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Kamiki Ryunosuke short PR for “To Aru Hikuushi e no Tsuioku”

Short promotion video with Kamiki for his anime work “To Aru Hikuushi e no Tsuioku”.


Quite handsome, yes!?

He’s just saying the usual hello, I’m Kamiki Ryunosuke… blah blah blah… and this movie is going to be great, please watch it…













Nothing new to update this week… except  I won’t be able to translate Mayuko’s blog anymore. As I’ve feared, FLaMme’s blog’s contents are finally close to free user. Now, you can still look at it for free, but just the interface and some general information can be view. Oh well, it was fun while it’s last. I’ll wait until her entry come out as a book or something. It could happen. :P


Random post is random. (> w < ;;) <I just finished my epic Bio paper…. now I’m brain dead.


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

JUNON June 2011: Ikematsu Sosuke (池松壮亮) Moshidora Interview

Scans taken from Jmagazinescans on livejournal.

In JUNON June 2011 issue, Ikematsu Sosuke make an appearance along with his “Moshidora” teammates for the promotion of “Moshidora”.

The Drucker person the title referred to is actually a real person. Peter Drucker is a popular author who wrote about the organization and order of government, business, etc… in our society. Seeing as business and government are not one of my favorite subject, so I’m sad to say I’ve never read his book before, much less heard about him until this movie. ^^;;




JUNON, June 2011

Seto Koji, Ikematsu Sosuke

Nishii Yukito, Suzuki Hiroki, Yano Masato, Irie Jingi, Matsushima Shota, Nomura Shouhei



Ikematsu Sosuke

First, in order for the 18 people to become a baseball team, I consulted with Suzuki-san, the oldest.

Other than about youth, there's also a love triangle revolving around Minami.

Because I love baseball, I did softball during my elementary, junior, and high school. During high school, I was the vice-captain. At the national competition, we were the top favorite for the championship, but after the first game with another school, we lost. I never forget that bitterness. For this movie, as a person who's familiar with baseball, I want to properly face this work with seriousness. First, for 18 people to truly become a baseball team, I consulted with Suzuki-san, who's the oldest. Then, one by one, as I begin to learn more, we got out to eat together, and every night at the club room, we'll gather and talk. Finally, when we learn of our positions, "Wah" and we were happy for one another, I think it's great.

Because Kashiwagi Jiro is the catcher, he's a person that while hiding his own passion, he watches over everyone from the back. Even though he's a childhood friend of Minami, who played by Maeda Atsuko-san, no doubt, there's a feeling of love from Jiro. However, though he want to confess, he can't, as there's something that held him back. I found that subtle feeling to be interesting. On the other hand, Keiichiro also has something for Minami. Truthfully, love triangle is also an element, so I think people who watch it for something other than youth story, it's also good.

This film is where baseball and Drucker joined together to make an original work, moreover, starring us young actors, and AKB48, who are becoming more popular in the nation, it contains various elements making a fresh youth movie. The results of everyone's hard works is shown in theater in June, please watch it.



- Yes, he’s is really a baseball freak. Which is perhaps, one of the reason of his strong bond with best friend, Hayashi Kento (who’s incidentally also a baseball lover). ♥ They entered the same grass-lot baseball team.

- In high school, his position was pitcher and center.

- Speaking of Ikematsu Sosuke, he has a new drama this summer (currently airing) along with Miura Haruma called “Hi wa Mata Noboru”.

- Which reminded me, he finally has his own dramawiki now. >__>;; Though there are still a lot of things need to be added, but that’s still a step up. :)


Monday, July 25, 2011

Gokaiger Episode 22 Making Of

This week Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Making Of, taken from Toei’s Gokaiger Official site.

This week have an appearance of Tomoki (Urakami Seishu) from Hagane  no Onna 2. :3 Didn’t realized he’s part of Amuse until now. ^^

Next week is a girl power episode with Luka and Ahim. It’s also the tribute episode for Kyuukyuu Sentai GogoFive, with the appearance of Gogo Pink, Tatsumi Matsuri (Shibata Kayoko). Hmm, I think the girl power episode is a bit later this year, compared to Boukenger and the later sentai that I’ve watched. Of course, I’m not counting Go-Onger since Miu is the 7th ranger, thus she was not part of the main casts.


