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Barks: Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) 3 Maime Bodyguard Interview

Interview taken from Barks.


- How are you feeling?

Fukuda: The drama has a comedy touch, something I haven’t done before. Because it feels like it’s going so fast that I’m a bit uneasy.


- What kind of character are you playing? And compare to yourself, is there any similarities?

Fukuda: She is strong willed and a bit of amanojaku*. I’m also an amanojaku.


- While acting, is there something that you take notice of?

Fukuda: Even though she’s cold to Nobu, but in truth, she’s actually slowly warm up and like him.

- It’s your first time acting with MATSU, what’s your first impression?

Fukuda: He seems like a really kind person.


- Compare to your image of him, is there a gap in his personality?

Fukuda: There are times that he’s a kind person, exactly like his image. But surprisingly, he’s also mischievous.


- How’s the atmosphere between you two while filming? Please tell us a story.

Fukuda: The atmosphere during filming is very good, the staffs would sometimes joins our conversations. When someone brought Toronama Donuts, I thought it was cute when MATSU-san happily asked “Which should I take”.


- Please give a message to the fans as well as the users who will be watching.

Fukuda: Nobu and Natsumi are both straight forward and interesting characters. I’m happy if you’ll enjoy the banters between these two. They and the people around them are all made up of charming individuals.




Partial MATSU interview, talking a bit about Fukuda Mayuko.

- Were you able to successfully communicate with all the actors?

MATSU: At first, because Fukuda-san is a lot younger that I didn’t know what approach to get to know her. But, as the filming took place one by one, I was able to open myself. As a matter of fact, I’m shy to stranger…


- Really?

MATSU: The people around me said that I don’t seems like the type to be shy of strangers. But because I’m actually the type to be shy of strangers, that’s why whenever I meet people for the first time, my way of talking is very bad. When we talk, I would think too much about “What should I say” and end up not talking at all (laughs).



- I want to try out some of those Toronama donuts. They looks so tasty.


*A little lesson of the day about the word amanojaku

(because I think it’s super interesting and amusing! Also, it directly ties into my ship, so take careful notes)

- When I look it up in wiki, it said a small oni/demon that provokes a person’s darkest desire. But what she meant here isn’t that she’s like a little demon that boss others around, instead she meant her personality as amanojaku.

- When someone describe another as being an amanojaku, it means that that person is felt to argue just to argue. They are always contradicting another, sometimes to what they actually feel.

- The easier explanation to understand is that amanojaku is similar to being tsuntsun of a tsundere. I’m sure you guys all know what this one means so I’m not going explain.

- S/mileage actually has a song about amanojaku, titled “aMa no jaku”. You can read the lyrics here to get a better understanding of the song as well as the meaning behind amanojaku.


Absolutely, absolutely not interested
You're moving away soon, aren't you?

Don't be this kind to me,
Or I'll pretend to cry for you.

- Yes, TOTALLY tsundere!

- So, you must be wondering what’s my whole point with this? In conclusion, Mayuko is a self proclaims amanojaku/tsundere! And the reason why this make me happy, beside that I like tsundere, and also why this is important and must be ingrain into your mind is….. Well, it’s a secret.



On the other hand, the first 30 seconds trailer for “Soredemo, Ikiteyuku” is up.

- Seems like Mayuko will be playing Mitsushima Hikari’s little sister. I’m not sure how much screen time she’s going to be getting, but I’m glad it’s not Eita’s little sister (since Eita’s sister going to die). ^^;;

- Since Tanaka Kei might be playing Eita’s brother, so that’s leave Kazama Shunsuke. I’m thinking he may be playing Hikari and Mayuko’s older brother, the killer.

- The script is written by the person who wrote Mother, which could be good and also could be bad (Remember the ending?). But hopefully the story is going to be interesting.


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