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eo Eiga: Little DJ ~Chiisana Koi no Monogatari~ Interview

eo Eiga interview of Kamiki Ryunosuke, Fukuda Mayuko, and director Nagata Kotoe for the movie “Little DJ”.

First, getting all the Little DJ stuffs out of the way. A harder entry to translate than I originally thought, especially all the part about the lighting and filming. Gah! (=__=;;)

Kamiki picture is pretty. ^ w ^


“Little DJ ~Chiisana Koi no Monogatari” is about a young boy, while fighting his own disease, ended up becoming the DJ for a hospital, and unknowingly helping the people around him becoming more cheerful. The director is Nagata Kotoe who worked on “Shibuya Kumaru Yamachou” (2006), starring young talented actor Kamiki Ryunosuke, who’s in “The Great Yokai War” (2005), and also Fukuda Mayuko who will appear in “L Change the World” (Feb 9, 2008). We’re able to interview them about the work.

It’s a moving story, using many great music like Sugar Baby and Queen, other than that, there’s also many beautiful and tenders scenes to look for. Using light from the window to illuminate, the movie’s color style is peculiar. But when the main character is being lively, the use of backlighting helps illuminate his appearance. And once again, on the same body, a soft blue tone to bring about the insecurity of the boy. At once you think “It’s similar to director Iwai Shunji’s movies”, but there’s also a reason. Director Nagata used to be assistance director to director Iwai. Director Yukisada Isao, who did “Crying Out Love, In the Center of the World” (2004), has also studied under director Iwai, and use the same technique to pull the audiences to the “facial expressions”.  When asked “So were you influenced by director Iwai?”, she replied “I wasn’t really conscious of it, the same as the people in Osaka speak kansai-ben, I spontaneously become accustomed to it” and give an easy to understand analogy.

For director Nagata, the frequent theme of this story is “the importance to convey your feelings”. “Kamiki-kun acted as Takano Tarou, who tries to convey his feelings to his family and Umino Tamaki (Fukuda). Such important feelings need to be convey to the other. With such significant in mind, I’m glad that the setting is in 1977. At that time, compare to now, the people are more humble. It’s hard for them to convey their feelings across, that’s why the story was able to advance.”

The theme “the importance of conveying one’s feeling” was able to link to being a DJ radio. “Until I begin filming, I haven’t listen to the radio,” said Fukuda, but her impression of her first experience of radio is the product of this work’s essence. “Even though you don’t see the other person’s face, but only hear their voice, I wondered how come you can feel the ‘closeness’. Even though it’s a broadcast, it felt like a 1 on 1 conversation. For me, that’s the charm of the radio.”

On the other hand, Kamiki reveals “Even though I listened to the radio before, but it’s my first time touching a record disk.” For his first experience of the vinyl record disk, “Somehow, the record has an adult image. That’s why, when I drop the needle on to the record, I have an accomplished feeling. ‘Ah~, just now, I’m cool!’ (laughs)”.

As for his first challenge as being a DJ, “It’s similar to a one person drama. That’s why, it was hard. For acting, it has an image of me talking to tell or instruct the audience of something. For example, when I say “The rain today make me feel depress”, it feels like everyone will ask questions about it. At the same time, Tarou must be able to convey his feelings so that everyone able to understand it right away, that’s why he particularly need to do his best being a DJ!” and comment with force.

And lastly, Kamki and Fukuda talk a bit about their favorite scene.

“On the hospital’s bed, listening to the radio together with Tamaki. I was really nervous. Normally, I don’t talk to girls, and much less having our faces together to that proximity… (laughs). Even though I was trembling, on the contrary it became real in the movie. I have confident in conveying Tarou’s nervous scenes.” (Kamiki)

“Even so, it’s sometimes hard to grip what Kamiki-kun is thinking, even during that scene, I didn’t know whether he’s really nervous or not (laughs). For me, whenever I’m together with Tarou-kun, I love Tamaki. Her straightforwardness, whether it’s bad or good, her frankness come out. ‘Clearly saying thing straight out’, that feeling is very charming.”


Text: Tanabe Yuuki


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