1. The leading people for this week are Joe & Gai

2. Rehearsing their character

3. Maybe... Like this??

4. No, this is too serious.

5. And so, while preparing they showed their result

6. It turned out very pleasant.



1. Though it looks like he's angry, but they're actually just exchange greetings.

2. Hakase "Hey, do you have anyone you like in elementary??"

3. Joe "Hey hey, what's your favorite anime? Movie? Game??"

4. This is the ritual of bonding with the Gokai people.

5. Ikari's holy ceremony.
Give me power~ (laughs)

6. First night game with everyone.
Please also look forward to next week!



Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger THE MOVIE: The Flying Ghost Ship – Movie Greeting

1. Gokaiger & OOO dream collaboration!

2. Sasaki Isao-san is also included!

3. Attention point: Hakase who doesn't have any fixed pose (laughs)

4. At the waiting room, these people are nervous

5. The hand that appeared at the side is Hakase's

6. This person is extremely relaxed





Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子): NHK Human Documentary: Life

Pictures from Fukuda Mayuko Picture BBS. Also from FLaMme’s Gallery.


Remember last year where Mayuko helped narrate for a NHK education show? Well, this year, she’s having another collaboration with NHK, and once again, it’s another narration job.


This time, Mayuko will be narrating along with Nogiwa Yoko.

NHK Channel: Human Documentary “A Young Girl’s Choice~ 18 Years Old’s Mail About ‘Life’”

Date: Friday, July 22, 2011

Time: 10:00pm – 10:50pm (50 minutes)

Genre: Social Welfare – Documentary/Culture and Education > Universe – Science – Medicine

The show will be broadcast on NHK On Demand.


“From now on, I don’t want to be on prolonged life treatment.” 18 years old Tajima Hanako-san passed away last year after deciding this. Although she suffered an incurable disease since she was a child, she was unable to sustain her life despite the leading edge medical treatment. For the “Close Up Modern Time” that was broadcasted earlier, Hanako-san seems to echo the message “My life isn’t going to be long. How can I live it?” This time, we will look at the 500 letters that Hanako-san wrote to the people around her as she discuss about “Life”. We will follow how the footprint of how she face her life.



If you have NHK channel, please be sure to follow!



After searching for Tajima Hanako, I found a blog that talked more about her. I’m going to summarize her life story, since I found it to be a bit interesting.



When Tajima Hanako was a young child, she has an incurable disease in her heart, which need immediate heart transplant. At the time, she was 8 years old, however the Japanese law for heart transplant for children younger than 15 years old was very strict, and the medical staffs are not as experienced. This prompt her parents to bring her to Germany for the heart transplant, where the law is more loose regarding underage children and the doctors have more experiences.

However, the doctor warns that there’s a small chance that the heart transplant will be able to be a success. Even if it’s a success, there may also be other complications post-surgery. Despites all the cons, her parents persisted in getting the heart transplant for her.

The operation was a success and Hanako returns to Japan and continues to go to school like a normal girl.

10 years passed.

Through those 10 years, Hanako and her parents went through a lot of hardships as her condition returned. It worsen to the point that in order to sustain her live, she need to live on a dialysis. She decided against it.

Her parents told her physician, “Whatever you do, please help her keep on living.”

However, her physician replied, “Thinking about your feelings, I really do want to help her continue to fight the battle and not give up. But putting my feelings aside, as your doctor, I must accept what the 3 of you decided.”

With that, her parents decided to persuaded Hanako to reconsider her decision, “Hanako, life is such an important thing! If you get a chance to live, let’s do our best!”

But to her parents, Hanako wrote, “I won’t change my mind about not doing the dialysis. I want to live as myself. I’ve been through all the medical treatments, and I’ve been sufficiently doing my best, so now, I want to leave quietly. I want to choose my own life, so Papa, please don’t put pressure on me.”

With that, Hanako thanks everyone around her for their support in her letter.

On September of 2010, Hanako passed away when she was 18 years old.



What will the letter be about? I’m curious, but I probably won’t be able to see this documentary.


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

TV Life 05.28.2011: Kamiki Ryunosuke (神木隆之介) Interview

Scan taken from the awesome Chinese fans at Baidu.

Since I finally finished my stock web interviews of Kamiki, time to move on to magazine interviews… TT_____TT;;

If you don’t know already, I usually always hate doing Kamiki magazine interview because I can’t see anything most of the time. Wish my Chinese could be better so I can just translate from the Chinese text instead… >__>;; But… uh, bad translation, sorry.



TV Life May 28, 2011

Kamiki Ryunosuke
Sakamoto Yosuke

It's due to the influence of manly Matsu-nii!

Even with his strong child actor image, right now, he's showing a fearless face of a high school student. With "Matsu-nii"'s influence, you can feel that he'll becoming more and more manly!


At the open restaurant of "Koukousei Restaurant", Kamiki acted as Sakamoto Yosuke, the third year member of Aikawa High cooking club. A character who has a dream of becoming a chef, in the club, he's the most straight forward and intense when talking about cooking.

