Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Gokaiger Episode 15 Making Of

This week Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Making Of, taken from Toei’s Gokaiger Official site.

This week episode explored more to Marvelous past… enough said. Next week is going to be a continuation. I wondered if they are going to use this chance to introduce Gokai Silver or just introduce Basco (only) as the new enemy. If they use the movie as a tribute and VS to Goseiger, then they will still have ~26 (?) sentais left to cover until next year. I wonder if they have enough time, which these two episodes thing going on. As for the winter/spring movie… I really have no idea, a conclusion or a continuation.


1. New character, enters Basco!

2. Even though he used to be a good friend...

3. "Director, why did it turned out like this?"
"About this, Marve-chan"

4. But now, you're surrounded by wonderful comrades...

5. Banana swordsman to banana thief

6. Banana doctor to banana princess

7. Luka, don't move~

8. Hakase who's always playing pranks

9. Well, they usually ended like this



1. See~, that's what you get (?)

2. I'm, I'm sorry~ (laughs)

3. But, it was a splendid fall

4. This is how you blow a trumpet...

5. Pretty much like how you would when drinking beer (wth, yes, it really says beer)

6. The space monkey, Sari.
Hiding behind him is...

7. Director Nakazawa!!
So mischievous!!

8. Marve-chan is also from this time period

9. Please look forward to next week ♡



Friday, May 27, 2011

Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) Working With MATSU and Eita

With the summer approaching, Mayuko will have more times, thus she will be appearing in dramas.


3-maime no Bodyguard ~Boku wa Kimi Dake wo Mamorinuku~

Okay, the first news, I’m sure you all have heard about it. From Tokyohive and TokyoGraph.

- Mayuko will play the heroine, Natsumi, who witness a murder, thus, need the protection of Matsu’s character, Nobu.

- It’s released by BeeTV, for DoCoMo mobile phones. There will be 13 episodes in all, with 5 minutes each. The drama will start showing on June 1st, and of course, you need to be a paying member to view it.

- Other actors include Takenaka Naoto, Kyomoto Masaki, Moto Fuyuki, and Nukumizu Yoichi also appear in the series, with fellow EXILE member AKIRA will make a guest appearance.




► Mishima Nobuo – Matsumoto Toshio (MATSU of EXILE)

- (Freeter) No job, no money, but has more sympathy than normal people. Unable to stand by when he sees a person in trouble, always lend a helping hand. Nicknamed Nobu.

- An unexpected turn of events results in him entering a contract to serve as a bodyguard for a spoiled girl named Natsumi.

► Fukusawa Natsumi – Fukuda Mayuko

- (College student) A girl that’s overflowing with the sense of justice in helping weak people. She’s strong will, but also holding on to a secret. Since meeting Nobu, she slowly open her locked heart.

- Daughter of the powerful Osai clan. Her father is a member of parliament.

► Hikaru Genji – Moto Fuyuki

- (Show Bar manager) A man always living the moment. Helping Nobu and Natsumi out with their troubles.

► Policeman – AKIRA (guest)

- (Policeman) Appearing unexpectedly with his mysterious policeman outfit. As expected, is he a friend or foe…?

► Ryogoku – Yamazaki Shigenori

- (Silver hair man) Having Natsumi witnessing a murder scene he caused, he’s desperately trying to find her and shut her up.

► Secretary – Kyomoto Masaki (special guest)

- (The secretary of Fukusawa, a member of parliament) With Natsumi’s father, Fukusawa Daigorou, a member of the Japanese’s Diet, he is his private secretary. Being an ambitious person, what’s the reason for his interests in Natsumi’s whereabouts…?

► Bannai Katsuji – Takenaka Naoto

- (Loan shark) Even with his flashy outfit designs, he’s actually helpful. To Nobu, he’s like a good older brother. Somehow, always worried about Nobu. Even though helping him at first, but ended up betraying him.




- Watching the trailer, it’s going to be a comedy. I laugh at that part where both Natsumi and Nobu are freaking out over the killer and Nobu suddenly ran away, making Natsumi calls after him “Hey, you’re supposed to protect me!!!” (> w <;;)

- The drama will be out starting June 1st, like I have mentioned. I’ll translate the interview in a separate post. Please wait for it! :)

- Oh, I didn’t realized it, but MATSU is in Hagane no Onna 2 with Kichise Michiko and Arimura Kasumi. Both actresses are part of FLaMme, Mayuko’s agency. Interesting...

- By the way, who is this AK person (in TokyoHive) that’s so well verse in the way of Mayuko?! We must become friends!! *______________* jk




Soredemo, Ikite Yuku

The second news is Mayuko is announced as one of the supporting cast for Eita’s new summer drama “Soredemo, Ikite Yuku”.

Taken from Jdrama Weblog:

Date: From 10.00 p.m., Thursdays, July 2011

Station: Fuji TV

Cast: Eita, Mitsushima Hikari, Kazama Shunsuke, Tanaka Kei, Sato Eriko, Fukuda Mayuko, Murakawa Eri, Kurashina Kana, Emoto Akira, Danta Yasunori, Ono Takehiko, Fubuki Jun, Tokito Saburo, Otake Shinobu

Synopsis: In 1996, Fukami Hiroki’s (Eita) younger sister was killed. Hiroki had been asked by his mother to take care of his sister that day, but he had not kept his word. Furthermore, it is determined that the assailant is Hiroki’s friend … … Hiroki’s family breaks up after that and he lives with his father. He still feels guilt-ridden even now. On the other hand, the assailant’s family tries to live in solitude, but they are forced to keep moving as a result of someone’s anonymous tip. 15 years go by and Hiroki encounters a girl whom he should not meet. She is Toyama Futaba (Mitsushima Hikari), his friend’s younger sister … … The two of them, who have been living courageously and trying to find hope, are drawn to each other despite their strange twist of fate … …


- This is going to be Mayuko’s first full length drama (aka, not special nor guest) in FujiTV since Kyumei Byoto 24 Ji 3rd Season.

