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Nikkei Entertainment! April 2006: Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) Interview

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Nikkei Entertainment! April 2006


Fukuda Mayuko

Though she’s not the main character, you can feel her presence. A child actress, but more than a child actress.

Among the drama fans, don’t you feel like there are a lot of child actors that make you think “Their acting is pretty good~”?

In the current drama, Byakuyakou (TBS), the young heroine who was forced into prostitution in the first episode, played by Fukuda Mayuko, is one of those child isn’t it. This 5th grade girl played one of the main member in last year hit drama “Jyoou no Kyoushitsu”. On April of this year, she will appear in the special drama “Chibi Maruko-chan” (FujiTV) and will appear as an important role in this year’s most anticipated film “Japan Sinks”.

Through her outstanding talents, there are many roles as a girl who has a heavy burden, but with a smiling face she said “I like melon and squid”, showing her a honest and carefree side.


- Your role in “Byakuyakou” was quite hard to portray, how did you act it?

Mayuko: When I read the script quickly, it was my first time unable to understand such a role. Usually, I would think if it’s me, then how would I go about acting at the filming place. But I’m unable to apply it for Yukiho, it was difficult at first. Because in order to be able to have the same feeling express on my face, I earnestly read the script again, and I was able to act as her.

- You have a lot of dark roles right.

Mayuko: I want to become an actress that’s able to do all kinds of roles, but I also like dark roles. Because you’re able to act with facial expressions, when you can understand the feelings, then it’s easy. I have confident in acting with my facial expressions.

- In “Chibi Maruko-chan”, what’s your thought on your first challenge at comedy?

Mayuko: It’s fun, but I think I’m still not that good yet. Just being able to act in it is already really interesting, that’s why I have to always make sure not to let my laughter escapes.

- Do people often ask you “Do you resemble the roles you played”?

Mayuko: Yes (laughs). But I’m not the same~. Normally I’m a girl who talk a lot, hate loosing, and abide by the rule.

- Do you like going to school?

Mayuko: For the elementary students that don’t really like school, it’s a bit sad (laughs). I love both studies and playing with my friends. Even though I don’t think that acting is hard, but I’m always worried about whether my school work will be done on time.


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