Thursday, April 21, 2011

Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子): Otona ni Naru Mae ni… 9

The 9th entry of Mayuko’s blog from FLaMme mobile.


We’ll introduce you to Fukuda Mayuko’s strange thoughts and the things she’s interested in at the moment! Everyone, please enjoy!


9th Entry

“On Sleepless Nights, Manga”


You read a lot of book, but…

What about manga?

There are questions like that, and I would answer I don’t really read manga.


But, whenever I’m unable to sleep at night, even from long ago, why do I have manga in my hand?

The other day, after a long time I’m suddenly unable to sleep that night, I reread “Kodomo no Omocha” (Kodocha for short), why did I forgot about that!! Shock.

The name is the best.

The manga about Kurata Sana, a child actress, and the individualistic and charming characters around her and their lives.

Though I was a child who use all my energy, I admire Sana, and able to receive a lot of energy and was cheered up by this manga.

I love it, perhaps it’s my number one favorite manga.


When reread “Kodocha” once again, I suddenly have a manga boom right now.

Even though I already read it before, I pretty much went back and reread it.

I love the author of “Kodocha”, Obana Miho-san, that I read all her work.

Partner”, “Andante” is good… I also love “Honey Bitter”. Revisiting the manga corner after a long time, I left with around 3 new books.

I also like Mizusawa Megumi-san’s “Hime-chan no Ribbon”, and also really like Oobata Yuuki-san’s “Bokura ga Ita”.

For “Bokura ga Ita”, even though the dialogues are simple, the facial expressions are really lovely! I want to try to watch it (as in making a drama out of it). When reading a manga, I’ll be able to see it as a storyboard, and particularly for “Bokura ga Ita”, it’s like that. I often able to see such scenes in my dream.


When talking about shoujo manga, you’re able to feel like a girl, it’s nice once in a while right?



- I used to love shoujo manga. XD And I particularly like the ones that were published in Ribon magazine, even to the point that I would save money and buy them from ebay (And I still have them in my closet). lol My favorite artist is Wataru Yoshizumi-sensei. And my point with this is that Obana Miho-sensei and Mizusawa Megumi-sensei are both well known Ribon artists. lol

- I read Kodocha, Andante and still have a few volumes of Hime-chan no Ribon in my book case. lol But I didn’t really like it as much. But I really enjoyed Partner, but I just don’t think I’d ever finished reading it.

- Oh my favorite shoujo manga is Hajime-chan ga Ichiban by Watanabe Taeko!! You should totally read it! *___* I love it so much that I have the whole set plus the art book in Japanese, and the whole set in Vietnamese. And the whole set raw on one of my flash drive. I would totally buy a whole set in English if they have any. It’s really cute and funny. Reading it, you may learn a bit about Japanese entertainment.

- On the other hand, Mitsuru Adachi-sensei is great too!!

- Sorry sorry, my geek out moment. XD My childhood dream is to be a mangaka after all. ^^;; I don’t have time to read a lot of manga like I used to though. lol And I’m a lot more selective when I’m older. Okay, enough talking about me and manga. heheh ^^;;

- Think I should probably try reading “Bokura ga Ita” now.



- Oh yea, almost forgot about the big announcement after all that sudden adrenaline rush with manga. XD

- From the last weeks or so, many fans started to note how they saw Mayuko filming with MATSU from EXILE in various places. One twitter post even said something about Mayuko having white hair for the filming. (o____o;;;) After looking up “exile matsu drama” on google, you might know him as the guy who acted with Kawashima Umika in her drama “Heaven’s Flower”. At first, I thought that Mayuko is going to be in the same drama as Umika, but that was ages ago, and the drama is probably already over, so that possibility was quickly scratch off of my list.

- Then there’s another blog post from one of the extra about the filming, directly states that the drama filming was for Bee-TV. Bee-TV is a mobile TV broadcasting service for NTT Docomo. So that mean it’s a mobile drama and not a TV drama, aka we need to pay and a Japanese resident to be able to watch it. lllorz

- Recently, her manager update her blog, talking that Mayuko is going to have a new work, but she’s unable to reveal the details at this time, and it’s a role that Mayuko has never done before. I’m guessing it’s the drama that she’s talking about.

- So yea, good news, new drama, new role, new image (white hair!). I want to see!!

- Bad news, mobile drama. (=___=;;;) WHY?!

- I’m not sure if there are many EXILE fans that will be willing to upload the drama when it’s out. EXILE fans are either mature or quiet, because I’ve never really see them being vocal… But EXILE’s songs are good though… Okay, random. ^^;;



  1. i love reading shoujo manga too but i fail at remembering the titles i've read

    i was hoping that your announcement would be about mayuko being casted for the bokura ga ita live action movie lol

    don't worry someone will definitely upload it, i've seen some bee-tv shows being shared at lj/ ~oodameido

  2. Ui. doc blog nay lam minh nho den tung moi thoi dien dao vi manga... nhung khong co manga nao o phia tren minh doc ca >"< . Chi biet moi cai ten Mitsuru Adachi-sensei XD . Đe khi nao ranh se doc thu nhung manga ke tren :)
    Minh cung muon xem vai dien moi cua Mayuko. day la bo phim dau tien cua Mayuko tu khi minh bat dau la fan. Hoi hop cho doi, hoi hop cho doi <3

  3. @kalyo: Oooh, thank you so much for the link. I really hope it's going to be upload. Apparently, she's going to be wearing a maid uniform (according to the tweets). XD I can't wait!

    But are they doing a liveaction of Bokura ga Ita? Just wondering, lol.

    @Jdochiri: A, Jdo chua doc "Hajime-chan la so mot" a? Hay lam, truyen nay minh rat la thich. Co ranh thi hay tim xem. XD

    Ban da doc truyen cua Adachi-sensei roi a? Nhung cot truyen cua Adachi-sensei rat la hay, tuy net ve co phan xua, nhung vi vay minh thay rat dac biet.

    Khong biet bao gio ho moi tuyen bo ve vai dien moi... D: Nong long qua. X3

  4. i've read something about a movie adaptation but the cast hasn't been announced yet

  5. Oh really!? Now I really need to read the manga. *o*

  6. kaiyo~!!! Just heard the news of the movie adaption with Yoshitaka Yuriko and Ikuta Toma!!! XD Just want to say, you are good!

  7. I love Fukuda Mayuko

  8. Hi there :x im absolutely in love with "Hajime-chan Ga Ichiban"
    I really want to know about the plus like We are and Born to be idols Artbook. Can u tell me about that? I only have the whole set in Vietnamese but can not find the artbook anywhere :(

    1. I'm not sure what to say about the artbook as it has some pictures that are included in the original book for each chapter cover. At the end, it also has a short story about Hajime and Akira's first date (

      I think there's raw scan of the other story like We Are on the web.