"Because there are times when his friends relied on Yosuke, even for this drama, it's my first time having to prepare myself while creating the character. My skill in cooking is only up to the degree of helping my mom out in the kitchen, so the thing I could cook are something like Chinese fried rice and omelet rice (laughs). That's why, this time it's my first time being a person who hold the knife, other than that, Ise ben (dialect) is difficult. It's different from Osaka ben, and it's hard to emotionally match the rhythm of your partner."

Currently 18 years old with a 15 years long of experiences, it is his first time acting with Matsuoka Masahiro who played Muraki, the club's advisor. At the filming place, it seems like he's adoringly called "Matsu-nii".

"He has a strong image of wearing sunglasses and seems scary, but he's really nice and funny. He'll calm us down when we're nervous, make the filming place lively, and has a lot of spirits. Such manliness of Matsu-nii is easily influenced. Even though I'm actually also a 3rd year high school student, but the people there are different than my classmates at school, so it's like having fresh classmates. I personally want to be in a school drama that’s school drama-like.”

Having already achieved it, what are the directions of the restaurant from now on, and also how will Yosuke continue forward?

"No matter what first step the restaurant take, there are going to be various difficulties it needs to go over. Also, though this is my expectation, but Yosuke will encounter a wall in his road. How will he climb over and fight it? Even with Yosuke's wall and my own wall, I want both of us will be able to cross it and grow together."




- You know, there was a time that Baidu refused to load its pictures, so for a long time, I was blank on what things happened to Kamiki. At least… it is back now.

- Kamiki fandom! Please thrive and raise yourself! ^^;; Please forever be united! Please always promote Kamiki!

- My selfish wish. ^^;;

- Oh and also, any fans who can read Chinese/Japanese, please consider to help out the fandom and translate his interviews! I have no doubt that you’ll do a much better job.


Monday, July 18, 2011

Gokaiger Episode 21 Making Of

This week Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Making Of, taken from Toei’s Gokaiger Official site.

Timing is everything.

CHIEF (Boukenger)!!! ♥

Or rather… Akashi~!! XD;;

You know, I really thought we’re going to see more Luka character growth/development, but it’s more like Marvelous development. :/

On the other hand, I’m glad Sozoo Ryuuon make a reappearance… Almost made me missed watching Boukenger. Almost… I have no time… really…

I’m glad they didn’t add anymore strange add-on, rather, it’s just a sword. ^^;; Better than being clustered.


1. Boukenger, it’s here!

2. Chi, Chief!! You're here!

3. An emotional reunion with Ishigaki Action director!

4. That form... Really give you fighting spirit.

5. Also, this time is the most awaited, Takemoto gumi!
Director, thank you for waiting...

6. The shooting location is nothing but mountain, cave, and forest



1. Chief "It's like this during Boukenger's time too..."

2. Did the rocks also fell like this too?

3. A very bad mood Marv-chan

4. The heroes with whisk and peeler

5. Joe VS Gai... Behind them are
Chief VS Director (laughs)

6. They're studying the methods to block attacks



1. Fuu, they were too excited

2. Luka being filial to the camera man
You know, the camera is heavy

3. Discussion: My and Chief's ideal heroes

4. Strong but kind, with a smile we'll never forget, that is a hero!

5. Acquisition of a new weapon!

6. Not really, it's the microphone.
She's only holding it for a bit!

7. We went on a little adventure, it was fun!


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子): Otona ni Naru Mae ni… 14

Fukuda Mayuko’s blog from FLaMme mobile.


We introduce you to Fukuda Mayuko’s strange thoughts and the things she’s interested in at the moment! Everyone, please enjoy!

July 12, 2011

14th Entry

“No matter what we look at, it follows”


My favorite kanji


My favorite hiragana

ゆ (yu)、み (mi)、り (ri)


My favorite katakana

ネ (ne)、メ (me)、レ (re)


My favorite numbers

2, 4, 7, 9


My favorite time

9 o’clock


Even more than words (言葉), I like words (ことば).

Even more than loneliness (寂しい), I like loneliness (淋しい).

Even more than to think (想う), I like to think (思う).


For the “女” (woman radical) that is attached to both “好き” (like) and “嫌い” (hate), I somehow like it.


Whether it’s character, number, time, or word, they are just simply symbols.

That’s why they are beautiful.

It’s a mystery how we grow to like it just from looking at it.


But because of that, undoubtedly, there are also things that we haven’t yet see (being exposed to).



- (; ̄Д ̄)Mayuko is really testing me. But since I have to research each and every kanji comparison, we’re going to have a short Japanese lesson!

