Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Kamiki Ryunosuke (神木隆之介): Install Interview

Old interview from Excite, for the movie Install.



Being called a prodigy and being in many dramas and movie is this Kamiki Ryunosuke-kun.

Entering show business since 2 years old, this year is his 10th year as an actor! For such Ryunosuke-kun, this time he took on another challenge as a young elementary student who introduced a strange part time job to a dropped out high school girl, Ueto Aya.

“When the first time I heard about this role, ‘Eh~! Ryu is?’ and was really surprised, but when I was given the role, I’m really happy. I didn’t think the lewd lines are embarrassing at all. I just said the line normally. Even the scene where I touch (Ueto) Aya-chan’s chest, because Aya-chan and I are good friend, that’s why I think I was able to do it. If it’s another person, then perhaps it’ll be a bit awkward. Because Aya-chan was there that the filming was fun, and I was able to relax. During the filming, I’m always together with Aya-chan, and during the free time, I draw pictures or play with the stuffed animals.”

Since starring in a drama together with Ueto Aya 5 years ago, you have been good friends since. Including the director, because the atmosphere at the filming is peaceful and fun that the shooting can take place.

“The director is a very kind and interesting person. But he may be a bit of a pervert (laughs). One time when we’re not supposed to make any noise, everyone is being quiet, but the director suddenly dropped his pant, exposing his ass! Everyone ended up laughing really hard, and the scene was NG.”

Even from before, you have an image of doing growing up roles, but what is the true 11 years old Ryunosuke like?

“The parts that I’m similar to this film’s ‘Kazuyoshi’ is always quickly say anything I think, and always want an explanation for anything. In this movie, there are difficult lines, and there are parts that I wasn’t able to get an explanation on, other than that, there’s nothing else difficult do to. Up until now, the movies and dramas I’ve been in are not difficult to act in. As for asking about my personality, I think I’m energetic and cheerful, funny and a my pace person.”

So you’ve never been troubled about creating your character! It can’t be help since working as an actor is also fun. While able to easily becoming a lot of different roles, what kind of roles or challenges are you interest in from now on?

“The actor I really respect is Ikariya Chousuke-san, Nakai Masahiro-san, and also Koto-sensei (Yoshioka Hidetaka-san)!  I want to continue working as an actor forever. But other than that, I also have an interest in working for East Japan Railway Company, or as a cameraman.”

Just like that, Ryunosuke-kun exposed his love for train and pictures at once. Even while he’s busy with work, he still always holding on to a digital camera as he walk, taking picture of his favorite scenery or an interesting object. It’s not only for his roles, but he also use a computer normally, spreading the width of his interests. Next year, he will also be starring in the movie “The Great Yokai War” (in theater on May 2008), seemingly to be even more difficult. But even so, we’ll be able to continue to watch Kamiki Ryunosuke-kun’s growth every year.



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