- Though we still have no idea about their roles at the moment, I wondered if she’s going to be playing Eita’s sister or a young Mitsushima Hikari.

- Eita!!! ♥ Seriously, I’m still looking forward to this even if it doesn’t have Mayuko in it. Eita is great! And I quite enjoyed Mitsushima Hikari as well, though I can’t stomach Love Exposure (only managed to watch half of it before stopping. Yea it’s a good movie, but too much blood and gore for me).

- Seems like there’s going to be a lot of crying scenes in this one and who dunnit.

- Mayuko is going to be in the same drama as Eita, Kazama Shunsuke, and Tanaka Kei. It’s her first time in a drama together with Eita and Kazapon, but she worked with Tanaka Kei before in a drama special.

- Love Eita and Tanaka Kei since I watched Waterboys drama with them (though I really like Eita more). And love Kazapon since watching Akibahara@DEEP.

- Kazapon is actually a good actor (despites being a Johnny), so I’m really glad he has a drama out. The last I saw him was in LADY ~Saigo no Hanzai Profile~ as a guest. Since it’s pretty recent, I’m thinking they might be pushing him in drama more. If that’s true, then YES YES YES!!!

- Most of the casts are really solid actors, so I hope the story is going to be good and interesting.



Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子): Otona ni Naru Mae ni… 10

The 10th entry of Fukuda Mayuko’s blog from FLaMme mobile.


We introduce you to Fukuda Mayuko’s strange thoughts and the things she’s interested in at the moment! Everyone, please enjoy!

May 17, 2011


10th Entry

“Health Is Not the Only Thing”


When I open my locker, a small avalanche

My cellphone, always hidden at the depth of my bag

The bed in my room slowly disappears

The umbrella I carried with me, quickly vanished

Always not knowing the location of my glasses


I bet you’re wondering what’s happening around me.

Perhaps someone is harassing me…?

No, the people around me are all pretty much kind and helpful.

When I tell everyone of this, they all understood at once.

But the reason is, I can’t seems to put things away.

Comparing to the people who are able to clean after themselves despites their hysteric situation, why am I this different… I sometimes wondered.

No no, I’m just being spoiled! And after that, there are days where I did my utmost effort to keep my bag clean for one day.

However, the moment I stop thinking about cleaning my bag, when I want to take out my cellphone, I took out my iPod. When I want to take out my book, I ended up not reading it. When I want to blow my nose, trash came out so I ended up have to hold it in, and it ended up feeling painful.


Even now, my room miraculously becoming more narrow.

But if I give an excuse, after hanging my clothes on the hanger, I’ll stretched out on my bed. That’s why, everything is quickly stacked on top of my desk.

What should I do in order to put my clothes away so I can get this off my shoulder.


Even though that’s how I am, by the time my high school graduation come, I’m planning to move out and live alone.

Where the cockroach can’t reach, a room near the sky.



- The part about her clothes, I’m not sure what she’s talking about, so the translation is wrong.

- Her blog now has its own tag => 大人になる前に…

- Hahahahahahaahhahaha o(>▽<)oキャハハ  I remember she talk about her scatter brain-ness, but I really didn’t expect Mayuko to actually be this much of a sloppy person. However, I understand what she mean. I could never make my room pretty and clean either. With such personality, it makes me worried about her when she’s moving out. ( ´∀`)

- The title “Health is not the only thing”, I’m guessing she means there are also other important things she need to be careful about, in this case, keeping things clean. ^^;;

- I love her last sentence. “Where the cockroach can’t reach, a room near the sky.” So poetic. (> ω <)But, those kind of high rise building are pretty expensive you know. Can you really afford it with the little amount of jobs you have right now? ('~`;)

- On the other hand, I also really like some of her sentence construction, especially the first part. Such an interesting writer.


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

CINEMA flash: Kamiki Ryunosuke (神木隆之介) Interview

Interview from CINEMA flash during his Summer Wars days.


Kamiki Ryunosuke Admired People Who Are Gifted In Science

Director Hosoda Mamoru, who won the Academy award for his animation film, “The Girl Who Leapt Through Time”, is also responsible for this refreshing youth movie “Summer Wars”.

In this movie, playing  the voice of the awkward student who’s gifted in Math, Koiso Kenji, is Kamiki Ryunosuke. We’ll be able to listen to him talk about many highlights of the movie.


Even though you’ve been voice acting in many anime, but for this work, playing as Kenji, what are you especially conscious of?

My first impression is that even though Kenji is bashful, scatterbrain, and a shy person, but he’s won’t lose when it comes to guts and kindness. Up until now, I’ve been in “Howl’s Moving Castle” and “Spirited Away”, voice acting as the big baby and the magician, but this time, it’s my first time acting as a normal boy. I have to think about “how can I act normal”.

Then, I have to think about if I were to be in that sort of situation, what would I do… And then, the way of speaking to the boys my age and the way of speaking to my sempai are different, so I act according to that.


How did the recording take place?

For the voice recording this time, all the voice actors are present. Up until now, I always record my voice alone, that’s why it’s my first experience to have everyone there. But thanks to that, during the recording, the casual conversations helps me act “normally as if it were real”.