- 言葉 and ことば are both pronounced the same (kotoba). Of course the meaning for both are also the same (words, dialect, phrase, language, speech, etc…). But what is the differences between them, beside from one being kanji and the other in hiragana?

- My personal opinion is that the hiragana form can be used for more broad meaning, while the kanji form is for more specific. But, since I’m not completely positive, I’ve look it up. And here’s the list of reasons for kanji vs hiragana:

1. Adapting to your audience - writing for children and such.
2. Emphasis - using hiragana for words that are conventionally written in kanji and vice versa.
3. Typographic reasons - using kanji to shorten text a few characters.
4. Different register - business letters contain more kanji than other correspondence.
5. Personal style - some people like kanji and like to use them.
6. Habit - pressing the henkan key even when it isn't really needed (especially among foreigners with limited exposure to the literal language...)

- You can decide whichever reason works for you.


- 寂しい and 淋しい are both pronounced sabishii/samishii, and of course they also have the same meaning (lonely, solitude, desolate, lonesome, etc…). So once again, I looked up the differences between them.

- The short answer that’s given is that 寂しい is more about things/place being lonely, while 淋しい is more about the mental state of being lonely.

- The long answer is, nuances. - Breaking apart the character 淋, you see that it has a water radical (水) and a wood radical (林). What does this mean? Think of it as water drops. After the rain, as the storm cloud cast a dim and gloomy shadow in the wood, you can hear the raindrop trickling quietly from each leaf. You don’t hear any other sounds except for that trickling of raindrops. It is a disheartening and forlorn feeling of loneliness. This is what they meant by the mental state of loneliness.

- As for 寂しい, there are no sounds, just silence. Thus the physical state of loneliness. It’s like the silence of a tea ceremony.

- By the way, 寂しい is more commonly use than 淋しい.


- 想う and 思う are both pronounced omou, and their definitions are the same again (to think, to consider, to believe, to plan, to dream, etc…).

- This time, 思う is more commonly used by 想う. The character 想 is more use with other kanji rather than itself.

- Looking it up again, 思う is where you think about things/situations, where as 想う is when you think of people. So 想う is much more emotional.


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Excerpts from L Change the World (Novel)

Finished the book. It was better than the movie because there are a lot of bonding moments between Maki and L. The exchanges between these two are my favorite parts really.

To me, the story played out like a fan fiction. But on the other hand, technically a spin off is a fanfic. ^^;;

There’s another part where they talk about how Maki and Misa are actually very close. Close enough that Maki was able to ask a favor from Misa during her concert. And one of the song Misa sang was Heaven’s Door. Think about Misa (Toda Erika) and Maki (Fukuda Mayuko) counter parts in the movie, I can’t help but laugh and think that this is not an accident. :3 These two are from the same agency if you didn’t know. The book was published in 2007. What a coincident that Mayuko ended up working on the “Heaven’s Door” movie.

If reading these two parts made you curious, please consider buying the book.

Amazon: L Change the World (Novel)


12- 1 Joke

Inside a shady back alley shop in Akihabara, L bought a host of mini-transmitters and various junk parts made of unknown materials. Maki compared L to the other men around them and gave a satisfied nod. “You fit right in at a place like this.”

“Something tells me that’s not a compliment,” L said as if he might be offended, though it wasn’t evident from his expression.

Down the block, L entered a maid café with the bag in his arm. A young woman in a maid costume said, “I’m sorry to keep you waiting, Master,” as she brought L an ice cream sundae. He stared at her as though he ha laid eyes on something inexplicable but quickly turned his attention to the sundae.

The way he held the long spoon with his fingertips—a precarious balancing act—made Maki nervous watching him, but L paid no mind as he skillfully brought the whipped cream to his mouth.

“Don’t you go to elementary school, Maki?”

“Nope, I was always traveling the world with my father. But I’ve already completed my studies up to the eighth grade,” she said proudly. But then her face clouded with doubt. “Do you think I should be going to school, Ryuzaki?”

After he pondered the question, moving his closed mouth up and down, he smiled and stuck out his tongue in an effort to reassure her. Balanced on top of his tongue was a cherry stem tied in a knot. “It’s alright,” he said. “I didn’t go to school either.”

Maki stared at him an let out a loud sigh. “Now I’m worried.”

“It seems you have a knack for getting me down.”

“I’m joking.” She playfully thrust the back of her hand at him, like the Osakan she was, but L kept a straight face.

“I’m not good with jokes.”

After finishing the sundae, L took the transmitters out of the bag, set them all to the same frequency, and covered them with duct tape. “We’re ready. Let’s go outside. I need your help.”

The two went out into the main street an one by one began to attach the transmitters behind the license plates of the cars stopped at the traffic light.



