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CINEMA flash: Kamiki Ryunosuke (神木隆之介) Interview

Interview from CINEMA flash during his Summer Wars days.


Kamiki Ryunosuke Admired People Who Are Gifted In Science

Director Hosoda Mamoru, who won the Academy award for his animation film, “The Girl Who Leapt Through Time”, is also responsible for this refreshing youth movie “Summer Wars”.

In this movie, playing  the voice of the awkward student who’s gifted in Math, Koiso Kenji, is Kamiki Ryunosuke. We’ll be able to listen to him talk about many highlights of the movie.


Even though you’ve been voice acting in many anime, but for this work, playing as Kenji, what are you especially conscious of?

My first impression is that even though Kenji is bashful, scatterbrain, and a shy person, but he’s won’t lose when it comes to guts and kindness. Up until now, I’ve been in “Howl’s Moving Castle” and “Spirited Away”, voice acting as the big baby and the magician, but this time, it’s my first time acting as a normal boy. I have to think about “how can I act normal”.

Then, I have to think about if I were to be in that sort of situation, what would I do… And then, the way of speaking to the boys my age and the way of speaking to my sempai are different, so I act according to that.


How did the recording take place?

For the voice recording this time, all the voice actors are present. Up until now, I always record my voice alone, that’s why it’s my first experience to have everyone there. But thanks to that, during the recording, the casual conversations helps me act “normally as if it were real”.


To put it frankly, Kenji is a science geek and a slow bloomer regarding love. Acting as him, do you have something you identify with and something you’re unable to?

People around me always called me “scatterbrain” and “airhead”. (blush) Even though, I don’t really think that I am that bad… But Kenji and me are both scatterbrain (laughs), so that is our similarity.

Also, whenever I meet a person the first time, I’ll always become nervous. When that happens, I’ll pretty much say pointless things like “Ah, excuse me, thank you very much”… (laughs) I think that part, we are alike as well.

As for something I can’t identify with, is being a math genius. I’m actually weak at math, so I pretty much can’t identify with him (laughs).

But, I’m able to do science, I like it. For example, environmental problem, or the earth and the universe. Ah, but it seems like I’m not good at it… when there’s calculation involve… I also like Japanese. So I guess I’m both a literature and science person. (laughs)


Just now, you said you’ll become nervous when meeting a person for the first time, but in the story, Kenji was suddenly request become a pseudo-fiancé by Natsuki-sempai in front of her family. If it were you, would you accept her request?

Hmm, yes. If it’s for sempai, then I would. But I don’t think I will be able to do anything to help. Like, I can’t say “I’m her fiancé” to them. (laughs)


Please tell us an episode (story) during the recording.

Nanami-san, who played Natsuki-sempai, is also a year older, so I usually ask her about my studies. But there are also times when she said “I don’t know~”… (laughs)

Yokokawa-kun, who played Sakuma, is the same age as me, so we talk a lot about our favorite music.

Also, along with those two, we drink a lot of “Minmin Daha” (laughs). When school ended, we have to head toward the recording studio, so we already used up a half day energy at school. That’s why we decided, “Let’s drink Minmin Daha”. After a few days of taking it, we felt its effective right away. I recommend it (laughs).


This work is about the strong bond of a family, for Kamiki-san, is there a time when you felt the bonds of your family?

For my family, talking together and close relationships are important. We always gather at the living room and talk away, so for my family, that place is really important. When I was a child, anytime I’m angry and cry, my mother would always hug me at that place. At such time, I’m able to feel that relief and warmness.


For this work, OZ is a massive computer-simulated virtual reality world that anything can happen. For Kamiki-san, if your dream can come true, what would happen?

Right now, I want to be smarter.  It’s definitely… to be smarter (laughs). If one of my wish can come true, I want to be smarter (laughs).


You said that 3 times (laughs)

Yes, it’s alright if the title of this article become “Kamiki Ryunosuke Wants To Be Smarter” (laughs).

When I see people who can do what I can’t, I really respect them, like people who is able to be good at math, my weakest subject. Isn’t Kenji really good at math? I also want to try going into science and mathematics path (referring to the course choice direction he has to choose in second year of high school).


In the movie, even when he’s in a pinch, Kenji won’t give up and keep his calm judgment. When Kamiki-san is in a pinch, what do you do?

If I’m pushed to say it then, I’m also the type that won’t give up.

Recently, there’s a school event where I went to Nagano. There, we has a 3 kilometers marathon, mountain climbing in the heavy rain, and also our first class rugby game, and the next day there’s also a 100 meters run, it was really hard. I was beyond exhausted that I can’t even feel any sensation in my leg. And even though I’m still half way on the mountain climb, I thought “It’ll be nice if I can descend the mountain”. It was that hard (laughs).

But because I didn’t give up until the end, and continued fighting, we got the championship for our rugby match. Even though I’m not the captain of the match (laughs), but I use my big voice to pull everyone along like a captain (laughs).


Lastly, please give us a message.

In this movie, “family’s bond” is a very important theme. It shows the strength and warmness of this work. Please watch it with your family, then eat your meal together, I hope you’ll watch it following this course (do it this way) .

There are a lot of scene where they are in a pinch, and a lot of scene where they are on an adventure, so I think the boys will be able to watch it excitedly. Elementary, Middle, and High school students, and of course the girls as well (laughs), make sure to watch it.


Kamiki-san is identical to this movie’s Kenji, kind and friendly but has a strong heart, a good young man.


- It’s kind of funny that, Kamiki is bad at math, but he decided to choose Math and Science courses. On the other hand, Mayuko who was weak in Japanese but good in math, decided to choose the Literature courses. ^_^;; Interesting how that turned out.

- The description for that school event at Nagano make me glad that I didn’t go to school in Japan. *donotlikephysicaleducation* =__=;; I’ll die!

- I’m not fond of it when people recommend energy drink. They increase your heart rates and give you a quick sugar rush. But when your sugar level come back down, you’ll feel terrible. If you want more energy, take Vitamin B complex!!! Sorry, my moment of geek. :x

- I still haven’t got a chance to watch Summer Wars yet…. lllorz

- This is perhaps my last Kamiki web translation as of now. I’ve hope you’ve enjoyed it. ^__^


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