Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子): Otona ni Naru Mae ni… 10

The 10th entry of Fukuda Mayuko’s blog from FLaMme mobile.


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May 17, 2011


10th Entry

“Health Is Not the Only Thing”


When I open my locker, a small avalanche

My cellphone, always hidden at the depth of my bag

The bed in my room slowly disappears

The umbrella I carried with me, quickly vanished

Always not knowing the location of my glasses


I bet you’re wondering what’s happening around me.

Perhaps someone is harassing me…?

No, the people around me are all pretty much kind and helpful.

When I tell everyone of this, they all understood at once.

But the reason is, I can’t seems to put things away.

Comparing to the people who are able to clean after themselves despites their hysteric situation, why am I this different… I sometimes wondered.

No no, I’m just being spoiled! And after that, there are days where I did my utmost effort to keep my bag clean for one day.

However, the moment I stop thinking about cleaning my bag, when I want to take out my cellphone, I took out my iPod. When I want to take out my book, I ended up not reading it. When I want to blow my nose, trash came out so I ended up have to hold it in, and it ended up feeling painful.


Even now, my room miraculously becoming more narrow.

But if I give an excuse, after hanging my clothes on the hanger, I’ll stretched out on my bed. That’s why, everything is quickly stacked on top of my desk.

What should I do in order to put my clothes away so I can get this off my shoulder.


Even though that’s how I am, by the time my high school graduation come, I’m planning to move out and live alone.

Where the cockroach can’t reach, a room near the sky.



- The part about her clothes, I’m not sure what she’s talking about, so the translation is wrong.

- Her blog now has its own tag => 大人になる前に…

- Hahahahahahaahhahaha o(>▽<)oキャハハ  I remember she talk about her scatter brain-ness, but I really didn’t expect Mayuko to actually be this much of a sloppy person. However, I understand what she mean. I could never make my room pretty and clean either. With such personality, it makes me worried about her when she’s moving out. ( ´∀`)

- The title “Health is not the only thing”, I’m guessing she means there are also other important things she need to be careful about, in this case, keeping things clean. ^^;;

- I love her last sentence. “Where the cockroach can’t reach, a room near the sky.” So poetic. (> ω <)But, those kind of high rise building are pretty expensive you know. Can you really afford it with the little amount of jobs you have right now? ('~`;)

- On the other hand, I also really like some of her sentence construction, especially the first part. Such an interesting writer.



  1. Ui, van con dang di hoc ma da nghi den viec ra o rieng roi. Mayuko thiet la ...
    Minh cung ko the nghi Mayuko la nguoi lo dang den nhu vay. Doc ma ko the ko cuoi XD .
    Dung la Mayuko lam van hay that. Hy vong co the duoc doc nhieu hon nua <3

    Ve teaser cua 3 maime : thich kieu toc cua Mayuko. (dac biet la tam thu 2 o tumblr <3). Tuy nhien minh van thich phan mai phia truoc (bang) de ngang nhu luc nho hon. Nhung de toc kieu nay trong rất chung chac, nguoi lon ^_^

  2. Cung y nghi cua Jdo, thich Mayuko de mai thang nhu luc nho, thay de thuong hon. ^^;; Kieu che qua mot ben lam mat dai, khong phai khong dep, ma chi la mat di cai su hon nhien thoi.

    Nhung noi lai, neu so sanh thi thich kieu toc trong 3maime hon la o Q10. Trong Q10 nhin thay ky ky lam sao ay. XD