07-1 Escape

The sound of crickets filled the air. L and Maki lay on their backs gazing upward. A star-filled sky spread out before them.

“They’re so beautiful. I never thought about the stars before, but now that I know I’m dying, they really are beautiful.” Wiping away a tear, Maki reached up with both arms toward the stars, which looked close enough to touch.

“I didn’t think I was equipped to feel an emotion so imperfect and passive, but right now, I am touched by the sight of these stars.”

L and Maki continued to look up at the luminous stars they might never see again.

“Say Ryuzaki, were you ever able to catch Kira?”

“No, while I was able to stop the killing, I was unable to catch him.”

“Why not?”

“Kira died.”

“Then I guess you lost.”

“Why do you say that?” L sat up abruptly at the mention of defeat. But when she stared back at him, he scratched his head.

“He died a bad man, right? Your job is to catch him so you can make him see that what he did was a bad thing. If you could do either, that means you lost.”

“You’re right,” L said after a long moment of thought. “I lost.”

“Not even close to winning.”

“No, not even close,” L said in a rare admission of defeat. He lay down again to contemplate the stars. He wrapped a hand protectively around the watch on his wrist.

“What are you thinking about, Ryuzaki?”

“I was thinking about my only friend.”

“Did that broken watch belong to him?”

“Yes.” Maki’s hand reached out and rested on top of L’s. For a moment, L remained awkwardly still. Then he asked, “Maki... Should I hold your hand in this case?”

“Ryuzaki, in this case, you should shut up and hold it real tight.”

“All right.” He gave a satisfied nod and squeezed Maki’s hand.

Maki’s body shook from laughing. “You really don’t know anything, do you, Ryuzaki?”

“That’s the first time anyone has told me that.”

The two laughed like brother and sister.


City Wave Tokyo: Kamiki Ryunosuke (神木隆之介) Interview

Little DJ interview for City Wave Tokyo.


Kamiki Ryunosuke

I want to be a person that have courage no matter what happen!


With firm eyes and bright smile, giving a strong fascination to the hearts of those that watch him, this is Kamiki Ryunosuke-san. Exhibiting his vast talents in drama and movie, this time it’s his first challenge as a DJ.

The movie “Little DJ~ Chiisana Koi no Monogatari” is a story about a young disk jockey at a seaside hospital. “Sitting in front of the mike and saying conscientious words to the people that listen” for Kamiki-san “conveying his thoughts” is an important part of the protagonist – Takano Tarou.

The movie’s theme is “conveying one’s thought”. The scene where protagonist- Tarou and his father has a disagreement, comparatively Kamiki-san tell it straight.

“In my family, we argue about anything. Whether it’s a good thing or bad thing, it’ll come out (laughs). There are also times where parent and child will say embarrassing words. But because words like ‘thank you, I’m sorry’ are very important, it’s my favorite words, that’s why I want to say it.” Then, when you have a girl you like…

“For that~, I probably can’t say it. Definitely can’t say it (laughs). I’ll start trembling and act weird. But when we suddenly meet face to face, I’ll probably hide it (laughs).” For that Kamiki-san, there’s a scene that he admired about Tarou.

“There’s a scene like that for Tarou on Mt. Hakodate. When he’s deciding which action he should take to confess. That scene showed his courage, it’s really cool, I want to become like that.”

Tarou’s obsession is radio DJ, what about Kamiki-san? “Clothes! Before I wasn’t really interested, but recently it’s fun going to buy clothes.”

With his eyes glittering while talking, we decided to ask Kamiki-san about this movie’s message. “The importance of to live, the importance of living, if you can feel the courage from this movie, it’ll make me happy.”

He has a strong image of being a “child prodigy”, but lately, he’s becoming more manly. For his number 1 fan can continue to feel the loneliness and happiness, from now on, we’ll look forward to his increasing activities.




Monday, July 11, 2011

Gokaiger Episode 20 Making Of

This week Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Making Of, taken from Toei’s Gokaiger Official site.

I am embarrassed to say, I didn’t watch this episode because KeyHole went out on me, and by the time it went back, there’s already 500 people watching so my video ended up to be major lagged. ^^;; On the other hand, I rewatched the first 2 episode of Kinpachi Sensei Season 8.

But… uh, watch the preview next week. It’s Akashi from Boukenger with Luka and Marvelous episode. I was thinking why Luka and Marvelous, and then Akashi suddenly said “Precious” and everything made sense. If it’s Precious (aka treasure), then you need Luka, of course, Marvelous wouldn’t want to be behind on the fun. So yea, Red Yellow Red next week! (´∀`)

On the other hand, a new Gokaiger movie already? Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger THE MOVIE: The Flying Ghost Ship.


