Monday, May 23, 2011

Gokaiger Episode 14 Making Of

This week Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Making Of, taken from Toei’s Gokaiger Official site.

Finally got a chance to watch it live this week. It felt like it has been months, but actually a few weeks. =__=;;

This week is the tribute episode for Gekisou Sentai Carranger, with the appearance of Jinnai Kyosuke (Kishi Yuuji), Red Racer. Interestingly, Kishi Yuuji is Kikuchi Mika’s husband. They married in 2009. Kikuchi Mika played Umeko, Deka Pink, in Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger. She’s also well known for her voice acting works, voicing Mokona from CLAMP. Oh yea, Mika is going to be in the movie so… :P

Well, Carranger is known for its comedy, so this week episode of Gokaiger is pretty much a comedy episode. Understandable, since it is a tribute to Carranger. But, perhaps I slept late the night before that, so I was really tired and sleepy while watching it. ^^;; But there are some comedy moments that I kinda laughed.

On the other hand, next week will be the appearance of Basco Ta Jolokia (possible 6th ranger, Gokai Silver), played by Hosogai Kei, whom I thought was a girl at first. XD;; In the preview, he called Marvelous by “Mave-chan”, so we can guess it’s going to be a rival type of relationship between these two. >:3 At first I wondered why so fast, until I realized that it’s already episode 15 next week. They usually introduce the 6th ranger by episode 15 every year so… Going to be sad since we’re going to have 6th + 1 from main team interaction the few eps soon to come. And I just realize we never have a Red/Yellow nor Green/Yellow ep yet. =___=;; Oh well… Then again, he could also not be Gokai Silver… *shrugs*


1. We obtained it! Gekisou Sentai Carranger great treasure (But it's useless!?)

2. The deadly KuruMagi Attack! (pun on kuruma = car)

3. Surprisingly, it's powerful (laughs)

4. And this is Kousoku Sentai Turboranger
Although it's a mistake (laughs)

5. The guest is Kishi Yuuji-san from Carranger!!

6. Being sworn friends, this is director Sasamoto and his real dream tag!

7. Getting away from the Zangyack
Run, run!

8. He said "I haven't been doing action since Carranger"

9. Oooh.. This, this is hard~ (laughs)


1. One look at this comical scene is actually also an action scene

2. Kishi-san, it's alright
It's going to be about your behaviors

3. Yes, it's because of your help.
Thank you!

4. Kishi-san "We're doing a lot right?"
Director "It's okay, believe in me~"

5. Insarn "Are we not doing a lot?"
Director "It's okay, because it's going to be interesting"

6. Look, Ahim and Nishida are not worried (Nishida is episode 13 kidnapper, played by Yamanaka Takashi)

7. Afternoon nap time on the Galleon
Individually, Joe's sleep pose is hilarious (laughs)

8. One vote for food dream!

9. Always sleeping cutely, Hakase


1. Always cuddle together while sleeping, Luka and Ahim

2. Early morning filming at the location
"*Yawn*~ We slept well"

3. Well, let's do our work seriously
Hakase is nervous about the drama!

4. Luka "Action, please teach me~!"

5. Like this, Luka became much stronger

6. How was it? Episode 14

7. Next week will be the appearance of a strong foe! Look forward to it!


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