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Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子): Otona ni Naru Mae ni… 13

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June 28, 2011

13th Entry

“Did I changed? Or did you?”


Our understanding of feelings and things around us, as well as the way our feelings about things that push us forward can change day by day, how mysterious.


Printed words, even if there are moments of passion, there’s also times that you just look at them as symbols, just like that.

Your favorite yogurt that you eat everyday, then one day, you suddenly don’t care about its taste.

Although normally the classroom is a comfortable and fun place, occasionally, for no reason, you feel uncomfortable and want to run away.

When those cliché love songs isn’t your favorite, but those days when you discovered your heart throbbing, strangely you found yourself able to listen to it.

When thinking “I want to hurry and film!”, but suddenly hoping the next day with work will never come.

When looking at your favorite clothes a year before, and then, heavy with thoughts of “How lame” and “My past self is so embarrassing.”


The things we like and hate day by day are changing again and again.

Would that be because I changed?

Or would it be because it changed?


But for things that jump over like, and passing even higher, I will never be able to part it from my heart.


And also memories.

One day, before I realized it, pyon (sound of jumping) and soars, it’ll become something that I won’t be able to escape from.


From now on, it’ll be great if such important things continue to multiply.


Lying down when I’m alone, trying to take a peek at myself, they (things/people/memories she likes) are always smiling.



- Lots of difficult to translate parts. If you read the original, her sentences are actually really nice and sophisticate, but it’s hard to transfer it to another language without missing a lot of its meaning. I feel like I’m just making up excuses for my bad translation, but I wish my Japanese skill is better so I can literally give you the exact meaning of Mayuko’s words.

- The title is actually “Change, was it me? Or was it you?”, which sounds a lot better for me, but I think it’s a bit harder to understand. lol What do you think?

- Is it just me or does she sound like she’s in love? And it make me feel paranoid when I think that what she wrote might be directed at a certain someone (whom I will not name). Well, it’s either that or Mayuko’s emotions budded from reading the script of “Soredemo, Ikiteyuku”. My fangirl side is hoping for the first reason, while my logic side is pulling me toward the second reason. ^^;;


- Speaking of “Soredemo, Ikiteyuku”, the main site is updated with the picture. It also has a blog for the drama as well. Eita’s interview is also up. I hope that Mayuko will have her own interview as well (but that’s probably later in to the drama before that happen). Also, look at the HUGE promotion wall. lol I just think it’s really neat. > w <;;


- If you didn’t know, FLaMme (along with a bunch of other agency) begins a series of charity auction for the victims of the Tohoku earthquake. It’s currently being held in Yahoo! auction. Various artists have put up an item of theirs to be auction off, and this time it’s Mayuko’s turn. She’s donating her outfit from “3 Maime Bodyguard”. Other than her, Toda Erika is also donating her stuffs as well. Toda Erika stuffs are like already 50000yen (~$500USD) showing how popular she is. I think it was slightly below 50000yen this morning when I checked it. Mayuko is in the ~20000yen range (~$200USD). Due look if you are curious. We still have 4 days until the auction is over.

“3 Maime Bodyguard” Blouse


“3 Maime Bodyguard” Short



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