Saturday, June 18, 2011

Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子): “Soredemo, Ikiteyuku” Press Conference

On June 16, there’s a press conference for the drama “Soredemo, Ikiteyuku”. Many of the drama’s main actors and actresses attended, including Eita, Mitsushima Hikari, Kazama Shunsuke, Tanaka Kei, Fubuki Jun, Tokito Saburo, Otake Shinobu, and of course Fukuda Mayuko.



Victim’s family:

Emoto Akira - Father

Otake Shinobu – Mother

Eita – Hiroki (oldest son)

Tanaka Kei – Kouhei (middle child, Hiroki’s younger brother)



Assailant’s family:

Tokito Saburo – Father

Fubuki Jun – Mother

Kazama Shunsuke – Fumiya/Kenji (oldest son, Hiroki’s sister’s murderer)

Mitsushima Hikari – Futaba (middle child)

Fukuda Mayuko – Akari (youngest child)


On the main website, comments of the actors and actresses at the press conference was noted. Of course, I’m only translating Mayuko’s comment.


When the incident happened, my character, Akari, wasn’t born yet. Since she did not know the details of the crime, out of everyone in her family, she’s a girl that seems the most normal. I want to portray her to be as normal as I can. Even though there are a lot of heavy scenes in the drama, at the shooting place, the atmosphere is always warm, that’s also another thing I want to convey to everyone.


The drama will be starting on July 7th, and every Thursday at 10pm. The first episode 15 minutes longer than usual.



- I think I can see a lot of possibilities of Akari being the only normal person that’s not plague with the past incident.

- Being ignorant means perhaps she’ll be the one to pull everyone, including the victim’s family, through the bad times (which I doubt). The victim’s family may even see her as their dead daughter/little sister at the end of the show. On the other hand, being ignorant also mean irrational and bratty, especially when she learns of the truth. She’ll may ended up blaming her family and I don’t know, run away from home. ^^;; Like I said, lots of possibilities.

- Akari (灯里) means a place that has light. Personal impression is that it means hope and a bright future. Her parents probably want her to grow up as normal and cheerfully as she can. Not telling her of the incident may be one of such reason.

- On the other hand, I see Eita’s character as the brother who want to forget but couldn’t (since he keeps blaming himself), while Kei’s character is the one that doesn’t forgive. Which means, Kei will probably the one to oppose Hiroki and Futaba seeing each other.

- But depending on the script, I think this drama could be really good. I’m very confident with the casts, but I’m crossing my fingers for the script.

- Random, but it’s kind of cute how Hikari and Mayuko coordinate their outfit similar. Sisters ♥

- Since the drama is on FujiTV, I really hope Mayuko, with the casts, will go on those drama special variety shows!!! *___* Like VS Arashi, or Summer Special Drama with Nakai and Tamori-san, etc… I’m looking forward to that.



  1. Do xem it ve phim cua Eita nen minh thay phim nay Eita de toc rat binh thuong ^_^. Hoi xem Last Present voi Nodame Cantabile, may kieu toc do thi ... khoi phai noi @_@ . Trong Voice thi khi suy nghi cu vo vo cai toc XD;

    Noi that la ca dan dien vien do minh chi biet moi Mayuko va Eita >"< .

    Lau roi ko co xem Eita, cung rat la nong long coi phim. Nhung xem ra phai chuan bi tam ly truoc. Bo phim co ve kha nang ne ~_~ .

    Minh thich cai y nghi nhan vat cua Mayuko do loi cho gia dinh, xem minh vo loi, ko biet gi ca va chay khoi nha. XD;;(muon xem Mayuko dien nhan vat do nhu the nao <3). Nhung co le co hoi ko cao. Vi neu Light da di mat thi dau con Hope ^_^

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    Minh nghi co hoi Mayuko dien nhu Jdo noi cao hon la Mayuko lam mot dua con ngoan. ^^;; Minh thi lai muon Mayuko dien mot nguoi co the nhin ve nhieu khia canh va co the suy nghi cho nguoi khac, vi gan day, vai dien cua Mayuko toan vai cung dau va ngoan co. Nhung neu la mot nhan vat ngoan hien thi lai chan qua, va lai khong tan dung duoc kha nang dien xuat cua Mayuko. Nghi lai thi phan van, khong biet thich Mayuko dong loai nao hon. Hahaha

  3. Hahha minh thi muon Mayuko dien vai ac that su cho minh xem <3 . Ui, Yukiho ^_^

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    Neu la vai ac, minh cau lam sao cho duoc vai nhu Fukuda Saki trong LIFE. Dung tam ly de chi huy nguoi khac lam nhung gi minh muon. Minh thich nhan vai nhu vay. ^^