Thursday, June 2, 2011

3 Maime Bodyguard ~Boku wa Kimi Dake wo Mamorinuku~ Episode 1

I really thought the drama is going to be available via DoCoMo cellphones, so I was surprised when BeeTV begins streaming the first episode on youtube. So weird.

On the other hand, it appears that the 2nd episode can already be watched via cellphone, but not stream as of yet. I hope all of it is going to be available and not just the first episode as a teaser. D:

For those that are interested/curious, here’s the first episode.

Episode 1: A High Paid Part-time Job and the Fateful Encounter


- It’s really funny. And I’m amazed to be able to watch so many scenes with Mayuko not being the usual characters she played

- My favorite part is when she did the judo throws at the two men and Nobu, and also the bitch slap scene. X3 Never seen her being so violent. ( ゚Д゚)

- Natsumi came to Yokohama from Hokkaido. At the beginning, it seems like she’s looking for someone/some place. Perhaps this is her “secret”, and we’ll find out the reason in Episode 2: Their Circumstances.

- Hmm, I can’t understand her English the first few times at all. lllorz

- On the other hand, it’s a bit depressing that they always use black men as the purse snatchers. So stereotyped. >__>;;

- Other than that, I enjoyed Matsu’s performance. He’s pretty funny so far.






On other news, Matsu and Mayuko will be appearing in The ROOTLESS’s music video for the song “Elephant”, also the theme song of the drama.


From TokyoHive:

It was confirmed on May 31st that EXILE’s MATSU (Matsumoto Toshio) and actress Fukuda Mayuko will appear in a new music video by The ROOTLESS.

The two stars are part of the Bee TV drama, “3-mai-me no bodyguard ~Boku wa kimi dake o mamorinuku~“, and The ROOTLESS song “Elephant” is the show’s theme song.

The show revolves around the character ‘Mishio Nobuo‘, or ‘Nobu‘ (played by MATSU), a man who is irresponsible with money, and who through a sudden turn of events must become the bodyguard of Natsumi (played by Fukuda), the selfish daughter of a rich businessman. The two don’t get along very well, but they begin to open up to each other as they are forced to work together to escape dangerous situations. MATSU is able to prove his skills playing an action hero, and also gets to show off the dance skills he is famous for.

As for the band, The ROOTLESS is made up of members Nobata Shin (vocals), Naitou Duran Haruhisa (guitar), Ihara Takuya (base), and Otsubo Yusuke (drums). The rock band made their major debut on October 20, 2010 with the release of the single, “One day“. The single gained media attention and reached #3 on the Oricon weekly single charts.

The upcoming music video features both action and dance scenes from the drama, as well as behind-the-scenes footage of the actors. You will also be able to see some behind-the-scenes footage of MATSU and fellow EXILE member AKIRA, who also appears in the drama.

The music video for “Elephant” will be released on June 1, but the single release date is yet to be determined.

Source + Photos: Oricon


The music video is released on June 1, which is today (or yesterday in Japan), so I’m trying to find the music video for it. When someone upload it, I’ll post. I, obviously, like behind the scenes stuffs. You can see a little of it in the drama, though not a lot.




On other news, there’s now a fuckyeahfukudamayuko page on tumblr. If you have tumblr, be sure to follow. (゚∀゚)

It’s not run by me, so thanks eien-no-tsuki for starting it.

Which reminded me, how did the whole fuckyeah thing started in the first place? And why fuckyeah and not something else?

… Just wondering…  (`ヘ´)




  1. haha, co le ko ai nghi se dc xem ep01 som nhu vay :)) . Co dieu minh hoi thac mac la drama 1/6 moi bat dau chieu, nhung da up len youtube ngay 27/5. Ko biet la tuan sau co xem tiep dc ko nua ~_~. Minh cu nghi la 1 tap chi 5-10 phut. ko ngo la den 12 phut :0 .(hic, cho xem tap 1 ma ko cho xem nhung tap con lai thi dung la hanh xac >"< )

    Minh noi thiet la Mayuko noi tieng Anh nghe nhu tieng Phap vay XD; luc o trong san bay, minh nghe ko dc chu gi luon @_@. Ma Natsumi du hon minh nghi nhieu.Hehe.

    Chi co dieu ko quen nhin Mayuko mac do ngan den nhu vay >"< . Rat de thuong nhung ma ... van ko quen XD.

    Ve gift Little DJ : Minh dinh post xong het may part roi moi cho Trang biet, ko ngo Trang on Tumblr som hon minh nghi ~_~ . Luc dau dinh lam raw nhung nghi la co phan Engsub se de hieu hon (nhat la nhung phan sau <3), cung may link Trang dua minh co soft Eng. Neu ko la phai chay di kiem roai >_<
    Hy vong la Trang thich ^_^

  2. Cam on jdo da lam Little DJ gif. Minh rat thich. Nhin lai gifs lai nho Little DJ co rat nhieu scene hay. Bay gio hoi muon coi lai Little DJ. hehehe

    Mong tuan sau BeeTV lai stream tap hai. Nghe noi, ben Nhat, ho da co the xem den tap 3 tren dien thoai di dong roi. Khong hieu BeeTV cho ra phim nhu the nao, nhung mong ho up len het phim luon.

    Hehehe, minh cung ngac nhien, vi lan dau tien thay Mayuko dong vai mot nguoi sinh dong nhu vay. XD Nhung vai khac thi cung co chay di chay lai, nhung chua bao gio thay Mayuko da dam du nhu vay. Rat thu vi. Nhung hy vong may tap sau cung duoc thay Mayuko sinh dong nua, ma khong chi co tap mot thoi.

  3. Hi!

    I was so surprised that I saw my Tumblr's blog name here. XD

    You're welcome! I've been a fan of Mayuko and I was wondering how is such a very beautiful and talented actress hasn't got a dedication blog yet, so I made on for her.^^

    About the Fuckyeah thing in tumblr, there is a story behind that title. It was said that they use that title to gain attention from others, and it was the title that others use for their dedication blogs to artists, so that's why I used it. XD

    Do you have any suggestion about other names that can be called for her dedication blog?

    I don't have much time to update the blog for her so I'm asking for your patience (and maybe some help?).

    Thank you! ^^

  4. @Jonah: XD Thanks for the info. I didn't mean it's not just a good name. Just always curious about it. X3

    Just take your time. I hope I didn't put more pressure on you. lol Just do things as you usually doing, and that's fine.

  5. You're welcome ^^

    I also want to ask some permission about putting some of her infos here (like pictures, translated quotes, that blog of hers and interviews)in the dedication blog of mine.

    Don't worry I will always credit. ^^

    (well, it it's really okay. ^^)

  6. Hello there again! May I ask, are you icydoll in tumblr? By the way, i've changed the blog name to 福田麻由子 DAISUKI! :) the url is