To put it frankly, Kenji is a science geek and a slow bloomer regarding love. Acting as him, do you have something you identify with and something you’re unable to?

People around me always called me “scatterbrain” and “airhead”. (blush) Even though, I don’t really think that I am that bad… But Kenji and me are both scatterbrain (laughs), so that is our similarity.

Also, whenever I meet a person the first time, I’ll always become nervous. When that happens, I’ll pretty much say pointless things like “Ah, excuse me, thank you very much”… (laughs) I think that part, we are alike as well.

As for something I can’t identify with, is being a math genius. I’m actually weak at math, so I pretty much can’t identify with him (laughs).

But, I’m able to do science, I like it. For example, environmental problem, or the earth and the universe. Ah, but it seems like I’m not good at it… when there’s calculation involve… I also like Japanese. So I guess I’m both a literature and science person. (laughs)


Just now, you said you’ll become nervous when meeting a person for the first time, but in the story, Kenji was suddenly request become a pseudo-fiancé by Natsuki-sempai in front of her family. If it were you, would you accept her request?

Hmm, yes. If it’s for sempai, then I would. But I don’t think I will be able to do anything to help. Like, I can’t say “I’m her fiancé” to them. (laughs)


Please tell us an episode (story) during the recording.

Nanami-san, who played Natsuki-sempai, is also a year older, so I usually ask her about my studies. But there are also times when she said “I don’t know~”… (laughs)

Yokokawa-kun, who played Sakuma, is the same age as me, so we talk a lot about our favorite music.

Also, along with those two, we drink a lot of “Minmin Daha” (laughs). When school ended, we have to head toward the recording studio, so we already used up a half day energy at school. That’s why we decided, “Let’s drink Minmin Daha”. After a few days of taking it, we felt its effective right away. I recommend it (laughs).


This work is about the strong bond of a family, for Kamiki-san, is there a time when you felt the bonds of your family?

For my family, talking together and close relationships are important. We always gather at the living room and talk away, so for my family, that place is really important. When I was a child, anytime I’m angry and cry, my mother would always hug me at that place. At such time, I’m able to feel that relief and warmness.


For this work, OZ is a massive computer-simulated virtual reality world that anything can happen. For Kamiki-san, if your dream can come true, what would happen?

Right now, I want to be smarter.  It’s definitely… to be smarter (laughs). If one of my wish can come true, I want to be smarter (laughs).


You said that 3 times (laughs)

Yes, it’s alright if the title of this article become “Kamiki Ryunosuke Wants To Be Smarter” (laughs).

When I see people who can do what I can’t, I really respect them, like people who is able to be good at math, my weakest subject. Isn’t Kenji really good at math? I also want to try going into science and mathematics path (referring to the course choice direction he has to choose in second year of high school).


In the movie, even when he’s in a pinch, Kenji won’t give up and keep his calm judgment. When Kamiki-san is in a pinch, what do you do?

If I’m pushed to say it then, I’m also the type that won’t give up.

Recently, there’s a school event where I went to Nagano. There, we has a 3 kilometers marathon, mountain climbing in the heavy rain, and also our first class rugby game, and the next day there’s also a 100 meters run, it was really hard. I was beyond exhausted that I can’t even feel any sensation in my leg. And even though I’m still half way on the mountain climb, I thought “It’ll be nice if I can descend the mountain”. It was that hard (laughs).

But because I didn’t give up until the end, and continued fighting, we got the championship for our rugby match. Even though I’m not the captain of the match (laughs), but I use my big voice to pull everyone along like a captain (laughs).


Lastly, please give us a message.

In this movie, “family’s bond” is a very important theme. It shows the strength and warmness of this work. Please watch it with your family, then eat your meal together, I hope you’ll watch it following this course (do it this way) .

There are a lot of scene where they are in a pinch, and a lot of scene where they are on an adventure, so I think the boys will be able to watch it excitedly. Elementary, Middle, and High school students, and of course the girls as well (laughs), make sure to watch it.


Kamiki-san is identical to this movie’s Kenji, kind and friendly but has a strong heart, a good young man.


- It’s kind of funny that, Kamiki is bad at math, but he decided to choose Math and Science courses. On the other hand, Mayuko who was weak in Japanese but good in math, decided to choose the Literature courses. ^_^;; Interesting how that turned out.

- The description for that school event at Nagano make me glad that I didn’t go to school in Japan. *donotlikephysicaleducation* =__=;; I’ll die!

- I’m not fond of it when people recommend energy drink. They increase your heart rates and give you a quick sugar rush. But when your sugar level come back down, you’ll feel terrible. If you want more energy, take Vitamin B complex!!! Sorry, my moment of geek. :x

- I still haven’t got a chance to watch Summer Wars yet…. lllorz

- This is perhaps my last Kamiki web translation as of now. I’ve hope you’ve enjoyed it. ^__^


Monday, May 23, 2011

MOVIE Collection: “Arthur and the Revenge of Maltazard” Kamiki Ryunosuke (神木隆之介) Interview

Interview taken from MOVIE Collection.


Recently, I’m in the middle of looking for more from my roles.


Director Luc Besson produced this big hit fantasy adventure “Arthur and the Invisibles”. For this “Arthur” triology, the second work, “Arthur and the Revenge of Maltazard”, will be shown to the country on April 29, 2010.

For the last movie, a young boy named Arthur turned into a 2mm Minimoy and helped saved the Minimoys’ world. This time, Arthur once again come back to the world of the Minimoy in order to help the crisis of the wizard Maltazard’s revenge.

