Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Gokaiger Episode 15 Making Of

This week Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Making Of, taken from Toei’s Gokaiger Official site.

This week episode explored more to Marvelous past… enough said. Next week is going to be a continuation. I wondered if they are going to use this chance to introduce Gokai Silver or just introduce Basco (only) as the new enemy. If they use the movie as a tribute and VS to Goseiger, then they will still have ~26 (?) sentais left to cover until next year. I wonder if they have enough time, which these two episodes thing going on. As for the winter/spring movie… I really have no idea, a conclusion or a continuation.


1. New character, enters Basco!

2. Even though he used to be a good friend...

3. "Director, why did it turned out like this?"
"About this, Marve-chan"

4. But now, you're surrounded by wonderful comrades...

5. Banana swordsman to banana thief

6. Banana doctor to banana princess

7. Luka, don't move~

8. Hakase who's always playing pranks

9. Well, they usually ended like this



1. See~, that's what you get (?)

2. I'm, I'm sorry~ (laughs)

3. But, it was a splendid fall

4. This is how you blow a trumpet...

5. Pretty much like how you would when drinking beer (wth, yes, it really says beer)

6. The space monkey, Sari.
Hiding behind him is...

7. Director Nakazawa!!
So mischievous!!

8. Marve-chan is also from this time period

9. Please look forward to next week ♡



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