said as if he might be offended, though it wasn’t evident from his expression.

Down the block, L entered a maid café with the bag in his arm. A young woman in a maid costume said, “I’m sorry to keep you waiting, Master,” as she brought L an ice cream sundae. He stared at her as though he ha laid eyes on something inexplicable but quickly turned his attention to the sundae.

The way he held the long spoon with his fingertips—a precarious balancing act—made Maki nervous watching him, but L paid no mind as he skillfully brought the whipped cream to his mouth.

“Don’t you go to elementary school, Maki?”

“Nope, I was always traveling the world with my father. But I’ve already completed my studies up to the eighth grade,” she said proudly. But then her face clouded with doubt. “Do you think I should be going to school, Ryuzaki?”

After he pondered the question, moving his closed mouth up and down, he smiled and stuck out his tongue in an effort to reassure her. Balanced on top of his tongue was a cherry stem tied in a knot. “It’s alright,” he said. “I didn’t go to school either.”

Maki stared at him an let out a loud sigh. “Now I’m worried.”

“It seems you have a knack for getting me down.”

“I’m joking.” She playfully thrust the back of her hand at him, like the Osakan she was, but L kept a straight face.

“I’m not good with jokes.”

After finishing the sundae, L took the transmitters out of the bag, set them all to the same frequency, and covered them with duct tape. “We’re ready. Let’s go outside. I need your help.”

The two went out into the main street an one by one began to attach the transmitters behind the license plates of the cars stopped at the traffic light.



07-1 Escape

The sound of crickets filled the air. L and Maki lay on their backs gazing upward. A star-filled sky spread out before them.

“They’re so beautiful. I never thought about the stars before, but now that I know I’m dying, they really are beautiful.” Wiping away a tear, Maki reached up with both arms toward the stars, which looked close enough to touch.

“I didn’t think I was equipped to feel an emotion so imperfect and passive, but right now, I am touched by the sight of these stars.”

L and Maki continued to look up at the luminous stars they might never see again.

“Say Ryuzaki, were you ever able to catch Kira?”

“No, while I was able to stop the killing, I was unable to catch him.”

“Why not?”

“Kira died.”

“Then I guess you lost.”

“Why do you say that?” L sat up abruptly at the mention of defeat. But when she stared back at him, he scratched his head.

“He died a bad man, right? Your job is to catch him so you can make him see that what he did was a bad thing. If you could do either, that means you lost.”

“You’re right,” L said after a long moment of thought. “I lost.”

“Not even close to winning.”

“No, not even close,” L said in a rare admission of defeat. He lay down again to contemplate the stars. He wrapped a hand protectively around the watch on his wrist.

“What are you thinking about, Ryuzaki?”

“I was thinking about my only friend.”

“Did that broken watch belong to him?”

“Yes.” Maki’s hand reached out and rested on top of L’s. For a moment, L remained awkwardly still. Then he asked, “Maki... Should I hold your hand in this case?”

“Ryuzaki, in this case, you should shut up and hold it real tight.”

“All right.” He gave a satisfied nod and squeezed Maki’s hand.

Maki’s body shook from laughing. “You really don’t know anything, do you, Ryuzaki?”

“That’s the first time anyone has told me that.”

The two laughed like brother and sister.


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