Continues from the previous work, Kamiki Ryunosuke portrays the voice for Arthur. Director Luc Besson had said “Only he could be the Japanese Arthur!” and give high praises to this 16 years old young talent.


- It has been 3 years since then, did you experience any growths?

Kamiki: First, my voice become lower. Also, for the last work, I was in junior high, now, I’m in high school. I’m treading upon a fresh area, so I was able to experienced various growth.

- What’s the differences between voice acting and acting?

Kamiki: The face don’t appear, and you only use your voice to convey the meanings. Because of that, unlike a drama, I think it’s necessarily to over react. But, because I was able to try something that I can’t when acting in a drama, it’s also a great challenge.

- In the English version, Arthur is played by a famous child actor, Freddie Highmore, who also appeared in “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” right.

Kamiki: Because the last movie also starred him, it felt like he’s a relative (laughs). Even though I haven’t able to meet him, it also seems like Freddie-kun’s voice become lower as well.

- Kamiki-kun entered the show business industry at a young age, what do you think is interesting being an actor? And also, have you ever thought of quitting?”

Kamiki: I’ve never once thought about quitting. I love it because it’s fun. About the work of an actor, recently I’ve been trying to look for more from my role. What’s the true meaning of this line, or why does this character say such thing, I’m always wondering about it. I try to investigate my character before acting, so if people were able to recognize that while watching, it would make me happy.

- Beside from being an actor, what other challenge would you like to try?

Kamiki: Music. From before, I really like to sing, so recently I start trying to learn a new musical instrument. Even though it’s just an electric guitar, I’ll tell my friends, “Let’s form a band”. My favorite bands are Mr. Children and flumpool.

- Please tell us about the highlights of “Arthur and the Revenge of Maltazard”.

Kamiki: This work shows that you’ll become stronger when you have something important to protect. For this trilogy, “Arthur and the Revenge of Maltazard” is the middle movie. Even so, after finishing the last scene, you’ll quickly feel curious about the next movie, so I also hope that you’ll look forward to the 3rd work as well. Please be sure to watch it!




Gokaiger Episode 14 Making Of

This week Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Making Of, taken from Toei’s Gokaiger Official site.

Finally got a chance to watch it live this week. It felt like it has been months, but actually a few weeks. =__=;;

This week is the tribute episode for Gekisou Sentai Carranger, with the appearance of Jinnai Kyosuke (Kishi Yuuji), Red Racer. Interestingly, Kishi Yuuji is Kikuchi Mika’s husband. They married in 2009. Kikuchi Mika played Umeko, Deka Pink, in Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger. She’s also well known for her voice acting works, voicing Mokona from CLAMP. Oh yea, Mika is going to be in the movie so… :P

Well, Carranger is known for its comedy, so this week episode of Gokaiger is pretty much a comedy episode. Understandable, since it is a tribute to Carranger. But, perhaps I slept late the night before that, so I was really tired and sleepy while watching it. ^^;; But there are some comedy moments that I kinda laughed.

On the other hand, next week will be the appearance of Basco Ta Jolokia (possible 6th ranger, Gokai Silver), played by Hosogai Kei, whom I thought was a girl at first. XD;; In the preview, he called Marvelous by “Mave-chan”, so we can guess it’s going to be a rival type of relationship between these two. >:3 At first I wondered why so fast, until I realized that it’s already episode 15 next week. They usually introduce the 6th ranger by episode 15 every year so… Going to be sad since we’re going to have 6th + 1 from main team interaction the few eps soon to come. And I just realize we never have a Red/Yellow nor Green/Yellow ep yet. =___=;; Oh well… Then again, he could also not be Gokai Silver… *shrugs*


1. We obtained it! Gekisou Sentai Carranger great treasure (But it's useless!?)

2. The deadly KuruMagi Attack! (pun on kuruma = car)

3. Surprisingly, it's powerful (laughs)

4. And this is Kousoku Sentai Turboranger
Although it's a mistake (laughs)

5. The guest is Kishi Yuuji-san from Carranger!!

6. Being sworn friends, this is director Sasamoto and his real dream tag!

7. Getting away from the Zangyack
Run, run!

8. He said "I haven't been doing action since Carranger"

9. Oooh.. This, this is hard~ (laughs)


1. One look at this comical scene is actually also an action scene

2. Kishi-san, it's alright
It's going to be about your behaviors

3. Yes, it's because of your help.
Thank you!

4. Kishi-san "We're doing a lot right?"
Director "It's okay, believe in me~"

5. Insarn "Are we not doing a lot?"
Director "It's okay, because it's going to be interesting"

6. Look, Ahim and Nishida are not worried (Nishida is episode 13 kidnapper, played by Yamanaka Takashi)

7. Afternoon nap time on the Galleon
Individually, Joe's sleep pose is hilarious (laughs)

8. One vote for food dream!

9. Always sleeping cutely, Hakase


1. Always cuddle together while sleeping, Luka and Ahim

2. Early morning filming at the location
"*Yawn*~ We slept well"

3. Well, let's do our work seriously
Hakase is nervous about the drama!

4. Luka "Action, please teach me~!"

5. Like this, Luka became much stronger

6. How was it? Episode 14

7. Next week will be the appearance of a strong foe! Look forward to it!


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Christmas Present from Kamiki Ryunosuke (神木隆之介) “Little DJ” Stage Greeting for the First Day

News piece from My Comi Channel during “Little DJ” time.

