Sunday, June 26, 2011

Ohgo Suzuka Diary: Do Your Best White Rabbit

No, I’m not thinking of translating Ohgo Suzuka’s diary from now on. I don’t think I’ll have time. But this entry is so cute. Another day in Horikoshi Gakuen.

I wonder who drew that? XD

And before you guys all get excited on the possibilities of ships, I must remind you that that desk doesn’t necessarily belong to her. It may be a desk she borrowed to eat lunch with her friends.



2011.06.19 Do Your Best White Rabbit


It’s only one more month until summer break.

Half a year already passed (^O^)/

Even though there’s a lot of dreadful things going on this half year, I’m looking forward to the brilliant sun of the season!


The other day, when I was in the classroom eating lunch…

Huh? There’s some writing on the desk!


When I look closer…


There’s a drawing of a cute bunny ☆

And there’s also a phrase…

“Do your best~”

was written o(^-^)o


A drawing that someone I don’t know drew nonchalantly somehow make my heart relax ♪


Was it a cheer for me?

Or perhaps it’s a cheer for everyone!?


Let’s do our best ☆




  1. coughcough Kamiki is very good at drawing ^^
    ...just saying

    lol xD

  2. I do agree that Kamiki is good at drawing, that's the exact reason why I quickly crossed him off my list of suspects. lol

    I'm not sure about 3D drawing talents, but I was thinking we can compare the handwriting... (I'm a very sad fangirl aren't I? llorz)
    From H!S7 group... the closest to the handwriting is only Chinen.
    Kamiki is of course, out of the picture.

    As for the rest of the class, I'm not sure. Don't have an example to compare to. lol

  3. Thinking that it's Chinen makes my heart happy rofl.

    But somehow I think it really wasn't drawn for her. From her wording I guess, it feels like she doesn't think so XD

  4. lol I mean she doesn't think it's for her too.

  5. OMG on Himawari's first link, Chinen referred to himself as "white rabbit" =O

  6. @yatsuiko-chan Yea, I don't think it's drawn for her either.... But the possibilities are endless. * w *

    @anonymous You're good, I didn't notice it the first time. Hahah Maybe it is him.

  7. i don't think suzuka will post this on her blog if she knew this was meant for her ;) *obviously i don't ship chinen with suzuka lol*

  8. @kalyo lol, who do you ship with suzuka? Is it yuto? XD