Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Gokaiger Episode 7 Making Of

This week Gokaiger Making Of, taken from Toei’s Gokaiger Official site.

This week episode has the appearance of Juten Sentai Gekiranger’s Jan (Suzuki Hiroki) and Master Shafu!!! ♥ If you’re not familiar with Jan, he tends to speak in onomatopoeic words, which I pretty much have to look them up. ^^;;

As usual, I missed watching this episode live once again. D:

Though, unlike the rest of the world, Gekiranger wasn’t my favorite, but reading this making of kind of made me want to go back and re-watch it. XD;; Well, it’s not a bad show either, and the Gekiranger’s fighting scenes are beautiful, which I’m not sure that the Gokaiger managed to capture it so far. Shame really. Wait, uh, I still haven’t seen this episode yet, so… too early to say that. ^___^;;


1. Hastily, this is the second time for Nakazawa gumi

2. From the nervousness of episode 1-2

3. Everyone expressions' seemingly become gentle

4. Even on the location earlier

5. Even on the Galleon (Gokaiger’s) ship

6. Even on the Gigant Horse (Zangyack’s ship)
It somehow seems fun

7. It's a cat, I'm begging you, don't move...

8. Even though the real cat is cute...

9. This cat won't lose


1. And then, meeting again after around 4 years is Jan!

2. He's popular with the children who are extras!

3. This is this week's best shot!

4. The feeling of the memories coming back...

5. Even though we thought we won't be able to see each other the second time...

6. Ah, I'm filled with emotion


1. Undauntedly, a special training

2. Because Ahim is so weak

3. Both of them ended up fooling around

4. But, they did gave great efforts

5. The guy who received a large power boost, Dogoier (aka Hakase)

6. Please tune in next week as well! It'll definitely be nikiniki (exciting) and wakiwaki (fun)


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