Hopefully this will be my last translation of Little DJ with Kamiki and Mayuko together. ^__^;;

Not that I don’t like to see them together anymore, but I’m hoping to have other works with them together rather than just Little DJ. ^^;;


Being well known child actors in drama and movies, recently showing us their growth are Kamiki Ryunosuke and Fukuda Mayuko. These two, who are starring in the movie “Little DJ ~Chiisana Koi no Monogatari”, participates in the first day stage greeting.

The film is set in the period 1977. With a seaside hospital in Hakodate, the story is about a young boy and a young girl heart wrenching first love. When entering the stage, Kamiki gave out his hand printed handkerchief to the audiences, as the main casts and director walk on.

Starring these two, in any case, very innocent.

First, Kamiki Ryunosuke who play as Takano Tarou greets, “Working with many people to make this movie, and finally able to let everyone see the result, I’m very happy.” When asking about a scene that left a deep impression, “The scene where Ishiguro Ken-san, who played as my father, suddenly break up and cried, I ended up crying.” he commented. Similarly, Fukuda Mayuko who played Umino Tamaki “I like the scenes where Tarou-kun do DJ. Also, the part where Tarou-kun confessed his love to Tamaki, even when I watch it, my heart started to tremble.” she commented while looking embarrass.


Continues with the stage greetings are the adults who supported these two. “To have a movie I acted in open to the public at CineSwitch, it’s an honor. Even though an epic movie is good, but to work with every staffs who are putting their all in this small movie, it made me happy.” Ishiguro Ken-san said excitedly. Then Totsugi Shigeyuki-san says, “During the filming break, Kamiki-kun and I had battles of Othello, however I’m always unable to win…. After Kamiki taught me the trick, I was finally able to win. His subtle expression at that time, I’m unable to forget.” while revealing an episode of the filming. “Whenever I look at the crying audiences, I feel like crying as well. To see someone fight a losing battle against an illness, you can’t help but feel like your heart is being wrenched” Murakawa Eri commented. As for director Nagata Kotoe, “Having a mixture of the staffs and casts hard work put on this film, until today, I feel like I’m have a big responsible over it. That’s why seeing so many faces of the audiences in this theater, it really make me glad” as she finished with a satisfying speech.

Last, talking about the illustration on the handkerchief as a present for the audience, “I drew it for everyone as a Christmas present. Having my own illustration on the handkerchief really make me happy.” looking awkward, but happy Kamiki Ryunosuke said.


Similar to the earlier news, is the news from Cinema Café, which pretty much say the same thing, but in slightly different context. I’m not going to translate, but they do have pretty pictures as well. (^___^)

“Conveying your thoughts is the main theme” Kamiki Ryunosuke Challenge at DJ “Little DJ”



Saturday, May 21, 2011

Piipuri Zakzak: Kamiki Ryunosuke (神木隆之介) Interview

Interview from Zakzak during his Little DJ days.


Kamiki Ryunosuke

Shedding the prodigy image

Kamiki Ryunosuke, born on May 19, 1993, currently 14 years old. From Saitama prefecture. Entering the show business world at 2 years old. In 2002 acted in “Tantei Kazoku” (NihonTV), 2005 “Aikurushii” (TBS) and other popular works. For the taiga drama in 2005, “Yoshitsune”, he played as the young Yoshitsune. His activities in voice acting include the anime “Spirited Away” and “Howl’s Moving Castle”. As for movie, he’s the main character in 2005 “The Great Yokai War”, 2007 “Into the Faraway Sky”. In 2006, he was nominated for the Newcomer of the Year for Japanese Academy Award for “The Great Yokai War”. For the movie, “Little DJ”, with another young prodigy actress, Fukuda Mayuko, they will have a kiss scene. Currently, he’s 165 cm tall. “I pretty much passed my father’s height. I’m currently weight 45kg. I don’t want to pass 50kg.”


Truthfully, he’s just a normal 2nd year junior high student.

Having deem highly as a prodigy child actor, he’s very popular. But, honestly, he’s just a normal 2nd year junior high boy. Enjoying ping pong club everyday while he goes to school.

The reason why he entered the ping pong club is “When I tried ping pong at an onsen, I was really bad at it that it become boring. That’s why I thought, ‘I can’t do this~’. So if I were to be able to say ‘So I can do this!’ it would be nice, that’s why…” As expected, a normal boy.

And yet, it seems like he’s unable to participate in the competitions, in the end, it’s only for enjoyment. The real battle for him is acting.

On the 15th, he’ll be appearing in the movie “Little DJ ~Chiisana Koi no Monogatari”. Setting in Hakodate 1970, a young 14 years old boy, being force to experienced hospital life due to leukemia, became a DJ. His heart stirred after meeting with a girl one year older in the same ward. Even though it is a “Sekachu” youth version, remembering his youth, even an old man can’t help but spontaneously shed tears.

“The movie finished filming a year ago, I felt that there’s a big change within myself. When I’m limited myself to the protagonist of the movie, there are a lot of things I was able to do, and I was able to convey it to many people. I need to learn by observing, I thought.”


“I want to give the audience energy and courage”

Only getting sick once every 2-3 years, he has a healthy body, but even so, he was told by the adults that when he’ still an infant, he was sick with a survival rate of only 1% chance. But some how, that was what allows himself to enter the road of acting, a human life is hard to comprehend.

“Even though I was saved, I don’t know when there would be another relapse. My mother want to have a remain of my existence left, that’s why she entered my application when an agency was putting auditions for child roles. Even though a normal picture is good (for his application?), but I still remember it was a picture on the front cover of a magazine. I don’t think it’s to flaunt myself, but rather, for more and more people to know that it’s the proof I exist.”