1. This week's guest are Gin~gaman!

2. Long time no see, director!!

3. Director: "Ogawa-kun, you haven't change ne"
Ogawa-san: "Yes, because I've discipline myself!"

4. Hyuuga and Gai's fierce drama, it's the best

5. Director: "Yes! Like that! Good!!"

6. They need to get wet for Ryouma's scenes



1. Ryouma "The donuts are getting soggy"
Hakase "Don't mind, don't mind (laughs)"

2. Even though the casts are not accustom to getting wet

3. They always seems like they are having fun

4. You expected it to be cold but...

5. Un, being young is nice (laughs)

6. It's the usual heinous Basco



1. The monkey falls from the tree.
For this scene, it's individualistically funny (laughs)

2. Calmly watching are these 3...
They are the strongest fighting class

3. We did it again (laughs)
Box of cake!!

4. Ginga Forest was very fun

5. The flaming brother will become eternally immortal!

6. Next week is Boukenger's turn

7. Please anticipate it~


Saturday, July 9, 2011

GET Core: Kamiki Ryunosuke (神木隆之介) Interview

2010 interview from GET Core.


My voice get the loudest cheering in PE.

Actor – Voice Actor: Kamiki Ryunosuke (17)


- For Studio Ghibli’s newest movie “Karigurashi no Arrietty”, he’s playing Sho, the 12 years old boy who moved Arrietty’s (the protagonist) heart.

Kamiki: I’ve worked for Ghibli-san for 3 works. Seems like I’ve encountered Ghibli again right after the period where my voice changed. “Spirited Away” when I was 8, “Howl’s Moving Castle” when I was 11, and this time I’m 17. For each of these 3 films, my voice is totally different that you can measure my growth.

- Sho has a weak health, and he moved in hope to improve his health. What kind of things are you aiming for in your character?

Kamiki: Sho is a flat boy, his facial expression doesn’t change. Even when he’s sick, he doesn’t have any hope of recuperating. It’s a difficult role. Director Yonebayashi (Hiromasa) explained that he want to show only after meeting Arrietty that Sho begins to change, and so, with each lines, I tried to delivered those words carefully.

- And the result showed, Sho’s character and Kamiki’s voice matched perfectly.

Kamiki: Thank you very much. But truthfully, I’m not very confident with my voice. Even listening to it is embarrassing. Will my voice be alright, I’m always having those insecure thoughts. More than being an actor, voice work is difficult.

- Specifically?

Kamiki: Even though it’s obvious, because the anime character isn’t myself, so I need to meet that character’s level. How complicate the character’s inner thoughts, I have to breath life into him. Of course I also want to be able to do this as an actor, not acting as the character, but performing as if I am the character himself. Even as a voice actor, this is my goal.

- Please tell us how you keep your voice.

Kamiki: I do my best to not raise my voice. Eating cough drops, I guess to that extend. But at school, whenever I get excited, I’ll always raise my voice. During PE, perhaps I’m the one that cheered the loudest. When scoring a point in volleyball, “YOSSHA~” I screamed. My throat suffered from that.

- Voicing for Arrietty is actress Shida Mirai-san. It’s her first voice challenge.

Kamiki: I worked with her before, so we have mutually good atmosphere and able to do our job. When one of us worried and said “Will I be alright”, then the other will say “If it’s you then you’ll be alright”, but when we work, surprisingly we are good together. In just one day, we managed to finished Arrietty.

- If you’re able to work for another Ghibli’s film, what kind of character do you hope to do?

Kamiki: Hmm, perhaps a villain. When I’m pass 20 years old, it’ll be interesting to implements all my experiences. All my character up until now are a “good child”. I want to steadily try a villain role.


2010/08/08 Nishi Nipon Morning Newspaper



- Because I just finished the movie the other day… It was alright. It was good, but still can’t top “My Neighbor Totoro” and Ghibli’s older works in my mind. Kamiki was good, Shida was also good. I’m impressed that she doesn’t sound like herself. On the other hand, Kamiki sound exactly like himself. lol

- My favorite part is when Sho and Arrietty discussed about nature vs human. Sho always have such a permissive view, while Arrietty’s view is full of hope. I think that was one of the best scene in the whole movie. That’s also the part where his view suddenly changed.

- Nature vs human is a consistence theme for Studio Ghibli, so I’m not surprise in seeing it again. However, I think the humanity aspect would be a good enough evil to the film, rather than the additional villain, the helper Haru. Haru was a pretty weak villain. Why did she want to capture the little people? Her reason and motive wasn’t clear. And even that part where Haru locked Sho inside, he was able to get out, but how did he able to unlock the door and go in again? Where did Sho get the key from?

