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Christmas Present from Kamiki Ryunosuke (神木隆之介) “Little DJ” Stage Greeting for the First Day

News piece from My Comi Channel during “Little DJ” time.

Hopefully this will be my last translation of Little DJ with Kamiki and Mayuko together. ^__^;;

Not that I don’t like to see them together anymore, but I’m hoping to have other works with them together rather than just Little DJ. ^^;;


Being well known child actors in drama and movies, recently showing us their growth are Kamiki Ryunosuke and Fukuda Mayuko. These two, who are starring in the movie “Little DJ ~Chiisana Koi no Monogatari”, participates in the first day stage greeting.

The film is set in the period 1977. With a seaside hospital in Hakodate, the story is about a young boy and a young girl heart wrenching first love. When entering the stage, Kamiki gave out his hand printed handkerchief to the audiences, as the main casts and director walk on.

Starring these two, in any case, very innocent.

First, Kamiki Ryunosuke who play as Takano Tarou greets, “Working with many people to make this movie, and finally able to let everyone see the result, I’m very happy.” When asking about a scene that left a deep impression, “The scene where Ishiguro Ken-san, who played as my father, suddenly break up and cried, I ended up crying.” he commented. Similarly, Fukuda Mayuko who played Umino Tamaki “I like the scenes where Tarou-kun do DJ. Also, the part where Tarou-kun confessed his love to Tamaki, even when I watch it, my heart started to tremble.” she commented while looking embarrass.


Continues with the stage greetings are the adults who supported these two. “To have a movie I acted in open to the public at CineSwitch, it’s an honor. Even though an epic movie is good, but to work with every staffs who are putting their all in this small movie, it made me happy.” Ishiguro Ken-san said excitedly. Then Totsugi Shigeyuki-san says, “During the filming break, Kamiki-kun and I had battles of Othello, however I’m always unable to win…. After Kamiki taught me the trick, I was finally able to win. His subtle expression at that time, I’m unable to forget.” while revealing an episode of the filming. “Whenever I look at the crying audiences, I feel like crying as well. To see someone fight a losing battle against an illness, you can’t help but feel like your heart is being wrenched” Murakawa Eri commented. As for director Nagata Kotoe, “Having a mixture of the staffs and casts hard work put on this film, until today, I feel like I’m have a big responsible over it. That’s why seeing so many faces of the audiences in this theater, it really make me glad” as she finished with a satisfying speech.

Last, talking about the illustration on the handkerchief as a present for the audience, “I drew it for everyone as a Christmas present. Having my own illustration on the handkerchief really make me happy.” looking awkward, but happy Kamiki Ryunosuke said.


Similar to the earlier news, is the news from Cinema Café, which pretty much say the same thing, but in slightly different context. I’m not going to translate, but they do have pretty pictures as well. (^___^)

“Conveying your thoughts is the main theme” Kamiki Ryunosuke Challenge at DJ “Little DJ”



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