Even now, it seems like his mother will sometimes say “If it’s too harsh, then it’s okay for you to quit.”. However, “For me, I came to really love my work. That’s why whenever she says that, I’ll answer back ‘What are you saying?’”.

When meeting face to face, he’s a very cute boy. But for this child actor who will make adults loose face, the term “prodigy” stuck with him before you know it. No, perhaps it’s impolite for us to call him a child actor?

“I wonder if I can call myself an actor yet… Because I’m still just a child in 2nd year of junior high, so I think I’m still a child actor. But I have a goal, I think it’ll be good if the people who watch my acting able t feel better and have more courage. This type of job, you can influence and change a person, that’s why I want to perform carefully.”

For him, Tsumabuki Satoshi’s acting in “Nada Sou Sou” left a deep impression in his heart.

“In the movie, Tsumabuki-san wasn’t Tsumabuki-san, rather, I can’t see him as anyone else but Okinawa ‘Nii Nii’. He completely become his role. I think that is the differences between a child actor and an actor. Am I wrong…”

Being a prodigy child actor, he haven’t lost himself from being a boy. But, to be able to leap over that hurdle from being a child actor to an adult actor, he continues to work. That time will soon be in front of our eyes.


Friday, May 20, 2011

News: Kamiki Ryunosuke and Taketomi Seika to play main voices in Madhouse’s “To Aru Hikuushi e no Tsuioku”

This news was posted on his birthday, May 19. It’s weird that nobody noticed it until how. ^^;;


News translation taken from TokyoGraph

To Aru Hikuushi e no Tsuioku”, the upcoming anticipated film from animation studio Madhouse, now has an official voice cast for its leads. The protagonist Karino Charles will be played by Kamiki Ryunosuke (18), while the heroine Fana del Moral will be played by model and gravure idol Taketomi Seika (16).

The movie is based on the fantasy light novels of the same name by Inumura Koroku, about a mercenary pilot named Charles (Kamiki) who takes on an assignment to protect a girl named Fana (Taketomi), the successor to an empire’s throne.

A veteran staff has been assembled for the project, including director Shishido Jun (“Saiunkoku Monogatari”), screenwriter Okudera Satoko (“Summer Wars,” “Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo”), and character designer Matsubara Hidenori (the new “Neon Genesis Evangelion” films).

Kamiki has had plenty of major voice acting roles, such as starring in the previous Madhouse film “Summer Wars.” He has also been in a couple of Studio Ghibli films, with his most recent one being last year’s “Karigurashi no Arrietty.”



Kamiki’s character: Karino Charles



- Hmm…. I don’t know what to say, but good for him. Hmmm….

- I just realized that Taketomi Seika is currently in Umareru. with Horikita Maki and such. Hmm… interesting. ^^;;

- Kamiki is adding Madhouse to his extended family? ^^;; I think this will be his 3rd movie with them. First it’s “Piano no Mori”, then “Summer Wars”, and now this. ^^;;

- The movie is going to be out during the fall of this year.

- Hmm… Time to try reading the manga. :x

- Sorry for not sounding excited…. It’s late at night, I should get to bed. =__=;;


eo Eiga: Little DJ ~Chiisana Koi no Monogatari~ Interview

eo Eiga interview of Kamiki Ryunosuke, Fukuda Mayuko, and director Nagata Kotoe for the movie “Little DJ”.

First, getting all the Little DJ stuffs out of the way. A harder entry to translate than I originally thought, especially all the part about the lighting and filming. Gah! (=__=;;)

Kamiki picture is pretty. ^ w ^


“Little DJ ~Chiisana Koi no Monogatari” is about a young boy, while fighting his own disease, ended up becoming the DJ for a hospital, and unknowingly helping the people around him becoming more cheerful. The director is Nagata Kotoe who worked on “Shibuya Kumaru Yamachou” (2006), starring young talented actor Kamiki Ryunosuke, who’s in “The Great Yokai War” (2005), and also Fukuda Mayuko who will appear in “L Change the World” (Feb 9, 2008). We’re able to interview them about the work.

It’s a moving story, using many great music like Sugar Baby and Queen, other than that, there’s also many beautiful and tenders scenes to look for. Using light from the window to illuminate, the movie’s color style is peculiar. But when the main character is being lively, the use of backlighting helps illuminate his appearance. And once again, on the same body, a soft blue tone to bring about the insecurity of the boy. At once you think “It’s similar to director Iwai Shunji’s movies”, but there’s also a reason. Director Nagata used to be assistance director to director Iwai. Director Yukisada Isao, who did “Crying Out Love, In the Center of the World” (2004), has also studied under director Iwai, and use the same technique to pull the audiences to the “facial expressions”.  When asked “So were you influenced by director Iwai?”, she replied “I wasn’t really conscious of it, the same as the people in Osaka speak kansai-ben, I spontaneously become accustomed to it” and give an easy to understand analogy.

For director Nagata, the frequent theme of this story is “the importance to convey your feelings”. “Kamiki-kun acted as Takano Tarou, who tries to convey his feelings to his family and Umino Tamaki (Fukuda). Such important feelings need to be convey to the other. With such significant in mind, I’m glad that the setting is in 1977. At that time, compare to now, the people are more humble. It’s hard for them to convey their feelings across, that’s why the story was able to advance.”

