Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子): Otona ni Naru Mae ni… 12

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June 7, 2011

12th Entry

“The Faraway Spring”


Recently, there are a lot of rain.

With the rainy season coming so fast… “Somehow, I don’t like it” I thought, but when I think about it, it’s already June.

It’s just the usual rainy season that happen during this time.

Since becoming a high school student, I have longed to have fine and soft hair compare to my own thick wig. But when the rain pour, everyday, I have to once again reminded of my own resignation.


As for a memory about the rainy season, somehow I don’t have any.

Last year, and the year before… I tried to think back, but I don’t have any memory of June.

“I wondered why” and try to think about it, for this year, it’s a bit shocking but, I did things hazily for around 1 week. No matter how hard I tried, I can’t think of anything at all.

Perhaps, with the exception of reading the scripts, my eyes didn’t see anything else.

Isn’t it because of the rain’s power.

Thus, during this period that my vision become blurred, I wondered where did Spring disappear to.


Sluggishly not thinking about things.

Time passed really fast.

Somehow, I don’t want to become an adult.

Everyday, continue to come into contact with another person, I wonder how long it will last.



- Translation might not be correct (like always).

- June is the rain season in Japan. And when girls think of rain, of course, we thought of puffy and frizzy hair from all the moisture in the air. I think that’s what Mayuko is trying to imply in the first part. Of course I might be wrong.

- When talking about rain, some people (like me) don’t like doing anything else, except lazing around and sleep. This is what she probably mean in the second paragraph.

- Funny that she said she doesn’t want to become an adult, and yet her blog title is about the road to become an adult. ( ´∀`)

- Last sentence, I’m not sure what she means. Does she means meeting new people? Or meeting her friends every day at school?



  1. thanks for translating :)) i hope you won't have any problems with accessing her blog XD

  2. Thank you for reading! XD I really hope so too. I hate it when they are selective of their reader. I think it's a sad way to make money. But... oh well. lol

  3. Ah, mua mua la mua luoi nhat trong nam. Mua mua thi o nha suong ko con gi bang <3.

    Minh thich cai doan cuoi. Ko biet co giong y cua Mayuko hay Trang viet ko. Nhung minh cung hay nghi ve cac moi quan he giua nguoi voi nguoi. Nhu khi minh bat dau quen biet 1 ai do, thi lieu rang minh se quen ho trong bao lau? chi la mot thoi gian hay la mai mai? Ho den roi ho se di hay se o lai?

    Vi nhu minh voi Trang, neu ko co gi lien quan den Japan hay Mayuko thi moi quan he nay se ton tai trong bao lau?

    Haha, nghi den chuyen nay minh thay dau ca dau *_* . Con nguoi that la phuc tap >"<. Sorry vi minh noi hoi lan mang ^_^

    Anyway. cai nay minh vua moi lam xong. Hy vong la Trang thich ^_^ (chi lam ngau hung thoi nhá)**

    (hy vong la nghe dc)~_~

  4. XD Thank you jdo ve ban nhac. Sau khi nghe xong thi tu chieu den gio cu hat toi hat lui bai do. XD

    Minh cung thich mua mua. Mua la mua de ngu nhat. Hahahah XD

    Co nhieu ly thuyet ve doi nguoi trong cau cua Mayuko nhi. Nhung minh nghi, neu co den thi chac cung se di. Neu hai tui minh khong biet nhau tu Mayuko, thi chac cung khong ket ban dau ha. Hehe ^^;; Nhung neu co mot ngay nao do ma hai tui minh tro thanh xa la vi thay doi y nghi hay sao do thi... chac cung chiu thoi. Nhung khi nho lai nhung ngay hai tui minh fangirl ve Mayuko, minh nghi vay cung du roi. ^^;;

    That ra thi minh rat it noi (va co le la luoi noi nua), nen neu khong gap lau ngay, nhung nguoi ban than cua minh se tro thanh nguoi binh thuong. Nhung vi chung minh da co mot thoi la ban, thi nghi lai tuy bay gio khong hieu nhau, nhung cung da tung co mot qua khu voi nhau ma. Vay cung du roi. Nhung voi nguoi khac thi co le minh hoi lanh mau. ^^;;

  5. Ahhh, nghe Trang noi buon qua. Co den thi se co di :( . Chi so den luc do minh qua ham choi, lo nghi chuyen gi dau, ma quen mat nhung ngay nay thi dung la .... that dang chet >"<

    Du sao cung rat cam on Trang da noi nhung dieu nay. Noi that nhe, chua bao gio minh nghi la mot khi nao do Trang se nho lai nhung ngay 2 tui minh la fangirl ve Mayuko, chua bao gio XD;;

    Cung may 1 nguoi o VN, 1 nguoi My, chu neu Trang va minh ma gap nhau 2 dua chac nhin nhau tu toi den sang, tu sang den toi qua. Vi noi that la minh cung chang biet phai noi gi nua *_* . Trên internet thi con co the suy nghi xem nen viet gi chu noi truc tiep thi .... chiu thoi XD;; . Ve diem nay thi minh dong y voi Trang, vi minh cung nhu Trang thoi, cho nen bay gio "forever alone" ~_~ .

    The nen minh moi nghi den neu ngay do co xay ra thi chac cung phai den may kiep nua tui minh moi co the gap lai nhau qua XD;;

    p/s : qua 1 thoi gian theo doi, minh thay moi lan doc blog cua Mayuko minh deu co nhung suy nghi kha la dau dau va cang thang >"< .

  6. Co gi dau ma dang chet. XD;; Minh dong y cua Jdo. May ma hai tui minh khong o chung mot cho. Neu gap nhau thi chac khong biet noi gi nua. XD;;

    Ah, ma noi lai, neu tui minh may kiep nua co dip gap lai thi la may man do. Hon la khong bao gio gap lai phai khong? XD

    Minh cung thay nhu Jdo vay. Thuong thuong, nhung cau cuoi cung Mayuko viet lam minh suy nghi. Nhung cau tren thi phan nhieu la buon cuoi, nhung cau cuoi cung nhu la co nghia bong ve doi tu cua minh vay. Cu muon biet Mayuko muon noi gi.