- Well, perhaps it’s just my nitpick with the movie. ^^;;

- It was enjoyable, and it was pretty.


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子): One Step Beyond 06.14.2011

This time, another radio show.

This is an internet radio, hosted by MATSU of EXILE called One Step Beyond.

About 1.5 minutes in, Matsu start talking about the drama, “3 Maime Bodyguard”, and specifically of Fukuda Mayuko. As usual, my translation is totally horrible and isn’t accurate. I apologize.


Maid Mamayu Maid Mamayu Maid Mamayu ♥

Download file:

MATSU One Step Beyond 06.14.2011

File Size: 10.7MB



1:30 - 3 Maime Bodyguard

The show begins broadcast since the start of June.

For this, today let's talk about Natsumi-chan, the heroine for 3 Maime Bodyguard, 16 years old, Fukuda Mayuko-san.

Fukuda Mayuko-chan is... Just like how she looks, very cute. She's a girl that you can't help but quickly take notice of her. When I saw her history as a performer, I was shocked.

She entered show business when she was 6 years old and this year, it has been 10 years. Right now, she's 16 years old, but since working with her, I think she's such a level headed girl.

Even though she has the atmosphere of a cute high school student, similar to that of a ojou-sama (young lady), but when the filming started, her acting switch suddenly turned on like PAH. For that part, I really feel like she's a pro actress.

But in the midst of that, normally when playing such a strong character, there are times where I get to see her lovely seriousness in acting.

Occasionally, there are times when you can see her childish side. Such times are Nama Donuts. When I wonders "What should I do? Which should I choose?", she will quickly choose the blueberry ones. Normally, she's playing such a strong willed Natsumi, a girl that doesn't care about sweet, but when I see that there's a gap with her character I suddenly can sympathize with her.

For Fukuda Mayuko-chan, her charm point is definitely her firm eyes. When you looks at her eyes, it really feels like it's able to pull you in. Up until now, I never really brag about my acting, but when together, I was able to portray a lot of things. Though the people are easy to talk to, especially about snacks, but I'm really glad that she is my partner. I think that is also a highlight of the 3 Maime Bodyguard.

3 Maime Bodyguard is about protecting someone, but in that, there's also human emotions, and possibly even love. So I hope you will be able to enjoy it.



Today, I talk a bit about Fukuda Mayuko-chan, who plays Natsumi in 3 Maime Bodyguard. I really hope you'll watch the drama. Actually, I'm really shy of people, and she's like a dai-sempai to me in acting that I was able to learn a lot of things from. With Natsumi, our relationship will become better, so I hope you'll look forward to that. Perhaps, and perhaps, there might be a love scene, like that. So please tune in and enjoy the drama.



- A few skipped parts, since I can’t understand what he said, and he keep pausing in the middle for his thoughts. x_x;;

- I want to try some of those nama donuts. Those looks so tasty, weird, but tasty.

- On the other hand, since I started rereading the Suzumiya Haruhi light novels again, I became interested in “L Change the World” light novel (it’s because of the movie, yup, the movie)! So I bought it from Amazon (~$11 including shipping) and it came on Saturday!! Read a bit of it, and Maki is so cute and upbeat! ♥


- Another update for Soredemo, Ikiteyuku. Information from 2ch.

Touyama (Misaki) Akari (15) ... Fukuda Mayuko

Misaki family's youngest daughter. She's currently 3rd year junior high student. Since she was borne right after the incident, she doesn't know anything about the circumstances, nor does she knows about her older brother's, Boy A, face. Her family kept on moving due to their secrets being leaked, but her parents never discuss the true reason with her. Though outside she's calm, she's actually dissatisfied. Having a strong sense of independent, she wants to hurry and grow up to move out. A bit cold, she doesn't know the reason why her older sister is so infatuated with Boy A. But when she learned of the secret...


- I knew it! I knew her character is going to be like this. ^^;; So Fubata is the good daughter, while Akari is the stubborn daughter. lol

- Information of other casts can be seen on Jdrama Weblog.

- The drama will begin broadcasting on July 7th, also known as Tanabata Festival in Japan. “So when you think of Tanabata, remember to think of Soredemo, Ikiteyuku.” – shameless plug from Soredemo Ikiteyuku blog. >w<;;


Monday, July 4, 2011

Gokaiger Episode 19 Making Of

This week Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Making Of, taken from Toei’s Gokaiger Official site.