The theme “the importance of conveying one’s feeling” was able to link to being a DJ radio. “Until I begin filming, I haven’t listen to the radio,” said Fukuda, but her impression of her first experience of radio is the product of this work’s essence. “Even though you don’t see the other person’s face, but only hear their voice, I wondered how come you can feel the ‘closeness’. Even though it’s a broadcast, it felt like a 1 on 1 conversation. For me, that’s the charm of the radio.”

On the other hand, Kamiki reveals “Even though I listened to the radio before, but it’s my first time touching a record disk.” For his first experience of the vinyl record disk, “Somehow, the record has an adult image. That’s why, when I drop the needle on to the record, I have an accomplished feeling. ‘Ah~, just now, I’m cool!’ (laughs)”.

As for his first challenge as being a DJ, “It’s similar to a one person drama. That’s why, it was hard. For acting, it has an image of me talking to tell or instruct the audience of something. For example, when I say “The rain today make me feel depress”, it feels like everyone will ask questions about it. At the same time, Tarou must be able to convey his feelings so that everyone able to understand it right away, that’s why he particularly need to do his best being a DJ!” and comment with force.

And lastly, Kamki and Fukuda talk a bit about their favorite scene.

“On the hospital’s bed, listening to the radio together with Tamaki. I was really nervous. Normally, I don’t talk to girls, and much less having our faces together to that proximity… (laughs). Even though I was trembling, on the contrary it became real in the movie. I have confident in conveying Tarou’s nervous scenes.” (Kamiki)

“Even so, it’s sometimes hard to grip what Kamiki-kun is thinking, even during that scene, I didn’t know whether he’s really nervous or not (laughs). For me, whenever I’m together with Tarou-kun, I love Tamaki. Her straightforwardness, whether it’s bad or good, her frankness come out. ‘Clearly saying thing straight out’, that feeling is very charming.”


Text: Tanabe Yuuki


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Looking Back At 2010: Happy Birthday Kamiki Ryunosuke (神木隆之介)

Happy 18th Birthday Kamiki Ryunosuke.

(人’∀’)<“Happy birthday to you♪”


I hope you will continues to grow into a great actor and a wonderful adult.

As you all probably know, May 19th is Kamiki’s birthday. This year (2011), he will turns 18. As of April, he has become a 3rd year high school student. And by April of next year (2012), he will be graduating with his class at Horikoshi. Times really flies.

Hmm, I don’t really know what else to say, since everyone pretty much did it for me in the Kamiki’s livejournal community (by the way, I totally recommend for Kamiki’s international fans), so I decided to look at the works he’s been in this past year and my thoughts on very few of them.

Proceed with caution!



THE GAME ~Boy’s Film Show~ 2010 and Super Handsome Live 2010

First work right after his 17th birthday last year is of course, Amuse Boys Film Show during the summer. Hmm, I haven’t seen any of the 2010 THE GAME show, so I can’t really say anything about it. But Kamiki got a chance to be singer in this. In the winter, along with the Amuse Boys, he participates in Super Handsome Live 2010.

- We also finally got to see Kamiki singing for the first time for Super Hansome Live 2010 at the end of the year. ♪ヽ(*´∀`)ノ His solo song is Bokura no Eien ~Nando Umare Kawattemo, Te wo Tsunagitai Dake no Ai Dakara~ by WEAVER.




Karigurashi no Arrietty

His next work for the summer break is the much discussed voice dubbing for Studio Ghibli’s animated movie, “Karigurashi no Arrietty”. Kamiki played the role of the Sho, visiting his aunt’s house in order to recuperate from his own sickness. The heroine Arrietty is none other than his good friend and classmate, Shida Mirai. Like wise, I didn’t get a chance to watch this either so I can’t say much about it. But we learned a few things about Kamiki from this work.

- Kamiki and his family receive New Year cards from Studio Ghibli. At the beginning of the year, Studio Ghibli sent him New Year cards, hinting of them working together again. At first he didn’t know what it was about, until later on when he finally know about the voice acting project.

- Kamiki’s character Sho, is actually modeled after Kamiki himself. Kind of funny when you think about it, because this is the second time as of far that I know of, Kamiki is modeled after a person he played. The first being Takano Tarou from “Little DJ”. There could be more.




Zac and Ombra: The Amusement Park of Illusion

As everyone were happy with his voice acting works, and are seriously hoping for Kamiki to be in a new drama/special/movie, the news of his voice acting for the “Zac and Ombra: The Amusement Park of Illusion” DS game came out. Once again, Kamiki got another chance to work with Sakuraba Nanami. Kamiki plays the main character, Zac, while Nanami plays as the heroine, Polly. These two have worked before, also as voice acting, for the famous animated, family theme movie, “Summer Wars”. I didn’t really follow this much, but I’m looking forward to playing it.

- I need to note that this is Kamiki’s first time ever to voice act for a game rather than anime.




Kokoro no Ito

While the fans were wondering when the next time we are going to see him in a drama again, Kamiki took us all by surprise with the announcement of the NHK special “Kokoro no Ito” along side Matsuyuki Yasuko. Matsuyuki Yasuko played a deaf mother, while Kamiki play as her adolescence son. The drama is nice, but a bit slow and at times boring.

- But because of the circumstances of their family, Kamiki spent a month learning sign language. His dedications in sign language showed as he demonstrated to us what he has learn in the drama.

- Another good thing about this drama is that because not all words are spoken out directly, we got a chance to see his facial acting at work in full speed.

- Another thing that’s special about this drama is we got another chance to hear Kamiki playing the piano, the first being in “Kaze no Garden”, where we got to see him did a duet with Nakai Kiichi.