I was side tracked most of the episode, but that part where the Go-On Wings merged was pretty cool. Most interesting part in my opinion. That and the whole Hakase’s fail breakfast. lol I’m not liking to Gokai Silver’s Gold Mode. Looks horrendous.


1. This week is also fully loaded with highlights!

2. With the Go-On Wings

3. And such lively "funyaah" from them

4. The opening is also new

5. Also, the gathering of the extra rangers!!

6. Hakase's interesting action scene is also going strong!

7. By the way, this is Bioman's Green Two

8. And this is Flashman's Green Flash~

9. Yamada-kun who plays Joe, his sword play is becoming more beautiful day by day



1. Master fencer Joe VS spear user Gai

2. Their levels are pretty high

3. Here, this funyaah is still cute (laughs)

4. A pirate's peaceful breakfast
By Ikari Gai

5. On the left is the same. By Hakase

6. Wait, are you saying it's not tasty??

7. Everyone ate it with such happiness like always (laughs)

8. Is this really for the drama? Can we eat it for real?

9. See you next week~ Funyaah~♡


Saturday, July 2, 2011

TOKIO Night Club June 25, 2011: Kamiki Ryunosuke (神木隆之介) & Nomura Shuhei (野村周平)

File taken from Baidu. Picture from Shuhei’s blog.

Since it’s a radio show, I didn’t care about it at first, but after seeing that Mayuko was mentioned, I ended up curious. ^^;;

Just translating the first part, because I think it’s funny, and radio translation take too much from me (aka, my Japanese skill isn’t to that level yet) so I don’t feel like doing the whole thing. ^^;; I guessed a lot of parts, so the translation isn’t really accurate as it can be.



Tokio Night Club 06.25.2011

File Size: 16.3MB


Host: Matsuoka Masahiro

Guests: Kamiki Ryunosuke, Nomura Shuhei


Kiss scene

Matsuoka: Did you have rehearsal before hand? Have you had your kiss scene before?
Kamiki: I have.
Matsuoka: Oh, here it is, here it is!
Nomura: I also have it as well.
Kamiki/Matsuoka: Oh!! Really? *get excited*
Matsuoka: Nobody care about my kiss scene. First, let's talk about Kamiki's.


Kamiki: I have 2 kiss scenes. My first is 6th grade elementary school, where I have to hug the girl and receive the kiss from her. But at that time, I haven't really kiss a girl before. It was my first kiss in my life.
Matsuoka: Wait a second. Your first kiss is for a drama?
Kamiki: Yes, that's right.
Matsuoka: Wow, so the drama stole your first kiss.
Kamiki: Yes. During the rehearsal, the director explain "Just kiss, and it'll be over." But since it's my first kiss, I didn't really know if I'm able to do it. When the test come, and she was about to kiss, I was shock.
Matsuoka: I see, poor girl. What about your second kiss?


Kamiki: It's for the movie Little DJ, with Fukuda Mayuko.
Matsuoka: Hmm, Fukuda Mayuko-chan. Ok Ok ok!
Kamiki: Yes, it's for the last scene.
Matsuoka: So for this one, you took the initiative.
Kamiki: No, I was passive again.
Matsuoka: ………... What's wrong you? You pretty much let the girl took the initiative both times.
Kamiki: Well, but I haven't kiss before, and it only 2 times, so I don't really know if it's a lot or a little, but...
Matsuoka: But aren't you already in high school, and only this much?
Kamiki: Yes, both are passive.


Matsuoka: Then what about for Nomura?
Nomura: For the kiss scene, it was at the set, with the girl that I'm dating. Even though it's just a peck, but since it's my first, and how there were a lot of people around that I wasn't able to look at my partner's eyes. In the rehearsal, we didn't do it, but at last, for the real thing, we did it.
Matsuoka: Was it alright? For the girl?
Nomura: Yes, it was alright.


Matsuoka: Speaking frankly, what do you feel about kiss scene?
Kamiki: Frankly? It really make my heart beat nervously.
Nomura: At first, it'll raise my tension.
Matsuoka: So one of you get nervous, while the other raise his tension?
Nomura: But after the tension, for the real shoot, I'll be able to do it.
Matsuoka: But kiss scene is really difficult. I'll just leave it for the actress to lead. Even for a wedding scene, it's the actress that lead. Even now, all of us are still letting them lead us.
Kamiki/Nomura: Gambarou! Gambarimasu!



- I found it weird after listening to this, because I always thought that the kiss scene in Little DJ was fake. Is he now telling me that they really have their kiss scene there? Hmm… Strange…

- Matsuoka’s reaction to Mayuko’s name make me wondered if he suddenly remember her because she went on to TOKIO’s 5LDK to promote Heaven’s Door, or because she worked with Nagase. XD