Keizoku 2: SPEC

Of course his next work is “Keizoku 2: SPEC” or just “Spec” for short. This time, he got to play as a mysterious boy a power to stop time, Ninomae Jyuichi. He played along side with Toda Erika and Kase Ryo. At the end, we have an interesting twist about his connection with one of the main character. Everyone who has watched it knows what it is, and many deems this as one of his greatest work and greatest character. I really enjoyed the drama “Spec” as a whole, not just because of Ninomae Jyuichi either. I totally recommend it!

- Kamiki mentioned that it’s thanks to this drama that he got to meet and work with Kase Ryo. You can see his respect for Kase Ryo when reading some of the interviews. But really, why wouldn’t he? Kase Ryo is an amazing actor! And also, this drama really put Toda Erika high on my list.

- This drama also got Kamiki with a cat! ♥ What not to love? *cat person*




Kamiki Ryunosuke 2011 Calendar

As 2010 ended and a new year begins, Kamiki release another calendar for us fans. This calendar is rather simple. It has Kamiki wearing outfits suited with the season of the months as he take pictures with white paper cutouts on the foreground and a simple color background. I’d said it before, but it’s a bit boring. Definitely one of the more boring calendar I’d ever seen. Yes, we all discussed this before. XD Let’s move on.




Team Amuse – Let’s Try Again

After the big Earthquake that hits Tohoku area on March 11, 2011, many agencies begin their charity activities to help the victims of the areas that was struck, and of course, Amuse is no exception. Along with many stars and talents from the agency, Kamiki got a chance to participate on this charity song. The money they got from this song will go toward the funds to be donated.

- This is perhaps Kamiki first single. I’ve seen the full music video. There’s very little of Kamiki comparing to the making of, but it’s still very fun, and the song is good.




Kokosei Restaurant

Kamiki’s first drama for 2011 is “Kokosei Restaurant” where he played the vice-president of the cooking club, a support role to TOKIO’s Matsuoka Masahiro. Joined him is his another of his Horikoshi classmate, Kawashima Umika.

- This is actually Kamiki and Umika’s first time working together. Umika played his character’s childhood friend and kouhai at school that has a crush on him.

- Kamiki plays as a grandson to his grandmother’s restaurant, where he usually helps her out after school, thus, making him well verse in the way of cooking, and an essential to their restaurant. One thing to note is for this drama, Kamiki is required to do things with his left hand at first and then gradually toward the right hand. Kamiki is actually right handed, so he has been practicing with his left hand before filming. Another challenge but he did well during the actual shoot.

I watched the first episode and was disappointed at his character. After seeing him being evil in “Spec”, being talented but stubborn in “Kokoro no Ito”, I found his character in “Kokosei Restaurant” to be absolutely boring. From the first episode, Kamiki played a goody-two-shoe character that’s always understanding and more mature than the rest… ( ̄へ ̄) Lame… Am I the only one who’s disappointed at his character so far? Or is it just me demanding too much? Am I just being too critical since I know what Kamiki is capable of and disappointed at his lack of story? Well, I’ll probably still try to follow it, but there are really a lot of other dramas this season that turned out better than I expected.

“Kokosei Restaurant” is currently still running, so it’s perhaps too early for me to give up. But I really hope next time, I can see something more interesting coming from Kamiki. Well, the good thing about the drama is that we finally see Kamiki in a school uniform again~♥~! School uniforms~ Woo!!! (●♡∀♡))ヾ☆*。


Now that Kamiki is already 18 and less than a year until he graduates from high school, I can’t wait to see what his next work is going to be like, and also, how will his life be after high school. I haven’t been thinking about it, but now that I mentioned about his life after high school, I wondered if Kamiki will continue with his education or go straight to his acting career. Well, we still have some times left until then. Whichever he decides on, I wish him the best.

And of course, I’ve been trying to free out my *MUST TRANSLATE OR ELSE* folder in order to not feel guilty about not doing so much Kamiki translations, so for the next few days, I will be posting some of his older interviews that I haven’t got around to yet. I’ve been working on them for less than a week, so just a few. Look forward to it!! *__*




- Information credits Kamiki’s official profile and my awesome memory. Pictures credit Baidu.

- On other news, May 18th is my brother’s birthday, that’s why this was gathered in a rush. In fact, I didn’t even know what special thing I want to do for Kamiki beside from translating. So I guess compiling most of what he did last year is what I ended up deciding on. This is a bit shorter than Mayuko’s work compilation since it’s only a year, but I definitely think I’ll die if I have to write about all his works. (x____x) In the end, you know he still work a lot more than Mayuko. :<

- Mayuko’s new work was announced on May 18th and her new blog entry was posted on May 17th. x___x;; But since it’s Kamiki’s birthday, I have to have self-control over it. So Mayuko’s stuffs will be post much much later, perhaps next week at the earliest, since I, of all people, would be the most excited about the news. Yes! 0(>_<)0

- Oh yea, May 18th is also one of Kamiki’s good friend and classmate from Horikoshi, Irie Jingi’s birthday. So happy birthday to you too. Sorry that you’re just an after thought. ^^;;

- Don’t you think it’s kind interesting that a lot of people we know have birthdays right next to one another? (●>v<●)


Yamada Ryosuke – May 9th

Shida Mirai – May 10th


Irie Jingi – May 18th

Kamiki Ryunosuke – May 19th


Fukuda Mayuko – August 4th

Ohgo Suzuka – August 5th


How interesting! Is there anyone else?

Okay, Mayuko and Suzuka are 1 year apart, but their birthdates still fall right next to each other… So there! >___<;;